Burns Night herf

Burns night herf was as usual held at Boisdale in Bishopsgate last night. Attended by members of the NoMoreScots herf group and the splinter group The3Amigos, and excellent evening was had by all.

A delightful 4 course meal with Haggis of course ( Veggie for me!) accompanied with The MacCallum 21 year old scotch….whilst the Pipe blasted away in my ear !

Gordon chose the red wine and we toasted both Burns as well as Gordon’s birthday…happy birthday Commander…power herfer extraordinaire !

Thanks to Sandra for the aged Punch Punch…splendid smoke.

Craig was enjoying his usual Monte 2’s and me …P2’s,Zaff was on BBF’s and Sandra Trini Robusto Extras,Chris was too busy eating to smoke :-)

Vimal popped in for a quick smoke and drink but had to race off…something about a few family weddings that evening :-) If you are in the City I can tell you the finest cigar shop can be found at http://www.bbertie-cigars.com/

Likely to be our last Burns night herf in Bishopsgate due to the stupid smoking ban due 1st July but we hear that good old Ranald is planning a smoking roof terrace in Boisdale of Belgravia …well done Ranald :-) …and see ya next year.

Thanks to Katie for the most attentive service.

C.Gars Ltd thoroughly recommends Boisdale restaurants http://www.boisdale.co.uk/ …tell them we sent you when you book ( and they will charge you double!)

Slanj !

McMitch :-)

New York New York :-)

Just back from a lightening visit to New York City where my cigar buddy Gary was married on Sunday….Congrats Gary and Cathy!…..we enjoyed some of the new Cohiba limited edition piramides with some excellent old Balvenie ;-)

Great value for us Brits with the current exchange rate:-)

Managed to sneak in a quick smoke at Club Macanudo which I am delighted to confirm is a most delightful venue for smokes/drinks/eats :-) www.clubmacanudonyc.com

Good to see that there is somewhere that smoking is still ( barely ) legal.

Back to the office and a zillion emails as well as a server delay with no doubt another zillion emails delayed by up to 24 hours…hope to have the problem sorted out by the morning.

For an urgent response please email me at smokeymo@lineone.net.

Stacks of vintage Havanas waiting for me to quality check and list this week…looking for something special ?…drop me an email.

Good smoking