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Balmoral Anejo XO Petit Robusto

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Balmoral is the creation of Royal Agio’s 4th generation CEO, Boris Winterman who embodies the philosophy that relentless, passionate curiosity is essential to discovering and enjoying the best experiences in life. This philosophy has driven him to freely explore the globe in search of highest quality, select, exclusive tobacco that will ultimately combine to deliver a cigar experience unlike any other.

Balmoral Anejo XO cigars are the result of an intensive blending process with aged cigars combined with Balmorals exclusive, signature Brazilian Mata Norte.

XO stands for ‘Extra Old’, so each meticulously crafted and aged Balmoral Anejo XO cigar is crowned with a Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper that is aged on average for 10 years.

After blending the cigar it takes another 6 months in the San Pedro de Macoris factory in the Dominican Republic to marry all its flavours.

Tasting Notes
You will note the brownish ash from the cigar that demonstrates the age of the tobacco.

It is a flavourful cigar with complex notes of cedar, cacoa and peppery spices that finish with a smooth underlying natural sweetness.

Happy Herfing!


Merry Christmas!

Well that was fast year ! I can hardly believe it’s Christmas already.

I spent the last week up North at our Turmeaus shops in Liverpool and Chester, our La Casa del Habano shops in Knutsford and Chester and of course Puffin’ Rooms in the evenings.

ImageTo say we were ‘busy’ would be a bit of an understatement. Perhaps the feel-good factor has returned to the UK after the General Election as it has finally put a little more direction and certainty back into the economy…. Thank goodness!

Image result for turmeaus norfolk

It’s been a banner year for the C.Gars Group , having opened our new HQ building in Norfolk in the first quarter of the year which included an all singing and dancing Turmeaus retail cigar and whisky shop and comfortable sampling lounge.

We also dramatically increased our premium spirits division with a massive range release and unbeatable pricing. Our Independent bottling Stalla Dhu range of single malt whisky won multiple awards and goes from strength to strength.

We launched the Orchant Seleccion by Drew Estate  to add to our very successful and popular Orchant Seleccion ranges of Oliva, Alec Bradley and Regius cigars.

Our exclusive ranges of AVO ( a Davidoff brand)  and Inka- Secret Blend cigars from Peru clocked up record sales. Our exclusive range of Arturo Fuente had a record year as so many cigar aficionados are now trying out these incredible premium cigars.

We refreshed the image of Turmeaus – Mayfair, our smallest but one of our busiest locations. I think I will have to open a larger Central London store very soon to cope with the demand.

The auction department again held 4 very successful sales with record prices being achieved. Our next sale will be held on March 15th and we are considering consignments now.

It’s been an interesting year on the Havana cigar scene. I attended the Festival in February as usual and am looking forward to the next Festival. Supply in the UK was generally pretty good it has to be said thanks to our brilliant importer Hunters & Frankau.

We hit some dry patches with Siglo VI, Behike, Esplendidos and Lanceros but they do come in from time to time in small quantity so we have been able to keep the majority of our customers well supplied thankfully. We are hoping that supply will improve next year.

The high point was the release of the UK regional El Rey del Mundo La Reina which was quite superb and sold out in record time. We hope to have more available soon.

The Trinidad Topes and Media Luna cigar were released and the blends are quite stunning so we are confident that the tobacco quality coming out of Cuba is first rate.

The last minute of the year surprise was the release of the Romeo Maravilla. The presentation is superb. Probably the best I have seen and the quality of the cigar is magnificent. This has proved to be a madly popular cigar.

All in all a great year!

So my thanks to my brilliant Turmeaus Retail and C.Gars Mail Order Teams for all your hard work and the biggest thanks to all of our loyal customers. Our database has finally hit the 100,000 mark which is quite a milestone for a cigar business that started out with just Laura and I some 22 years ago.

We continue to be the most successful cigar specialist in the U.K. and look forward to bringing our customers more exclusive products in 2020 as well as more exciting expansion plans in the new year.

I’m heading home soon for the holidays with a bag rather stuffed full of my favourites from 2019 including :

El Rey del Mundo La Reina

Romeo Maravillas

Trinidad Topes

El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme Orchant Seleccion

Punch Short de Punch

Upmann Sir Winston Gran Reserva ( bit of a treat)

Cohiba 1966 ( a lot of a treat!

