Monte Sublimes LE…I don’t think so!

Quite a bit of talk on the newsgroups about Montecristo Sublimes limited edition cigars…….”nudge nudge wink wink my cigar merchant has them already and has sent me some” well sorry chaps but you may need to review your source for authenticity.

Hot off the press from my contacts at Hunters and Frankau:

I can confirm that Montecristo Sublimes has not been released into the market by Habanos SA. In fact no cigars of this particular size has been received yet in the Habanos SA warehouse. According to Habanos information the production is expected by May and the first release in June.


At C.Gars Ltd, we expect to have English Market Selection Montecristo Sublimes before the rest of the world so I’ll let you know how a genuine one smokes as soon as I receive it 🙂


So there you have it… if you’re not buying your cigars from a reputable source… you are not likely to be smoking what you think you are.


Peaceful puffing



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