Best of the best? you bet!

Happy Friday Folks and a very warm welcome to our new Customer Care Manager Jessica Taylor,you may well be hearing from Jess by email or phone in the coming weeks and if you have any suggestions or complaints she is going to want to know 🙂 You can email her at

And another warm welcome to our new Operations Manager Chris Scullion. Based in our Edinburgh office Chris has a wealth of experience in the booze biz and we are now forcing him to try every cigar in our range all in the interests of education and training 🙂

I have selected some of my favourite smokes  for my latest sampler pack which really does represent the best of English Market Selection Havanas carefully stored and cared for in our walk in humidors. An unbeatable price for some of the finest Havanas you will ever try

Best of the best sampler
Por Larranaga Magnificos UK regional 2007
Punch Serie D’Oro No.1 UK regional 2008
La Gloria Cuban Gloriosos UK regional 2008
Juan Lopez Seleccion UK regional 2009
El Rey del Mundo Choix de L’Epoque UK regional 2009
Cohiba Gran Reserva 2009
Bolivar Centenary Belicosos UK exclusive 2002
Bolivar Centenary Royal Corona UK exclusive 2002
8 of the finest Havana cigars at a truly unbeatable price including shipping £179
( If you buy these in singles you would pay £232.72)
Only 50 sampler packs will be made available due to limited stock availability
Orders by email only, hurry to avoid disappointment
I zoomed over to Hamburg on the Squeezy jet last Tuesday to do some rather tasty rum testing at La Casa del Habano Hamburg with my partner Christoph Wolters. I was knocked out by an incredible Diademas that Christoph gave me to try. This cigar was rolled 5 years ago at the Partagas factory and banded for Christoph (or Cristobal as he is affectionately known) The vitola was “Diademas” and it was a sublime smoking experience. TY CW.
It never ceases to amaze me how busy our cigar lounge is in Hamburg, literally packed every day with the nicest bunch of guys, talk about a regular nightly herf! If you get a chance to visit Hamburg, our LCDH is a must. Christoph is probably the most knowledgeable cigar merchant in the world and a delight to herf with ( as I’m sure his customers will agree!)
Checkout the new additions to the range that we enjoyed

Cuban rum – perfect with a Cuban cigar! Lowest prices in the UK guaranteed and free shipping in the UK as well ( just this weekend)

Ron Caney Oro – Cuban Rum 70cl 38% – £19.99
Ron Caney Oro is a premium golden rum made by blending rums aged
from three to five years — Oro is superb on its own, in cocktails and with mixers.

Ron Caney Anejo Centuria – Cuban Rum 70cl 38% £20.99
Ron Caney Anejo Centuria winner of the Havana taste trials,
is a blend of rums aged for up to seven years.
Santiago de Cuba 20 Years Old – Cuban Rum – 70cl 40% £69.99
One of the best rums anywhere and one of Fidel Castro’s favourites.
Blended from the oldest and best casks in the reserves,
all apparently a minimum of twenty years old.

Try a few of these whilst you can, not for the novice as this is one sophisticated strong puppy think rustic old style full on Boli and you are getting the picture
Last few – Rare Bolivar Centenary Cigars
Only 100 of these humidors were made for the UK market and released in 2002.
The humidors were numbered and contained
50 specially double banded Royal coronas and 50 specially double banded Belicosos Finos.
English Market Selection. Pristine condition.

Bolivar Centenary specially banded Royal Coronas £25.00
4 7/8″ length and 50 ring gauge

Bolivar Centenary specially banded Belicosos Finos £26.00
5 1/2″ length and 52 ring gauge

Bolivar Centenary Double Sampler – 4 cigars £99.00
2 each Royal Coronas and Belicosos Finos – total 4 cigars and free delivery

All prices include free shipping.
Treat yourself to some of  my limited edition Cigar Malt. When I say limited I really mean it as there are only 60 numbered bottles in presentation case.

