Don Luigi

Spent a couple of days checking out my cigar shops in Liverpool and Chester this week and popped into one of my favourite Italians for dinner with friends.

DON LUIGI RESTAURANT managed by Anna ( daughter of the owner) always gives us a warm welcome and the spacious first floor bar and lounge area is cigar friendly.

We enjoyed Monte 2’s ( 2006 vintage and quite splendid) accompanied but some delightful Chateau Talbot

Great value and service as well as a very decent wine list and delicious food make this one of my firm favourites.

The Style: Italian

The Place: 31 Church Rd, Formby, Merseyside L37 8BQ

The Number: 01704 879424




As the ridiculous smoking ban looms ever closer I have decided to enjoy as many cigar friendly restaurants as possible whilst I can still enjoy a good Havana before,during and after my meal :-)

Today I enjoyed lunch with friends at Cipriani at 25 Davies Street W.1. in the heart of London’s West End…just down the road to Claridges.

I had hear and read quite a lot of good and bad about Ciprianis and approached with a little trepidation but thought best to judge for myself.

Well, the restaurant is certainly very stylish and was extremely busy to say the least.No stars to be seen today but a lot of ” beautiful people”

The service could not be faulted and neither could the food which was most enjoyable.

Excellent ice cold Sancerre was enjoyed with our Ramón specially selected and no one was bothered by our cigar smoking in the least.

Pricing was not over the top for the location and standard so all in all …well done Cipriani 10/10 and …I’ll be back :-)



Lower prices for shipping to North America !

Dear Friends,

I have been selling Havana cigars over the internet for the last decade and my retail cigar stores in the UK were established back in 1817 (!) so we know a thing or two about Havana cigars.!

What I have only recently learned is that some clients want their cigars fast and are happy to pay a higher price whilst other clients are happier with slow shipping but rock bottom prices….as long as there is no compromise on quality and safe delivery guarantee.

My group of cigar companies aims to please every client with their specific requirements and you the cigar aficionado have the choice…. so please read on……

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Best wishes

Mitchell, Michelle and the sales team at
C.Gars Limited (London and Norwich)
Turmeaus Tobacconist Est. 1817 (Liverpool and Chester)

Chris and Art
La Casa del Habano – Hamburg…..the coolest cigar store on the planet!

Fraser and Ron
Robert Graham Ltd Est. 1874 Scotland)

Mitchell Orchant was Nominated by Hunters and Frankau ” UK Specialist in Havanas of the year 2004″
and the Winner of the Silver Chaveta award from Hunters and Frankau
“UK specialist in Havanas of the year 2005″


Chatting with Simon Chase ( marketing director of Hunters and Frankau) I was delighted to hear that the UK regional edition Por Larranaga Magnificos are now in production with a release date scheduled for late May/early June.

Whilst in Havana for the Festival Simon tested the blend of the new Magnificos against the blend of a 1970’s PL magnum and confirmed ( taking the vintage in to account) that the blend was identical which is of course an incredible achievement.

Only 1400 of these boxes ( in 10’s and 25’s) are to be made and each box will be numbered in limited edition.



Festival del Habanos

Just back from sunny Havana :-) having spent 4 days and nights of herfing with numerous friends from all over the world.

Bumped into Lord Brocket and Sir Terrance Conran too

1000 cigar aficionados,connoisseurs,distributors,retailers together for what can only be described as the herf of the year :-)

Hanging out at the Partagas LCDH and Melia Habana ( Robaina shop) smoking cigars,sipping Havana Club and catching a glimpse of the pre release Bolivar Gold Medals…what a perfect way to spend my days!

Tried a few of the new Cohiba maduros ( due out later this year) and was pleasantly surprised.With a little time to mature ( hopefully before the cigars are actually released ) these cigars will be an outstanding smoking experience.

The Festival gala dinner was a slick event this year and I was delighted to try the Montecristo no.4 Reserva ( due out later this year)

I sat on the Hunters and Frankau table of course, next to Ajay Patel from Broadweighs Cigars ( first rate UK Havana cigar specialist) and Simon Chase ( marketing director of Hunters and Frankau) who conducted the auction with great success. ( I’ll put the auction brochure photos and prices on the website in the next few days) The auction lots were truly amazing this year but sadly not signed by Fidel due to his recent ill health.

British journalist Nick Faulkes won the Habanos Man of the year award for communications…well done Nick!…I hope Angelo Bigi wins it next year ;-)

Lots of talk about the Cohiba 40th anniversary Behikes humidor which was presented at the last Festival….yet no one has received theirs as yet….word is they are due out any day now and are changing hands at double the price between collectors worldwide ( only 100 made)

Mojitos on the veranda of the Nacional Hotel and daiquiris at Floridita…life doesn’t get much better :-)

Good smoking and long ashes :-)