… and a bottle of Orchant Selection Cigar Malt ( BIG award winner this year!)

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah.,. Whatever you are celebrating – I hope it’s with a great cigar and a good dram or two of our award winning single malt whisky !

Peaceful puffing


What’s going on?!

It’s been a rather madly busy time at C.Gars over the last week!…

Our Winter auction took place on the 1st December with a massive catalogue of aged and rare Havana cigars as well as some rather delicious looking whisky. Some incredible prices were achieved including the following:

Lot 120 – Trinidad Gran Panatela – £31,200.00
Lot 305 – Partagas 165th Anniversary – £14,700.00
Lot 292 – Dunhill Cabinetta – £12,100.00
Lot 295 – Dunhill Estupendos – £8,900.00
Lot 325 – Partagas Humidor – £8,750.00
Lot 396 – Cohiba Siglo VI Gran Reserva – £5,050.00
Lot 397 – Cohiba Siglo VI Gran Reserva – £4,950.00
Lot 66 – La Flor de Cano Diademas – £4,750.00
Lot 307 – Ramon Allones Imperiales – £4,100.00
Lot 64 – La Escepcion Gran Gener – £4,000.00

There was substantial interest from many new bidders in the Far East as well as collectors from the UK and Europe. We leave all previous sold Lot prices on the website as a resource that’s easy to access using the sold search function. Our next auction will be held on the 15th March 2020 and we are now considering entries. Email the auction team.

The Cigar Smoker of The Year event was held the next night at Boisdale Canary Wharf. This was the 7th year for this amazing event which has become the largest event in the UK cigar calendar. The main award went to Dolph Lundgren. Habanos S.A. were presented (by me!) with the Producer of the year award. Giuliani Santilli was awarded Cigar Sommelier of the year. The ticket price included Partagas Serie D No. 6, Davidoff Entreacto, Inka Cristales and AVO Orchant Seleccion Syncro Robusto cigars for sampling on the terrace and we were treated to a sumptuous dinner with splendid wines and whisky to follow.

The Christmas season kicked off with a bang with rather insane amounts of orders being placed last week hitting an all-time C.Gars record of over 4,000 packages shipped last week! Well done to my C.Gars mail order team. No idea how you coped… and it looks like this week will be even busier. If you’re not sure what you need, we are here to assist and advise 24/7 just contact our team. The Turmeaus shops were equally busy and despite being up to the rafters in the finest cigars, pipes and whisky we had to do daily restocking to cope with the demand. Amazing!

The new Havana releases have proved unbelievably popular and for good reason. The blends and tobacco quality on the new Trinidad Topes, Media Luna and Punch short de Punch are simply outstanding. Best cigars I have enjoyed in a long time. Shortages of supply continue however with no sign of Siglo VI (other than in tubes) Behike, Lanceros and Esplendidos.

Cohiba Piramides Extra (I love that cigar!) are also out of stock but we are releasing stock of them from our reserve as well as Cohiba Behike this week as I dare say many of our clients will want one of these special smokes for the Christmas cigar.

My partner Ron Morrison who heads up the whisky division of C.Gars was invited to a lunch awards event in Scotland last Friday and I’m delighted to announce that we picked up a load of award for our already multi award winning Stalla Dhu range:






Scotch Highlands Independent Bottler of the Year

C.Gars Ltd

No Age Statement

Gold – C.Gars Malt Orchant Seleccion

Silver – Stalla Dhu Ardmore Single Cask


No Age Statement

Silver  – Stalla Dhu Speyside

Bronze – Stalla Dhu Saorsa Single Cask

We really have become the one stop shop for whisky and cigars in the UK. Best product range, best prices and hopefully always the best service. If not …let me know as I personally guarantee the best of everything for my customers.

Have a smokey week

Peaceful puffing


Cigar Auction is live…

The Winter cigar Auction is now live on the auction website and bidding has already started. It’s a huge 470 Lot sale including 70 Lots of single malt whisky. We will be selling a very interesting catalogue of aged and rare Havanas in this timed auction that ends on Sunday the 1st of December. Featured lots include a vast range of Cuban Davidoff cigars as well as a few magnificent Cuban Dunhill lots including the holy grail Dunhill Cabinetta and Dunhill Estupendos.

