Got a call from a good friend at importers Hunters and Frankau to advise they had spotted some incredibly dark and oily maduro Bolivar Belicosos Finos ( currently my favorite cigar together with Partagas P2’s)…so of course I said “send ‘em!”

Good grief!…these cigars look like they have been painted in oil ;-)

If you hurry you can order some singles or a full box

If you don’t hurry…I’ll have smoked them all !

The last two years have seen a complete return to form for this Bolivar with perfect construction,excellent appearance and most important that good old spicy full flavour blend that is associated with the brand.

Good smoking and best wishes


Wooohooo…the new London humidor is complete!!!

At last …after three weeks of building work our enlarged walk in humidor complete with customer lockers is finished!!! :-)

Humidity is steady at 68% and temperature perfect at 67F….the cigars feel as perfect as they look.

You can take a look on the London webcam to catch a glimpse although I think we will need to add another cam or two to give you a clearer view of the size now.
Needless to say I am very pleased with the result especially the new lighting which is perfect.

I was desperately out of space before but now we can display our cigars in style and of course are delighted to welcome clients ( by appointment where possible) to browse in comfort.

I reckon I must have the largest range of any cigar merchant in the UK and when it comes to vintage Havanas,the selection is ever changing and….always breathtaking and impressive.

We have also refurbished our warehouse,added loads more shelves and have over 1000 humidors in stock!…if you need a humidor …we have them all…any size..any style…any price from £19.99!

Our office is a haven for cigar connoisseurs….a cosy smoking lounge/bar where you can relax in comfort surrounded by an incredible collection of pre embargo Cuban cigar humidors/cabinets,ceramic jars,original photos of Che and Fidel and associated cigar memorabilia…Cuban rum and Cuban coffee served to compliment your cigar:-)

That’s all for today…off to smoke a Partagas P2 :-)





Karyns 40th birthday bash!…celebrated last night at Mezzaluna:-) Awesome food,delightful drinks and cigar friendly as we hired out the whole restaurant for 30 friends!

Crooning by Chris,our favourite singer ( Sinatra,Buble,Jack Jones …our kind of laid back sounds ) and first rate service at ever from our favourite ( and award winning ) restaurant.

My buddy Jeremy has now progressed from smoking Epicure no.2’s to Bolivar Belicosos….could be a slippery slope from here:-)

Michelle looked cool,smoking a Partagas Serie D no.4!

Happy birthday Karyn!



Continuing the balance in my week :-) …. 2 hours in the office Friday morning and off to lunch with good friends Tom and Joel.

Malmaison in Charterhouse street was the choice and a very good one it is too.

The bar area is cigar friendly and they even have a decent stocked humidor ( just in case you forget to bring your own!)

Food and service as well as ambience was first rate which ensures I’ll be coming back soon :-)

Smoked a Dom Perignon from 1986 whilst I was cruising home in traffic….I was oblivious to the traffic,the smoking experience was sublime.

When these cigars are “on” they really are something quite special.Don’t believe all the B.S. you read about them being past their prime….the secret is all in the storage!!!! If they have been correctly looked after …stored colder and more dry,these cigars have plenty of life in them yet.

….at last the weekend ( after a tough week!) Karyn’s busy as usual cooking a 5 course meal for me ( she is a fantastic cook!)…..I’m planning to re-start my diet on Monday

Have a great weekend.



Boisdale Bishopsgate

I seem to have got the work balance right on Thursday having spent around 2 hours in the office examining some vintage Davidoff that we were valuing for a client and then headed off for a business lunch meeting with C.Gars Ltd Chairman David Moss……5 hours later our meeting was at a close as was my days work :-)

Boisdale restaurants are in Belgravia and Bishopsgate and I have been going there for years.

I was surprised to recently read some lousy reviews on a website as I have always found Boisdale to serve good food and offer good service.Of course they are cigar friendly so 10/10 from me ….Boisdale gets my vote:-)

David and I discussed business,smoked P.2’s,drank rather copious amounts of wine,ate some delicious food and rated our favourite cigars of the year which are :

Partagas P2

Montecrsito Edmundo

Bolivar Belicosos Fionos

Montecristo no.2

Partagas SD4

David and I enjoy a similar cigar rotation so it’s interesting to share tasting notes

I hope David enjoyed lunch as much as I did….we have to do this every month!:-)…all in the best interest of the business of course:-)