Partagas Serie D No. 1 Limited Edition Maduro

Partagas Serie D No.1 Limited Edition Maduro…. what a smoke:-)


I think the UK may be the last country in the world to have a few boxes of these delightful cigars but stock is dwindling fast (I think we sold around 20 boxes last week alone!)


There seems to be quite a buying frenzy for this cigar now  and no doubt this will be another example of clients kicking themselves when they are sold out….and me telling them “sorry but they have been available for almost 4 years!”


6 3/8 inches in length and 50 ring gauge and now matured to perfection…. all wrapped up in a dark oily maduro wrapper, full flavour, full bodied, well constructed and a complex smoke… who could ask for more?



Peaceful puffing



Whisky and Cigars …what a week :-)

Great weather over the last two days but not in London so I decided to zoom around our retail stores seeking hotter climates which I am pleased to report I did….20C + on Wednesday and Thursday and glorious sunshine in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Chester and wow the good weather certainly brings out the cigar smokers 🙂


I can’t remember seeing my cigars stores so busy selling Havanas in quite some time!


Obviously I had to sample some of our own brand whisky and can thoroughly recommend <hic>  Allt a Bhainne ( don’t ask me how to pronounce it !) is the most delicious libation with a Bolivar Belicosos ….both thoroughly tested in Edinburgh followed by a dram of Braes of Glenlivet in my Glasgow cigar and whisky shop where I bumped into Steve McGinty who was smoking a Partagas short. Steve is the author of the excellent bookChurchills Cigar


In my Liverpool outpost it was good to see our revamped walk in humidor fully stocked up with delicious Havanas and testing a Partagas P2 I can confirm the humidor now works perfectly:-) Congratulations to Michelle from Turmeaus Liverpool on her forthcoming wedding. Turmeaus still blends some incredible pipe tobacco that you won’t find anywhere else in the UK,not sure anyone else in blending their own mixes in the UK anymore sadly.


Chester was buzzing in the sunshine and Watergate street was packed..and so was my cigar store which has one of the largest selection of Havana for many miles around in their massive walk in humidor. I even spotted some original Partagas piramides, Hoyo piramides, Monte C and Partagas SD1’s there,always lovely to find some goodies stashed away 🙂


Have a great weekend and peaceful puffing 🙂



A Summer Cigar Party

Those jolly nice people at Hunters and Frankau 🙂 are organizing another Summer party following the success of the party held last year.



A warm summer’s evening in London (at least we hope so !) the soft rhythms of Cuban salsa, a glass of chilled champagne or a mojito (I’ll try both please!) and some serious cigar smoking (as ever!)


We will be smoking the “new” Hoyo Epicure Especial and H Upmann Magnum 50 and if they are as good as the edicion limitada we are in for a pleasant evening.


The event will start at 6.30 p.m at Carlton House Terrace Gardens and is invitation only.


Tickets available at £75 each from C.Gars Ltd


Michelle will be running a competition for subscribers of our newsletter to get a ticket for 1 Penny !


Hope to see you there…I may even arrange an after party 😉


Peaceful puffing



Cohiba Habanos colleccion 2008

This years Colleccion Habanos book will be for the Cohiba brand and I for one am looking forward to it’s release.


It’s yet another monster sized cigar but should prove very popular and with only 1000 being made it’s sure to sell out fast


I wonder if Habanos S.A. will do a 2009 compendium?….now that would be interesting 🙂


Peaceful puffing