So whats going on?!

The launch of our La Casa del Habano in Hamburg was a great success with well over 100 attendees enjoying an evening of great cigars that were rolled by a great roller :-) Mojitos served from the Mojito bar as well as excellent food and entertainment provided by superb Cuban dancers.

The Cuban ambassador made a delightful speech to declare us officially open,Christoph made a most amusing long speech and I made a short speech thanking our wives for putting up with us !

Mr Villiger from 5th Avenue importers also made a speech and we feel very honoured that he came to our Casa.

I managed to restrict Karyn to one Mojito…one sip is usually enough for her:-) and She enjoyed chatting with various wives/girlfriends of Cigar aficionados who had come from all over Germany.UK and the USA

Our special “Art Edition ” Vegas Robaina Famosos with individually numbered bands sold out on the night ( except a small stash that I reserved;-) ) and were a true delight to look at …as well as no doubt smoke in due course. If you email me fast I may be able to squueze you a box;-)

Many of us enjoyed a smokey harbour champagne cruise round Hamburg whilst the weather stayed pleasantly warm.

Kudos to Christoph and Art for putting together such a wonderful launch weekend,no doubt all of our guests enjoyed the weekend as much as I did

Thanks to all the press who attended..we look forward to the photos and editorial;-)

Thanks to my regular smoking buddies Zaff/Chris/JB for their company and all the laughs…and for smoking all cigars in sight!

Our store is a Mecca for Havana cigar aficionados with a humidor crammed full of the finest quality cigars as well as a shop crammed full of Cuban cigar related antiques not to mention a comfortable smoking lounge with complimentary coffee and rum…be sure to visit if you come to Hamburg :-)

No news about the new UK regional limited edition P.L Magnificos and whilst we were expecting it in May…July is looking more realistic.

Fill your humidors with UK regional Ramon Allones Belicosos while you can as they won’t be available for much longer…and they are fantastic smokes

Next month sees the opening of our new Liverpool cigar store and the following month…who knows:-)…not saying yet!

Good smoking and long ashes