Whisky Subscription

Just a quick reminder to all of you wonderful folks that may not know, we have a monthly whisky subscription box. If you are looking for some delicious tipples each month, this will be right up your alley!

A box of joy each month, what’s not to love?! I have always loved the idea of monthly subscription boxes, getting a snapshot of different products so you try new things that you may not be aware of! I have a brilliant coffee subscription that I absolutely love, and have easily found some new fantastic roasts in the process. The same can happen with our monthly whisky box. A selection of different drams that can open your eyes to new distilleries that you may not even be familiar with. With the current state of the world where going out is not too fun at the moment, this is a perfect way to try things in the comfort of your own home.

You won’t be receiving cheap drams, as the whisky value will always outweigh the subscription value. Each month they will be carefully chosen from distilleries all over the world. You’ll get five 4cl samples in each box, along with a leaflet giving you tasting descriptions for all but 1 whisky. That is going to be the fun part, each box will contain one mystery whisky that you will have a month to guess. The following month’s box will contain the name of the mystery dram from the month before.

Head on over to the subscription page for all the details. Let us know on social media of your findings each month and let us know if you find your new favourite whisky!



Another Wonderful Foursquare Rum!

Most Foursquare rums I have had rarely disappoint, and this one is no exception. Finally getting some time with the Sagacity bottling and it has been an absolute relaxing pleasure so far! That doesn’t come as a real surprise as the previous cask bottlings from Foursquare have been nothing short of exceptional. Barbados rum is quite easily topping my list of favourite rums.

Sagacity (pronounced Sag-assity), coming from Latin means “acuteness of mental discernment (discerning) and of sound judgement”. Which I believe we definitely are if we have this bottle in hand! This release is the 11th in the Exceptional Cask Selection and is easily maintaining the quality of previous releases. This rum has been bottled at 48% ABV, without chill filtration and colourings. A blend of rums distilled in both Pot and Coffey Column stills, then aged for 12 years. Part aged in ex-bourbon, and part in ex-Madeira casks.

A wonderfully dark, golden brown liquid fills your glass and you can just feel the sense of relaxation creeping in!!

Real bright aromas of fresh and stewed fruits straight out of the bottle. Almost love at first sniff! Much more complex flavours than some of the previous releases and not too sweet at all. Just the right amount of sweetness does a great job of balancing the warming spice notes that cover your tongue. The dryness delivered by the oak has an almost perfect balance with sweet homemade mixed berry jam flavours. This is a rum that just doesn’t try hard to impress you, it just does. Complex, but so very approachable and easy to enjoy.

If you’re in the market for a special rum that won’t break the bank, definitely check out Foursquare Sagacity.



Online Cigar and Whisky Auction

Just a quick reminder about our online auction. This is a heads up for the spirits enthusiasts out there. In addition to our normal offerings of an amazing selection of rare and vintage cigars, we have a new whisky category. If you were not already aware, you will have a chance of getting your hands on some really special bottles of whisky. Anywhere from rare vintage single malt bottlings to some hard to find American whiskey bottles. Guaranteed to have an array of some very interesting bottles that not many people can say they have on their shelves! Quite a few limited edition Japanese bottlings, like the Yamazaki 18, along with some older bottles of Weller 12 to tug on your bourbon cravings! 

We wanted to give the whisky lovers out there something to get excited about! So starting on the 12th, the lots will be open for online bidding and the actual auction will be held on Sunday the 19th at 10am!

Sign up to register at onlinecigarauctions.com. Our team will also be available to assist with any questions at auctions@cgarsltd.co.uk

Let us know on social media if you win anything and Happy bidding!!



Bulleit Bourbon stepping into a Cleaner Future

For a little while now Diageo has been implementing different measures throughout the company to build a more sustainable future for the spirit making business. One of the biggest measures is going to be Bulleit Bourbon’s new carbon neutral distillery. Despite the pandemic, Diageo is full steam ahead on the building of the new Kentucky Distillery.

This distillery is going to be one of the biggest and greenest distilleries in North America. Boasting a 72,000 square foot compound putting out 10 million gallons of whiskey per year, all powered by renewable energy! Although Bulleit will be the headlining brand at the distillery, there will also be a variety of not yet announced brands being crafted there.

The use of electrode boilers is one of the biggest implementations, which create a quieter and cleaner product with less emissions. Powered by renewable electricity, the steam used for cooking, distillation, and drying will be created by these boilers. Other greener steps forward include: Solar powered LED lighting, all onsite vehicles (including trucks and forklifts) will be electric, zero waste going to landfills, and water minimization processes. All these steps and more will be essentially like removing 25,000 cars from the roads for an entire year.

As a big fan of Bulleit Bourbon already, it was fantastic to hear all this. It’s great seeing these massive distilleries using technology for good! I look forward to seeing what else is to come!

Until next time