Say this is just adios and not goodbye :-)

At 81 and no doubt due to his health problems Fidel Castro is standing down after 49 years in charge of one of the last bastions of communism.

I have received many many emails asking what will happen to Cuba now and in particular what will happen to the cigar industry?

I have received even more emails from friends proffering their opinions which are all very interesting.

I’m afraid my answer is that I really don’t know and any views at this stage are purely guesswork.

A senior US state department official, John Negroponte, stated that the 1962 embargo would probably not be lifted “any time soon”.

I wonder if February 2008 box codes will become collectible? (!) 🙂

C.Gars Ltd hold no political views  and just want to spread a little happiness by selling the best quality Havanas available.

I’ll be in Havana next week for the Festival and it will be interesting to judge the mood.


Peaceful puffing



Aged cigars from Hunters and Frankau

Here’s a sneak preview of some vintage cigars that we expect our importers Hunters and Frankau to make available in the next month or so.


Aged Cuban Cigars


Aged cuban cigars


There will be an interesting range of Havanas that have all been quality controlled ( “revisado” stamped”) and are double banded showing the vintage.


I have tested the Bolivar Inmensas and the Montecristo especial both of which had a perfect draw,consistent and good blending and excellent appearance.


I’ll make the full range available on my website in singles,samplers and full boxes as soon as they are released.


Peaceful puffing





Smokes in Edinburgh…drinks in Glasgow :-)

Grabbed the Squeezy Jet to Edinburgh to meet up with my partner Ron for an impromptu herf at our Scottish outposts 🙂

After unfolding my body following a bumpy and cramped flight I was definitely ready for a smoke.

Unfortunately the insane smoking ban means that smoking even for sampling purposes is not allowed in Scotland specialist cigar shops ( not that there are many cigars shops left in Scotland!)

Fortunately it was a beautiful mild and sunny day so we enjoyed some Ramon Allones Belicosos at the pub opposite our cigar shop and we plan to put tables and chairs outside our store by Spring so our customers and friends can herf to their hearts content when the weather is good.

We have introduced a rather yumster range of Scottish fudges/marmalades/shortbread which did my diet no good at all


  …..but at least the range of speciality beer gave me a good laugh ! Too funny


Ron and I took the train over to our new Glasgow shop located on West Nile street to see how it had changed since we bought it just over a month ago and …so far so good. Comprehensive range of single malts with something to please everyone. Great range of Havana cigars arriving in store next Tuesday… finally 🙂


I think we are the only Havana cigar specialist remaining in Glasgow now that Herbert Love have closed their doors… oh dear/what a shame/never mind.

Robert Graham Ltd has been around since 1874 so we are rather experienced whisky merchants ( I am rather experienced at drinking whisky 🙂  ) and we bottle our own unique single malts which can not be found anywhere else in the country. Ron suggested we tried one of them which was quite splendid with a Cohiba piramides from 2006.


Tough day and all that 🙂


Have a great weekend…..and peaceful puffing



Limited Edition Havanas

Hunters and Frankau are planning another Summer Cigar party on June 10th….should be fun:-) If you want to be kept informed of details drop me an email at


Laura and Michelle are selling the perfect Valentines day gifts… only 100 made…pretty cool 🙂


One of my favourite limited edition Havanas was the Hoyo Epicure Especial ( 5 1/2″ length and 50 ring gauge) but they sold out all too soon but I was happy to find out that they will be available again by the end of the year ( package in tubed packs of 3 10’s 25’s and 50’s)


Also expected for re-release is the excellent limited edition H Upmann Magnum 50 ( 6 1/4″ length and 50 ring gauge) a veritable power house not for the novice but definitely for the connoisseur.


Due to the late arrival of last years limited editions I shall not be holding my breath for this years and would be surprised to see them before the last quarter of the year. However they are sure to be in great demand…


-Montecristo Sublimes 6 1/2″ length and 54 ring gauge in boxes of 10


-Cuaba Piramides 6 1/8″ length and 52 ring gauge in boxes of 10


-Partagas Serie D no.5 4 4/8″ length and 50 ring gauge in boxes of 25


Not hard to guess that the Partagas will be the most popular …I can’t wait to try them all:-)


Late summer we expect some incredible Regional edition cigars for exclusive to the UK market:


-La Gloria Gloriosos 6 1/8″ length and 50 ring gage in boxes of 10


-Punch Serie D’Oro no.1 6 1/8″ length and 50 ring gauge. This one I can’t wait for as I have one of the last surviving and original boxes ( with cigars of course) from the 1960’s. We will be lending Hunters and Frankau the box as they will try to recreate it.You can see the originals on this link


That’s all the news for now so I’m off for a Ramon Belicosos ( one of my top 10 faves) and a dram of Glenmorangie 🙂


Peaceful puffing.




Hunters and Frankau

Londons weather was beautiful and sunny today  so I fired up a Partagas P2 and took a drive over to Hunters and Frankau’s offices in Fulham.


Chatted with John Darnton and Simon Chase over coffee ( sadly no indoor smoking allowed currently due to ban) and heard about the planned limited and UK regional editions ( Punch and La Gloria) for this year ( more details in my next blog!)


We smoked partagas Shorts cabinet selection 2007 outside the warehouse ….one of Simons top 10 smokes ( and mine too)


Vintage ( 10 years old approx) Havanas will be available from Hunters next month.Double banded cigars and “revisado” stamped boxes.These cigars have been completely tested for quality and are sure to be very popular.Detail on my regular newsletter as soon as they are released.


I smoked a 1998 Montecristo Especial on the drive home and it was simply delightful,mellow yet complex with a perfect draw and gorgeous colorado wrapper.


There will be some other exclusive Havanas available in the next few weeks or so but only to subscribers of my email newsletter 🙂


Another consignment of PL Magnificos is still eagerly awaited and we are hoping to top up our reserve stocks as we rate this as one of the best Havanas of all time.


English market Selection ( EMS) Havanas go through rigorous quality control checks including checking for condition,wrapper colour and of course infestation.Top and bottom layers on each box.


100% of cigars are checked thoroughly by H&F….and then rechecked by C.Gars Ltd….you are guaranteed the finest quality Havanas from the UK market.


Thanks to H&F for the kind hospitality and the cigars to sample…which I shall enjoy immensely 🙂


Peaceful puffing:-)