Cask strength and non chill filtered this 1992 Speyside Distillery is simply splendid.

A must for whiskey and cigar aficionados.
Speyside Distillery 1992 CIGAR MALT 70cl 61.2%
Well that’s the another month more or less wrapped up and a fabulous start to the year with all of all of our outlets reporting record sales again 🙂 Please don’t forget to “buy less but buy the best” EMS Havanas- it doesn’t get any better 🙂
Next week I’m visiting my splendid Robert Graham cigar and whisky stores in Glasgow and Edinburgh form a little product sampling and we are also hoping to unveil our new website design for C.Gars Ltd (always very exciting for us!)
Have a smokey weekend
Peaceful puffing


Bolivar Centenary? Oh yes!

Happy Friday Readers and it certainly has been a happy week for us as we started the week off with a loooong meeting at the UK Havana importers Hunters and Frankau and had a fab time rummaging through their incredible humidor.

We managed to persuade the Hunters team to let us have a stock of the 2002 Bolivar Centenary cigars which was a great surprise as we thought they were sold out long ago but these have been gently maturing since 2002

I remember attending the launch dinner for these cigars back in the days when we could enjoy smoking indoors!

I have smoked my way through quite “ a few” of the Belicosos Finos and contrasted them with 08 BBF’s and they are remarkably great cigars. The effect of age has produced a rich,complex, balanced cigar that is medium strength and full flavour with hints of spice and a sweet creamy character. Perfect construction and a smooth colorado shade wrapper topped off with the extra Centenary band make this an absolute winner. Try them while you can ( or I may smoke them all!) Oh and the Royal Coronas aren’t too shabby either!

Bolivar Centenary specially banded Royal Coronas (25 cigars)
4 7/8″ length and 50 ring gauge

Bolivar Centenary specially banded Royal Coronas
4 7/8″ length and 50 ring gauge

Bolivar Centenary specially banded Belicosos Finos
5 1/2″ length and 52 ring gauge

Bolivar Centenary Double Sampler – 4 cigars
2 each Royal Coronas and Belicosos Finos – total 4 cigars and free delivery

Bolivar Centenary Special Sampler – 10 cigars
This sampler contains five each of the specially made cigars from the Bolivar Centenary Humidor.

Last night I checked out the splendid new cigar terrace at No 10 Manchester street  where my partner and whisky connoisseur Ron Morrison of Robert Graham Ltd  enjoyed Juan Lopez Seleccion Suprema matched with some Alsace followed by a late herf at the Lanesborough Hotel cigar lounge for some Punch Serie D’Oro no.1 matched up with some rather crisp Roederer Champagne. Incredible cigar selection at the Lanesborough and without doubt the most comfortable cigar lounge (so far) in the UK

To finish my week I had a nice surprise when surfing H&F’s website with a couple of great articles about our new shops Good old H&F – great people and the best cigars in the world.

Have a great weekend

Peaceful puffing


Rare whisky / Rare cigars – bring it on!

January has kicked off with a busier than busy bang 🙂 and I spent a few days up in Scotland this week in the fabulous new Robert Graham Ltd whisky and cigar store in Canongate, Edinburgh where I have had the pleasure of tasting and approving my limited edition Cigar Malt. When I say limited I really mean it as there are only 60 numbered bottles in presentation case. Actually make that 59 as we have used 1 bottle for “testing purposes” 🙂

Cask strength and non chill filtered this 1992 Speyside Distillery is simply splendid.

The exclusive Robert Graham Cigar Malt was tested with one of my current favourite cigars the Cohiba Gran Reserva.

If you would like to be one of the lucky chaps to enjoy this Cigar Malt I will be offering a bottle together with a single Cohiba Gran Reserva at just £135 inclusive shipping. You may need to email us fast though 🙂 a must for whisky and cigar aficionados.

