Other Notable Cigar Wrappers

Candela is distinctly green in colour, which has much to do with its quick aging process. Though this doesn’t detract from its value, flavour or strength profiles. It is usually milder and sometimes used in short, promotional runs of cigars.

The Sumatra leaf comes from the Indonesian region that bears the same name. Known for its cinnamon zest, it is usually mild and sweet. Sumatra wrappers used for hand made premium cigars and mostly cultivated in Ecuador with Sumatran seed. Ej: Oliva V Melanio, Flor de Oliva. Indonesian Sumatra eg: Joya Tripa Larga el Torcedor.

Oscuro Sometimes known as Double Maduro or Maduro Maduro, Oscuro wrappers are the darkest of the dark. They’re fermented for longer than Maduro leaves, which gives them deeper sweetness and often a stronger, richer flavour. Tasting notes in Oscuro-wrapped cigars include many of the same ones as Maduro-wrapped, with a bit of added strength and sweetness.

It’s important to understand that the terms Double Maduro and Maduro Maduro are often used to mean different things. While they can mean “extra dark” or “extra ripe,” the terms can also refer to Maduro tobacco being used in multiple parts of the cigar. For example, a Double Maduro cigar can have Maduro wrapper and binder. For example, Triple Maduro cigar uses Maduro wrapper, binder, and filler. Ej: Padron Family Reserve and anniversary series.

The Cameroon, as their name would suggest, originate from Cameroon, and are sometimes grown in the Central African Republic. The grain of the leaves is very recognizable, and is often referred to as “toothy.” Cameroon wrappers tend to be somewhat delicate and are not very oily, which makes them unlikely candidates for Maduro fermentation. Cameroon-wrapped cigars tend to be very rich tasting while remaining smooth and manageable. Tasting notes include butter, black pepper, leather, and toast. Like Habano rosado and Sumatra. Most of the Cameroon wrappers are now days cultivated in Ecuador. Ex: Oliva Serie G Cameroon, Arturo Fuente gran reserva, La Aurora Classic Cameroon etc


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