The most rare Lot is a cabinet of 50 Trinidad cigars signed by Fidel Castro and made at El Laguito in 1995. We expect a lot of interest in the Partagas 165th anniversary humidor. This humidor has seen a meteoric increase in value. I remember selling them for £1500 when they were originally available.

There are 35 lots of Pre Embargo cigars singles, boxes , cabinets and humidors. Something of an acquired taste but when they are good they really are quite splendid smokes. Bidders have to pre-register and set up their credit limit but the process is fast and straight forward. Photos, descriptions and estimates are all online for each Lot. Our auction Team are available to assist and advise with condition reports 24/7  and we advise prospective bidders to arrange to inspect Lots at our London offices this week.

I can’t believe this is our 10th year of cigars auctions and remember the first auction held at Boisdale Belgravia on an exceptionally cold snowy evening in 2009. I remember we kept everyone warm with bottles of Chivas Regal! We offered 90 Lots and they all sold. It’s incredible to think that the auction division has grown to 4 auctions a year selling almost 1800 Lots on vintage cigars every year.

Despite the ongoing and worsening lack of Havana cigar supplies which now includes Cohiba Behike (all sizes) Esplendidos, Lanceros, Siglo VI and even El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme, I am happy to tell you that we have released two new cigars:

Trinidad Topes originally a limited edition back in 2016 and now regular production. I actually think I prefer this version as the blend is better IMHO. Punch Short de Punch measures in at 4 3/4” length and 50 ring gauge and is presented on boxes of 25. I’m smoking one now as I’m typing this blog!  I can confirm it’s an absolutely excellent blend, well-constructed and I love the size. Volumes of smoke from the generous ring gauge and a perfect any time 30-minute smoke.

Christmas season is fast approaching so the online Christmas store is packed full of gifts to tempt you and our shops have a super range of cigars, accessories, whisky and rum.

Have a smokey week

Peaceful puffing.



Winter Vintage Cigar auction

This has to be the fastest year I can ever remember as our Winter Cigar Auction is coming up fast but it seems like yesterday since last year’s Winter auction sale! Our catalogue is pretty special for the 1st December and Lots will be online around the 24th November to give plenty of time to view the Lots at our London auction office or request condition reports or any other details. The sale features two of the rarest Trinidad and Cohiba cabinets of cigars autographed by Fidel Castro. They are quite breath-taking to say the least if not unique pieces of history.

We also have an incredible selection of 37 Lots of Cuban Davidoff cigars including Dom Perignon, No.1, No.2, 1000,2000,2000, Latour, Lafite, Haut Brion and Margaux. There is a splendid box of Cuban Dunhill Estupendos and a cabinet of Dunhill Cabinetta included in over 400 vintages, Pre-Embargo, Gran Reserva, Limited edition and mature Havana cigar Lots. For the first time we will be offering 70 Lots of splendid single malt whisky at the end of the cigar auction.

The auction website can be viewed here. Remember to check out the FAQs.

Previous Sold Lots (going back some years) can be referenced using the sold search facility on this link.

Bidders have to be registered before the sale on this, click here to register.

My auction Team are available to assist and advise 24/7 at

Our 22nd anniversary of C.Gars Ltd and 202nd anniversary of Turmeaus celebrations have been going with a swing with some unbelievable offers over the last 2 weeks. Our way of saying thanks to all of our loyal customers and friends. Last Tuesday I enjoyed visiting Turmeaus in Liverpool where I bought my first cigar shop many years ago. The range of cigars and whisky is I dare say the finest in the UK. This location has become a destination point for our customers from all over the UK and indeed overseas. With our comfortable sampling lounge open till 5pm and when it closes you can carry on sampling at ‘Late Hour’ Turmeaus just next door which is open till late and sells a huge range of Cuban and New World cigars.

Turmeaus Late Hour Samping Lounge

Dinner, live jazz and blues and cocktails at Puffin Rooms last Tuesday was amazing. Puffin Rooms is booked up 7 nights a week. There’s nothing quite like it J In fact I’m heading back there this Tuesday after a sampling event at Turmeaus. Come and join me for a memorable whisky and cigar sampling.

No good news on the Havana availability front yet I’m afraid. Still no BHK’s of any size and no Siglo VI. We have some supply of Piramides Extra but these are now going fast instead of Siglo VI no doubt.

Have a smokey week

Peaceful puffing