Happy new year 5769!

Well it’s that time of year again, Jewish new year (Rosh Hashanah) 48 hours of non stop eating…. nothing unusual there then:-) Fabulous, I just love it.


If I was not a Havana cigar connoisseur I would likely recommend a honey flavoured cigar as being appropriate but I am, so …I won’t!



The good news of course is that smoking cigars is quite permissible on Rosh Hashanah but you have to remember to pre cut before Yom Tov comes in Monday evening and also have a 48 hour candle burning as using matches/lighters is strictly a no-no.


Needless to say I’m prepared with 3 Partagas P2’s, 3 Monte 2’s ( just in case MO senior fancies a smoke) and 3 BBF’s plus two pre cut Cuaba salamones in reserve:-)


I suggest you let the tip of the candle flame just lick the foot of the cigar. Don’t go slamming the cigar right into the flame of the candle or your cigar is likely to end up tasting of wax instead of tobacco.



So I won’t be answering emails  Monday evening through Wednesday evening but Laura and Mishie will be running the business as ever and happy to assist and advise


Thursday I’ll be herfing in Hamburg. If anyone wants meet up for a smoke,I’ll be at La Casa del Habano at around 10.30 in the morning.


Wishing all friends and clients a happy,peaceful and healthy new year





Dunhill opens new premises

It was delightful to be invited to the opening of the new Dunhill premises at Bourdon House in Davies Street (central London)


The humidor is managed by my dear friend Howard who enthusiastically showed us around the new layout which was most impressive.


Eduardo the roller from El Laguito (he rolled in our London offices a few weeks ago) was rolling fresh cigars and Simon Chase was spotted dispensing gems of advice to the crowd.


Smoking is allowed in a courtyard area by the entrance and I think this may well become a new regular spot for my afternoon smokes 🙂


Bourdon House


Mish and I smoked a couple of Ramon Belicosos ( Orchant Seleccion of course!) and enjoyed a few glasses of Champagne so thanks Dunhill for a great evening and wish you lots of success in your new hone 🙂


Arrivals of the 2008 limited editions are now fairly imminent although I am advised that the quantity made and to be distributed could be exceptionally small. We hope to start shipping early next week but you will have to drop me a line fairly soon to reserve sales@cgarsltd.co.uk


– Montecristo Sublimes


– Cuaba Piramides


– Partagas SD5


I can’t wait to try them all,in fact I think we may have to do a taste test in the office next week.


Peaceful puffing





Montecristo Sublimes

Where are they?? !! Hopefully arriving any day now together with Cuaba piramides


Personally I can’t wait as I love these two sizes of cigars as well as the brands


Montecristo Sublimes


These are of course the 2008 limited editions along with the Partagas SD5


If they don’t get here soon….they will be 2009’s!


Email me if you want a box or two set aside sales@cgarsltd.co.uk


Peaceful puffing



Very cool…….

Checkout this car…. very cool 🙂 … Caterham Superlight (and no doubt super fast!) but take a look at that number plate! ….the owner is a lovely chap by the name of Gary, but he doesn’t smoke cigars !!! I will lock him in my humidor till he gives me the number plate 😉 .. nuff said 🙂


Cigar Car


Have a great weekend


Peaceful puffing



Don’t whine….. drink wine :-)

Good grief! ….never read so much bad news as this week… markets down etc etc )-: what a nightmare


Solution? drink more wine and kick back with a fine Havana 🙂


For the next few days you can have a bottle of Pouilly Fume for 1 Penny when you buy a box of 25 handmade Havanas ! email for details sales@cgarsltd.co.uk


Close up of cigars


Invest in cigars… they go up in smoke but at least you get more satisfaction than stocks and shares going down the drain.


Peaceful puffing….. and drinking 🙂