UK Regional Editions – Taking orders now!

Great news:-) the UK exclusive regional edition Havanas will be launched on Monday and available for shipping soon after

Allocations are tight as there are so few of these cigars. If they are as good as the previous UK Regionals they are likely to sell out faaaaaaaast !

El Rey del Mundo’s Choix de L’Époque Petit Edmundo-sized cigar 4 3/8” length and 52 ring gauge, light to medium flavour. Limited edition of 2,000 boxes of 25 cigars


Boxes of 25

Juan Lopez Selección Suprema 6 5/8” length and 52 ring gauge (Torre Iznaga vitola)
Limited edition of 2,000 cabinets of 10 cigars


Boxes of 10

Guaranteed best value in the UK of course 🙂

I’m starting to do the catalogue for my 1st December vintage Havana cigar auction which will be available 2nd week of October on PDF and by post. If you want a copy shoot me an email A variety of limited edition, vintage, Davidoff, Dunhill, Pre embargo and other fabulous Havanas will be available by auction at Boisdale of Belgravia.

If you are entering a Lot, email us soonest and if you want to bid you will need to email to register. Who knows you may bag a bargain 🙂

Peaceful puffing


Happy New Year

Yesterday I enjoyed an excellent evening at Boisdale Belgravia (I think the staff there must think I never leave) with friends and clients including Gordo, Craig, Zaff, Vimal, Wilkes and Chris.

We spotted Malcolm Rifkind on the cigar terrace – good man 🙂 Food, wine and service was excellent as usual. Boisdale is also great value. Probably why its packed full every day/night. Best to book ahead.

I went back to smoking BBF’s and Diplomaticos No.2 yesterday as a change to my Montecristo No.2 and Partagas P.2 routine which is a lovely contrast.

My cigar auction date has been changed to the 1st December and catalogue will be on the website in PDF approximately 6 weeks beforehand. If you want to sell something,drop me an email and if you want to bid, you need to register so again, drop me an email Venue will be…. Boisdale Belgravia

So far we are having a fabulous September, with my whiskey business Robert Graham Ltd having won 2 prestigious awards from Whiskey Magazine for our independent bottling and our cigar sales booming no doubt partly thanks to the exchange rates (why buy abroad when you can but the finest English Market Selection?) The next few weeks should be interesting as we plan to open another new cigar and whiskey shop in Edinburgh which will keep us all busy for a while 🙂

La Casa del Habano-Hamburg is busier than ever and the big success story of the year is the German regional edition Bolivar Especiales. This really is an excellent blend that smokes well now and will age very well indeed.

In answer to many emails about the Cohiba Gran Reserva, we hope and expect a small quantity to be released by November but I understand the bulk of the release will not be till early next year. I would guess the cigars have been made but the beautiful cabinets (15 cigars) that they come in have not yet arrived in Havana. These incredible cigars have 5 year old tobacco (filler, binder and wrapper)

I reckon we are now the biggest cigar advisory service in the world! We receive well over 1000 emails a day. Lots of very basic questions as well as many sophisticated questions from connoisseurs or aspiring connoisseurs.

The point to remember is that there are never silly questions. I say that as so many people start their emails with ” I am sorry to be a pain” or “I’m sure you have been asked this a thousand times ” or “is this a daft question”. We are delighted to advise as best we can and are online 24 hours a day – every day of the year.

Most popular questions this week include:

– What cutter do you recommend? A: No contest it’s Palio

-What humidifier do you recommend? A : Puck is fast becoming a best seller for us and is highly recommended

-Can you recommend a Havana cigar for the novice? A: Monte 4 and Monte 5 you can’t go wrong or try one of our cigar samplers.

– I want to try something different and a bit more sophisticated. A: If you can handle a big cigar go for the UK regional Punch Serie D’Oro no.1. This cigars has to be one of the best blended Havanas from the last decade. Simply incredible

Happy New Year (Shana Tova) / Happy Ramadan – delete as applicable! …but enjoy with a fine cigar, but please do remember to cut your cigars before sunset and light from an existing flame. (but not on Saturday!)

I’ll be offline from tonight till Sunday night and then back on late shifts next week as usual but Michelle and the Girls will be around to answer your questions in my absence.

Have a great weekend

Peaceful puffing


UK Regional Editions 2009

Great news:-) both of the new 2009 UK regional editions will be launched on the 28th September and available for shipping on the 29th 🙂

El Rey del Mundo’s Choix de L’Époque Petit Edmundo-sized cigar 4 3/8” length and 52 ring gauge, light to medium flavour. Limited edition of 1,372 boxes of 25 cigars

Juan Lopez Selección Suprema 6 5/8” length and 52 ring gauge (Torre Iznaga vitola)
Limited edition of 2,040 cabinets of 10 cigars

Both cigars exclusive to the UK market

Get them while you can as they won’t be around long!

Peaceful puffing


Gold Award Winning Whisky Bottler 2009

We are extremely proud to announce that we are now an award winning independent bottler of single malt Scotch Whisky!

Having dedicated ourselves to improving and expanding our own range of unique whiskies we were recently invited to take part in the Independent Bottlers 2009 competition run by Whisky Magazine. This prestigious event forms part of their current “Whisky Week” celebrations and is judged by a selection of distinguished whisky writers, retailers and distillers from across the country. These judges score the whiskies “blind” and when the final count was added up they had picked out TWO of our whiskies for distinction.

The details were revealed at Fridays lunchtime awards ceremony at the Thistle Hotel in Glasgow. My partner Ron Morrison was in attendance to pick up the accolades and to rub shoulders with some more of Scotland’s renowned independent bottlers


Our 11 year old Ben Nevis whisky won GOLD in the category of “Highland whiskies aged 12 years and under”

We chose to bottle this 1996 whisky at natural cask strength of 57% (or 100 proof if you prefer)
Only 231 bottles were filled and we have less than 60 remaining.
This is a must try that is likely to sell out fast, especially given its new Gold Award Status
Notes of toffee and fudge and a long lingering finish
Beautiful stuff even if I do say so myself 🙂

Order now before its all gone!
50ml miniatures can be purchased here for £8.75
The full 700ml bottle can be purchased here for £47.00

Our 18 year old Braes of Glenlivet won the Bronze award in the category of “Speyside whiskies aged 13-18 years old”

The Braes of Glenlivet whisky ordinarily goes into blended whisky (such as Chivas Regal, 100 Pipers and Passport) and is not often made available as a single malt. Only a small minority of casks work their way into hands of independent bottlers such as ourselves thus allowing whisky connoisseurs the opportunity to try a very rare dram indeed. The distillery was mothballed in 2002 along with three other distilleries owned by the Pernod Ricard Group who bought Chivas in 2001. It is unclear whether this dram will ever be made available again

Only 363 bottles were originally filled and a very large portion of these were sold to members of the Scotland on Sunday Whisky Club. The club were so impressed with this whisky that they chose to feature it in their newspaper (click here to read more)

50ml miniatures can be purchased here for £7.95
The full 700ml bottle can be purchased here for £51.99

if you would like to browse our entire range of current bottlings then just click here
Or if you are interested in learning more about our independent bottling business then you can read about it on our website by clicking here

If you have any whisky related questions then please just drop us an e-mail at regardless of whether you wish to order.

Slanj !