Monte Sublimes LE…I don’t think so!

Quite a bit of talk on the newsgroups about Montecristo Sublimes limited edition cigars…….”nudge nudge wink wink my cigar merchant has them already and has sent me some” well sorry chaps but you may need to review your source for authenticity.

Hot off the press from my contacts at Hunters and Frankau:

I can confirm that Montecristo Sublimes has not been released into the market by Habanos SA. In fact no cigars of this particular size has been received yet in the Habanos SA warehouse. According to Habanos information the production is expected by May and the first release in June.


At C.Gars Ltd, we expect to have English Market Selection Montecristo Sublimes before the rest of the world so I’ll let you know how a genuine one smokes as soon as I receive it 🙂


So there you have it… if you’re not buying your cigars from a reputable source… you are not likely to be smoking what you think you are.


Peaceful puffing



The perfect way to start the day :-)

Feeling tired and need that little wake up ” zing ” ?!


Here’s what I do after working my usual nightshift 🙂


Partagas shorts


– Cubita Espresso



– Repeat process 🙂


Nothing quite like that Cubita/Partagas combo for a quick pick me up


Works for me !


Incidentally 2007 Party shorts are the best blended in recent memory… highly recommended


Peaceful puffing



Greetings from Sunny London!

Greetings from sunny London 🙂


Looks like the weather is finally turning to sunshine… which I love as I can smoke in the garden or whilst driving with the roof down 🙂 That said, I also smoke at home, after all “an Englishman’s home is his castle” and … I can sample cigars at all of our business premises so…. so far so good dealing with the smoking ban.<lol>


I noticed smokers in droves enjoying their smokes sitting outside all the restaurants and bars near our offices in West Hampstead yesterday at the first sign of some sunshine and more outside decks and smoking areas seem to be springing up all the time which can’t be bad (for us smokers at least)


I’ve just finished building my study in my new house and am using a Smoker Cloaker that has so far lasted me 4 years ! (could this be a record?)


It cleans the air to perfection. I finish my late shift at 3 a.m. Monday to Thursday and my wife swears she can’t smell any smoke by the morning (my wife may well be immune to cigar smoke by now !)


I’ve been selling Csonkas air purifiers for the last 10 years in fact they are one of our best selling accessories. Check them out on this link <blatant sales pitch ! >


For a little additional air cleaning a touch of fragrance I use : it looks good and smells great.


And if you want your home to smell really lovely try my smokers candles fresh Orange flavour….fabulous!


Whilst I’m waiting for my walk in humidor to be built in my wine room ( another 8 weeks…yuk) I decided to test out our new temperature controlled humidor cabinets: I have lost count of how many cigars I have in there now ( mixture of boxes and singles stacked up but must be around 400 + sticks. Looks impressive, works silently and at least I don’t have to worry about temperature problems if we do have a hot summer.


Fraser at my Robert Graham Ltd whisky and cigars stores is doing a ridiculously inexpensive cigar and humidor combo deal for this humidor cabinet but you’ll have to email him for details 🙂 


….oh ! and if you want the perfect Scotch with a smoke try my new Braes of Glenlivet 18 years made exclusively for my company….and if you tell Fraser you’re a C.Gars client…he’ll end you a free miniature with your 70cl order 🙂


Well that’s the news for now except to wish everyone ( as applicable !) a happy Pessach and don’t forget to pre cut your cigars and keep a candle on for lighting your cigars on Sunday ( Yom Tov) 🙂


Peaceful puffing



Buy cigar humidor – cigar storage problems

If you don’t want to worry about the storage of your cigars you have to check this out


I commissioned these fabulous coola’dors to be made for C.Gars Ltd and they are just beautiful and they work too!


Store boxes and/or singles and plenty of them ….but no concerns over summer heat or maintaining humidity.


Limited time offer at special price so save £200 and no more storage problems!


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Long time no blog!

I decided to hold my own “Apalachin” style cigar mafia dinner in sunny Texas
last weekend !…. which took a lot of planning and was of course held at a
secret location 🙂

Cigar connoisseurs from all over the country flew in for the event which was
a great success and enjoyed by all.

A pre herf was attended by the heads of the 5 families and whilst I handed
out some splendid Ramon Allones Belicosos,the attendees followed them with a
selection of rarest of rare 1492’s,1994’s Cubatobacco 25th anniversary
cigars to name a few.

The main event can only be described as a gastronomic delight,I am
salivating at the memory!…

Veuve Cliquot champagne reception….perfect with a cigar of course 🙂

Smoked salmon crostini on fruit bread with capers

Calamari with arrabiata sauce

Ceviche Bianca with mango and avocado

Shrimp cocktail

Lobster cocktail with endive and granny smith apples

Corn and shrimp bisque

Melanzanna Parmigiana

Mozzarella with heirloom tomatoes

Farfala pasta with mushrooms,bolognaise and spring peas

Roasted sea bass with clam broth and spinach

Apple tart and sauce caramel

Petit fours


Accompanied with some delicious wines….Stonestreet Chardonnay Alexander
Valley 2005 and 2005 Chateau St Michelle Cabernet Sauvignon

….and just a few bottles of Chateau Margeaux 1986

The cigar menu included:

Romeo Prince of Wales 1998 Hunters and Frankau vintage Selection ( Thank you
Simon Chase)

Por Larranaga Magnificos ( UK Regional edition)

Ramon Allones Belicosos ( UK Regional edition)

El Rey Del Mundo Vikingos ( Baltic regional edition)

Taboada custom blends

The wining,dining,smoking and great conversation went on till 4 in the
morning !!!…and a great herf was enjoyed by all. I may have to make this
an annual event 🙂

Many thanks to all my friends and clients who attended…looking forward to
seeing you at the next herf 🙂

Click here to check out the photos

Peaceful puffing