La Casa del Habano – Hamburg launch party

This weekend sees the official launch party and opening of our La Casa Del Habano in Hamburg and my London and Hamburg Teams are all very excited about the event.

We will be having a champagne and cigar harbour cruise around Hamburg…now that’s a herf :-) as well as a Cuban roller rolling fresh robustos,Havana Club rum offering delicious Mojitos,various cigar industry dignitaries and cigar aficionados attending and a great weekend anticipated by all:-))

Our LCDH has an incredible range of Havanas as well as the finest cigar smokers accessories.Our shop is also filled with Cuban cigar related antiques which give it a unique ambience.

We’re all very proud to be part of the LCDH franchise system and would like to thank Ignacio from LCDH as well as 5th Avenue importers for all of their incredible support.


In our endeavours to spread the word on the contemporary Cuban art industry we have joined forces with the famous artist Angel Ramirez to offer
our customers this unique opportunity.

Angel Ramirez will be attending our official opening on the 20th APRIL @ LA CASA DEL HABANO – HAMBURG and he is providing us with
4 pieces of limited edition artwork exclusively for our customers. The scenes the engravings show are made in his famous medieval style.
They show smoking scenes as taken off from an ancient Fairy Tale book.

We will be releasing these 4 different engravings, limited to just 50 copies of each. Each engraving will depict a smoking scene and has been created by Angel Ramirez.

We will send you a box of VEGAS ROBAINA ART EDITION FAMOSOS complete with limited edition (numbered 1 to 50) engraving/artwork on the cigar
box at just £175 Sterling ( sorry not available in the UK). The cigars themselves are from 2006 product and are now well matured and perfect for smoking.

In addition the cigars will also be individually banded with these exclusive numbered (1 to 5000) “Angel Ramirez” bands

Simply purchase your exclusive Vegas Robaina Art Edition Famosos by dropping us an email

Your special box of VEGAS ROBAINA ART EDITION FAMOSOS will be shipped to you by the end of this week.

The copper plates for these engravings have been destroyed – to retain the value of these limited edition pieces of art.

Viele gruss :-)

Mitchell and Christoph and the team ( Laura,Art,Fraser and Mish)

herfin’ in sunny Majorca…not!

My latest travels took me to sunny Majorca for 10 days fun in the sun….except that it rained for 8 days)-:! …and the sun was in London!

Ahhh well such is life ,at least Majorca seems to be cigar friendly just about everywhere I went,hotels,restaurants,even the airport had a smoking area.

Armed with my humipouch filled with Ramon belicosos,Bolivar belicosos,Partagas shorts and Monte 2’s as well as my ceramic cigar cutter ( no way can security detect that in my hand baggage!) and a few disposable lighters,I was ready to kick back :-)

I think I’m falling in love………… with the Ramon Allones belicosos

I thought the RA Belis were awfully young and a bit rough at the edges when they first came out.The freshness drowned out the flavours.

I revisited them last November and they were a different beast altogether far more soft,rounded and balanced.Very smooth and complex as well as full flavoured.They have now joined my daily rotation:-)

They appear more expensive to our overseas friends all the time with the awful exchange rate sadly ( sorry can’t help that )-: )…

I have not heard about these being sold anywhere but the UK yet and was under the impression that we had exclusive on them for 2007 but I could be wrong.

Of course it may well be worth the wait but bear in mind they are not likely to taste the same as the original release as the cigars will be from a different vintage ….they may be better!…and cheaper …or not!

If price is sensitive,stay away..there are so many great Havanas available these days,the choice is quite amazing.

These days I almost exclusively smoke piramides and campanas.I don’t know why it took me 27 years to discover that the only size I truly enjoy are these but hey ho…it’s been a trip:-)

Hotel Gran Playa in Majorca (and Ramon belicosos!)..highly recommended,splendid pool ( as long as the sun shines!) and superb service.

My kinda herfin’ location…as long as the sun shines!



Congrats Laura!!!!

Congrats to Laura ( and Gary !) on the birth of their baby daughter Molly:-)

Molly was in a hurry to be born on Thursday but we are all relieved that Mother and Baby are doing fine.

Lots of love and best wishes from all at C.Gars Ltd/Robert Graham Ltd and La Casa del Habano Hamburg