Happy new year :-)

Sorry for the lack of blogging of recent…if not busy selecting finest Havanas,have been waaay busy spending time with the family over Christmas weekend:-)…OK so now I have 8 Pounds in weight to lose after 4 days of non stop eating in and eating out !…and just a little drinking too :-) Thanks to J and J for a magnificent marathon Xmas lunch!…and welcome to Niall as our newest and youngest herf club member :-)

Herfed with Zaff and JB at the London office last week and matched up the new Cohiba piramides LE with some splendid 1990 Lanson…needless to say we all agreed that match was perfect…we then continued to smoke some awesome Partagas SD4 Reserva that I was keeping back for a suitable occasion….sublime.

On the matter of “Sublimes” there are no more left! not a single cigars…we have totally and utterly sold out…thanks to all of my clients no happily enjoying a good Cohiba Sublimes.

Popped over to my Father yesterday and we smoked Davidoff Dom Perignon 1988 with a wee dram off 1975 Littlemill…now that was a great pairing.Both subtle taste and flavour combos with great balance and complexity.

Looking forward to next year…should be a BIG cigar year…great regional editions including the PL magnificos for the UK market ( thank you Simon Chase!) and the new Cohiba maduros which I am hoping to see at the Festival at the end of Feb.

Launch party for my La Casa del Habano in Hamburg now scheduled for late April with many famous personalities from the industry due to attend ( email me for more details should you wish to attend) Christoph and Art at LCDH-Hamburg tell me business is booming in the shop and we will be opening our private cigar meeting/tasting room early next year which we are really excited about as we will be holding regular tastings of vintage cigars that will be reported by the cigar Press no doubt.

So I’m off for a week in the sunshine….herf’dor full of P2’s and BBF’s…blazer full :-)

Happy new year All…good smoking and long ashes.



Pre Christmas herf at the Churchill

The annual pre Christmas herf for the “Nomorescots” cigar group was as usual help at the Churchill cigar bar and divan on Portman square.

The usual suspects appeared Craig,Gordon,Vimal,Zaff,Chris and of course we all mocched cigars from each other whilst planning the 2007 herf schedule:-) the winning mooch was a very dark and oily BBF by Gordon ( from me !) which was power herfed in around 15 minutes or less :-)

So it looks like 25th January Burns night herf at Boisdales in the City and May bank holiday could be in Cyprus/Spain or France…no agreement yet!

Home herfs are likely after the ridiculous smoking ban planned due next year)-:

If you’re in London try the Churchill while you can…my fave venue for a smoke/snack/drink.



Herfing in Lancs :-)

Stanley House in Lancashire was the venue for the monthly herf for the Claremont Cigar Club.

Now this hotel is something special …very classy indeed and the restaurant was phenomenal

Check out the details for Cassis restaurant on their website www.Stanleyhouse.co.uk

Attentive service that was beyond perfect and cuisine that would rival any restaurant I have been to in the UK.

The wine list was splendid and the sommelier very knowledgeable

A very comfortable cigar friendly lounge area ensured that we could enjoy our Bolivar Belicosos and Calvados in comfort.

The Claremont Cigar Club awarded Stanley House a 10/10 rating :-)



Alma de Santiago :-)

The Beatles immortalized Penny Lane in Liverpool and now you can enjoy cigars in a very cool atmosphere in The Alma de Santiago Bodega on Penny Lane.

In my attempt to experience every single cigar friendly bar and restaurant in London as well as the North of England my herf buddies Rodders and Mano enjoyed aperitifs and Partagas P2’s at the Alma de Santiago last night.

Excellent decor and ambience and first rate service ( Bravo for Liverpool.!..London establishments take a note!) complimentary snacks on the table,salsa music in the background…..yup..these guys have the right recipe and the menu is great too.

Here’s a link to their website www.almadesantiago.com

They also own Alma de Cuba www.alma-de-cuba.com not quite my cup of tea but still a popular restaurant and night spot in the centre of Liverpool….and smoking allowed :-)