Due to the bizarre laws in Scotland being different to England we are no longer able to legally sample cigars in our cigars stores in Scotland but fortunately we have a lovely cigar friendly apartment 2 minutes away from Royal Mile 🙂

Today I had the pleasure of a visit from Jemma Freeman (Managing Director of Hunters and Frankau) at our new whisky and cigar store in West Hampstead, London and I think Jemma was pretty impressed with our fine range of Havanas. Our London store is open till 8 p.m and I think that’s the only late closing cigar store in London which is perfect if you want to pop in for a smoke. We still have a few lockers available for clients who wish to lay down cigars for their later smoking pleasure or investment safe in the knowledge they will be professionally cared for.

Finally the printers have made it through the snow and delivered my book! so my apologies for the late shipping to clients who pre ordered and I am happy to say all orders have started shipping today

“Once Upon a Time in Cuba”
by Michael Mirecki and Mitchell Orchant is a 147 page
compilation of our original photograph collection of Cuba.

Our book has a foreword by Simon Chase
of Hunters and Frankau and includes chapters on

Famous people
The Cuban Revolution
Pre Revolution
Bars, Music and Cabaret
Buena Vista Social Club
Tobacco (of course!)
and Sport.

Only 1000 individually numbered hard back coffee table books
will be made available. Hardback size 9 1/2″ X 9 1/2″.

Price per book £29.99 plus
Postage and Packing
Within mainland UK £5.00
European destinations £10.00
Rest of the world £15.00

Click here to order

End of year stock take was a delight as usual especially as I found a few nice vintage cigars lurking at the back of the London humidor!

Punch Especiales Pre Embargo – 1s

H Upmann Singulares Pre Embargo – 1s

H Upmann Singulares Pre Embargo – 25s

Punch Double Coronas – (1996) cab selection 1s

Partagas Serie D No. 4 cigars (1996) – 1s

Ramon Allones Magnums cabinet selection – 1s

Romeo y Julieta Piramidos No.1 – Pre embargo – cab 50s

Romeo y Julieta Cedros No.1 – gold top (1960’s) – 1s

Romeo y Julieta Cedros No.1 gold top (1960’s) – box 25s (sealed)

Romeo y Julieta Tubed Churchills – 1s

Romeo y Julieta Tubed Churchills – 25s

Lots of vintage Davidoff due for release in the next month too! …and maybe a few Dunhills too 😉

Have a great weekend

Peaceful puffing


Greetings from snowy London!

And for only the second time in the history of C.Gars Ltd London office – the office is closed due to snow but fear not as our shops are sending out all mail orders so there will be no delay from us, although I dare say if you are also snowed in there may be some Royal Mail delays.

I was sensible enough to kidnap my General Manager Michelle by tempting her with dinner at my home, knowing of course she would be stranded by snow before dessert! Now I have Michelle working 24 hours a day (so what’s new?!)

Cigar Snowman

Cigar Snowman

S’now big problem being at home for an extra day or two as I have a fully stocked humidor (Partagas P2’s, Bolivar Belicosos Finos, Punch Serie D’Oro no.1’s, Monte 2’s, El Rey de Mundo Choix de L’Epoque all in copious quantity of course) as well as a decent stock in the bar (mainly Cuban rum especially Vigia and Robert Graham whisky obviously!) So no change to my working days then, just a different venue.

The coming years plans already include 2 trips to Havana for the Festivals, trips to the East Coast and West Coast, numerous trips to Germany to our fabulous La Casa del Habano (as well as a trip to Berlin at the end of this month to give a talk at a cigar dinner) and quite a few extended trips to Scotland as we expand the Robert Graham cigar and whisky business.

There could well be a few more cigars shops coming to a Town near you! and if not, you can be sure that as the UK’s largest specialist cigar merchant with the most locations and humungous stocks our mail order prices will always be the best available in the UK. Quality – Service – Value 24/7 – every day of the year come snow or shine.

Before I know it…… it will be Christmas again

Stay warm and peaceful puffing


Cigar Snowman

Cigar Snowman