At last English Market Selection LE’s!

Great news 🙂 just heard that the new 2008 limited edition Havanas are about to be shipped to us from Hunters and Frankau:





Of course we will be making them available in samplers and singles as well


I smoked all three of them over the weekend and can confirm that they are all quite delightful although my favourite has to be the Partagas. The blend reminds me of a pre 1994 Partagas SD4


Our whisky and cigar shops Robert Graham Ltd are now offering an incredible range of hampers made up to order and if you mention C.Gars Ltd when ordering,they will bonus up your orders with some rather delicious whisky flavoured fudge…yummmmmm


OK so I’m off to my favourite hang out Boisdales in Belgravia with my team for an evening of good food,jazz and some great smokes….could be a late start for me tomorrow ( as ever!)


Peaceful puffing





Allergic to smoke? Oh dear, what a shame, nevermind!

So, here’s a photo of my cats, I call the grey one Cohiba cat and he faithfully sits with me every night whilst I have my last cigar of the evening at home.


Sadly, he recently had some routine blood tests which showed him to be allergic to “tobacco” True story! So what do I do now? I interrogated him but he has not admitted smoking my cigars whilst I’m out of the house but I was wondering who was dipping into the humidor.


Cohiba Cat


BBQ cat anyone? meeeowwwww 😉


I’m off to La Casa del Habano in Hamburg tomorrow as I can’t bear waiting any longer to try the new limited editions. I hear the Montecristo sublimes are…. sublime. Hopefully we will have them in the UK next week together with the Cuaba Piramides and Partagas SD5


If you are one of the regular Hamburg smokers club members, I look forward to seeing you.


Have a great weekend





Christies cigar and wine auction

Christies held a wine auction at King street St James’s today and tacked around 90 Lots of cigars to the end of it


I was surprised at how few Lots of wine sold and when they did sell prices seemed to be at the lower end of estimates


The cigars pricing was all over the show,some prices were low,some lots did not sell and some prices were particularly high.


Dunhill Havana Club


The first Lot which was a beautiful box of 100 Romeos ( 4 different sizes) made for Saks Fifth Avenue failed to attract any bidders with an estimate of £8000-£10,000


The star Lots were 2 boxes of 1930’s Hoyos made for UK cigar merchant T.B. Carlin. 5 1/4″ length and 38 ring gauge. Boxes of 50 cigars that sold for a paltry £800….simply incredible.


Cohiba Siglo humidor sold for a very respectable £2200


1977 box of Monte 5’s sold for a staggering £450


Cohiba Panatelas cabinet of 50 from early 1980’s sold £1000


Recent production Cohiba Siglo 1’s were sold for £150 which was baffling as this is more or less regular retail price for our EMS Siglo 1’s !


Sealed box of Partagas petit coronas sold for £350


The room was fairly well attended and there were a few phone bidders….but the heady days of a few years ago are long gone sadly


Peaceful puffing



Cigar Industry Trade Exhibtion

Dear Friends


I had a busy Sunday at the UK’s annual cigar industry trade exhibition and it was no surprise to find that the Hunters and Frankau stand was the busiest of all !


We are waiting for delivery of the new Limited editions this month in the UK and we also expect the UK market regional edition La Gloria Cubana Gloriosos to be available in the next month or so. I saw a prototype box and they look divine.


Sadly the Punch Serie D’oro no.1 regional edition for 2008 is unlikely to appear before….2009. I gather the recent hurricanes in Cuba have caused an incredible amount of devastation.


The UK market is also expecting some other exclusives in the next few weeks:


– H Upmann no.2 Gift box (similar to the previous beautiful high lacquer gift boxes) containing 3 H Upmann No.2 piramides at £49

H. Upmann No. 2 Gift Box


-Seleccion Marevas gift box containing: Romeo,Bolivar and H Upmann petit coronas,Montecristo no.4 and Cohiba Siglo II at £46


– Cohiba leather travel humidor made by Humidif and very cool indeed! containing 6 Esplendidos at £299


Cohiba Travel Humidor


-Partagas branded humidor containing 25 P2’s ( my favourite cigar!) and 25 coronas at £699


Partagas Humidor


-Romeo branded humidor containing 25 each Exhibicion no.3 and 4 at £649


Romeo y Julieta Exhibition No. 3 Humidor


We are running a special to promote our vintage cigars and our newsletter subscribers can get their hands on some fabulous Hunters and Frankau aged Partagas Tres petit coronas from 1998 at £139 for a very limited period whilst stocks last


Also 1998 Le Hoyo Du Dauphin at £199 whilst stocks last


Advice always a pleasure regardless of whether you wish to order, simply drop us an email to  
Have a great week and peaceful puffing.
Best wishes


Herfing in Hamburg……

Here I sit herfing in my beautiful Casa del Habano in Hamburg, sipping Cuban rum and smoking some incredible custom blend Havanas rolled by Virginia Cansino from the famous Romeo factory.
Virginia is rolling in my cigar store for the next few days and I have asked her to roll me some over sized robustos.
These delightful Havana cigars measure 5″ length and 52 ring gauge and have a golden brown colorado maduro wrapper. The blend is a perfect balance of medium strength and full flavour. Sweet with undertones of coffee and spice.


LCDH Hamburg

Only 200 cigars available and can be ordered now in packs of 10 cigars at £169 including shipping. As ever safe delivery guaranteed anywhere in the world. Simply use the following link to place your order and make sure to mention “Cansino Custom Blends” in the comments section on the payment page. Alternatively, email us at to place your order.
Click or copy this link into your browser
I think I’ll have to rename my cigar lounge at La Casa del Habano  “The Orchant & Wolters Club”  because this is one crowded social/cigar club every day of the week where more and more friends and clients come to herf all the time.With a great range of rum wines and coffee to accompany the finest Havana cigars this is THE place to herf 🙂


Christoph is putting the finishing touch to our October 24th weekend herf and there are over 50 people expected! Now that’s what I call a herf!


A fabulous new Casa del Habano has been opened in Teddington by my friend Ajay Patel. Ajay is a great cigar merchant and an ambassador for our industry. We wish him every success and welcome him to the La Casa del Habano family.


Mish and I are heading for Nottingham on Sunday for the annual AITS tobacco industry trade show. That’s the Association of Independent Tobacco specialists whish I am proudly not a member of! but it’s always great fun to meet up with our suppliers:-)


Have a great weekend


Peaceful puffing