Por Larranaga Magnificos Humidor

Por Larranaga Magnificos Humidor

The one we have all been waiting for!!!!

-Limited edition exclusive to the UK Market
-English market Selection (EMS)
-Only 100 will ever be made
-Each humidor individually numbered
-50 Magnificos cigars in 5 drawer humidor
-The cigars are not a re-release,they are the original cigars made for the Uk exclusive cigar
-Release date 6th April 2009
-Shipping at costs ( depending on destination)


No further details or photographs are available at this time…..but as soon as they are…you’ll read it here first:-)

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Welcome to the family!

C.Gars Ltd are proud to welcome Mercer Cigars of Mexico http://www.mercercigars.com into our extended family of cigar businesses.

Mitchell and Drew have been good friends for many years and both share a passion for Havanas that is evident in their product knowledge and customer service.It was only a matter of time till C.Gars and Mercer would go into partnership!

Located in beautiful Merida Mexico ,with a fully stocked humidor and bar as well as a splendid cigar lounge we are delighted to welcome C.Gars and Mercer customers whether instore or online and assure you service and quality second to none.

Mercer cigars specialize in shipping cigars to Mexico and Latin America and we will shortly be launching an all Spanish website.

The extended family of C.Gars Ltd now includes:

– La Casa del Habano in Hamburg Germany
– The Decent Cigar Emporium in Dublin,Ireland,
– Robert Graham Ltd in Edinburgh Scotland
– Global Whiskey in Glasgow Scotland
– Turmeaus Tobacconist shops in England
….and of course C.Gars Ltd on London and on the internet
Full contact details for all of our outlets can be found on this link http://www.cgarsltd.co.uk/document.php?id=contact.htm&title=Contact+us

We are now planning a flagship cigar store specialising in vintage Havanas in Mayfair in the heart of London in the near future.

Wherever you are located in the world…we have you covered!…and can supply all your cigars needs with friendly helpful service and knowledgeable staff

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Dip 2’s? first rate!

Dip 2’s? first rate !

It’s been an interesting weekend as I decided to do a blind taste test between Friday and Sunday on the same 3 cigars and rate them.

The cigars were a Monte 2.Upmann 2 and Diplomaticos no.2

Michelle numbered 3 piramides 1,2 and 3 but I (obviously ) didn’t know which cigar was which.

All the cigars were 2007’s.

Happy to report that I managed to identify all three cigars correctly ( good start!) on all three days but was surprised to find that on all three days the highest rated cigar was the Diplomaticos no.2

Now,there was nothing wrong with the Upmann 2,in fact 2007’s are the best vintage I have found in this cigar but it was a bit”tart” in comparison to the other two and I generally enjoy a smoother smoke.The Monte 2 was a great smoke as well but lacked the depth/.complexity of the Dip 2.

So there you have it,after a lifetime of having the Monte 2 as my favourite piramides I can honestly say the Dip 2 for my palette at least was a better smoke.

Lasts weeks travels took me to on a tour around my whiskey and cigars shops in Scotland http://www.whisky-cigars.co.uk/ where I enjoyed smoking the new La Gloria Cubana Gloriosos with my partner Ron whilst enjoying a dram or two of our exclusive Robert Graham single malt range.

Our shops also received allocation of the limited edition H Upmann Magnum 46 jar ( 30 cigars) which can only be described as exquisite. Grab one while you can as there are only a tiny amount available.

I also visited my cigar stores in Liverpool and Chester which were busier than ever.In fact Turmeaus in Liverpool should go in for a competition “how many customers can you cram in a tiny cigar shop”! it was positively buzzing!

I only manage to get around to all our cigar stores every few months these days but love to rummage through the humidors to see what goodies I can find. I even managed to snag a few Ramon Belicosos on this trip…DEE LICIOUS !

Have a great week

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Cigar brands and ownership

I’m always trying to research or access as much research as possible regarding vintage Havana cigars. I have most of the decent book that have been written over the years but their always seems to be so much more to learn.

My friend Rolando Salup has compiled an invaluable list of Havana cigar brands and details of their ownership and locations which he has kindly given us permission to publish on our website. http://www.cgarsltd.co.uk/html/cubancigarlist.xls

Rolando lives in Havana and is an antiques dealer. It has been my pleasure to meet with him at least twice a year for the last decade and chat about the history and significance of many of the antiques that I have bought for the C.Gars collection and of course for sale on my website. http://www.cgarsltd.co.uk/cigar-humidors-antique-cabinets-humidors-jars-c-320_187.html and http://www.cgarsltd.co.uk/cigar-accessories-cuban-photos-paintings-c-319_192.html

Rolando is a mine of interesting information and its a privilege to know him.

The following article http://www.cgarsltd.co.uk/document.php?id=havana_cigar_brands.htm was written by Rolando and translated with thanks to my assistant Yudy in our Havana office (with a tiny amount of editing/corrections by ourselves)

I hope you find the articles useful and of course if you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me

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Happy St Patrick’s Day :-)… and here is the news….

– Cohiba Gran Reserva …fabulous cigars and I must be replying to 100 emails a day asking when will they be available ? Well I am sorry to tell you that we don’t expect them till October this year. I will of course email all clients who have expressed an interest as soon as we have a firm release date. Only 5000 numbered boxes containing 15 cigars each will ever be made. All the tobaccos in the Gran reserva are aged a minimum of 5 years.

– The new Montecristo Open cigars ( Junior/Master/Regata/Eagle) are expected in May with tubed versions to follow in November

– The wonderful new Trinidad robusto T are expected in June with tubed version planned for December

– 2009 Limited editions include Romeo Y Julieta Dukes,H Upmann Magnum 48 and Bolivar Petit Belicosos

– 2009 UK regional editions are Juan Lopez seleccion Suprema in boxes of 10 ( 3/4/3) expected in the Autumn and El Rey Del Mundo Choix de L’Epoque in dress boxes of 25 expected in June

More details of course on our regular enewsletter

Peaceful puffing and best wishes from sunny London