Weekend Business Five Live!

It was a real pleasure to be a guest on Weekend Business Live on Radio 5 at the BBC this evening.

The show was presented by Jeff Randall of the Daily Telegraph and Ian King,business editor of the Sun.

Nice chaps…especially when I found out they like to smoke the occasional cigar :-) ( I left them with a few to smoke!)

Hope you caught the broadcast ..if not..it’s on their website for a few days http://www.bbc.co.uk/fivelive/listen/ click “Listen again”


Mitchell …cigar connoisseur and radio star ;-)


Pol Roger is a brilliant champagne and totally underrated.1999 is generally thought to be a great vintage,

This is fast becoming my fave champers with a good Havana as the flavours are so delicate,they don’t drown out the flavours of the cigar.

I’m afraid I don’t have the same experience with NV Champagne and find them sharp and bitter tasting in general…ruining the experience of pairing up the cigar with the drink.

I find a good vintage champagne to be soft,round and balanced without any harshness whatsoever.What could be better with a fine cigar? I say no other drink particularly as Champagne is so refreshing on the palate.

Yes,a decent vintage will cost more than a non vintage but as with cigars,I do believe in “drink less …but better” or for that matter best quality.

Cuvee Winston Churchill and Pol Rose 1999 are of course available at very keen prices on my website :-)

…long ashes. :-)


Radio Five Live !

Radio Five Live !

19:00 Sunday 25th Jeff Randall’s Weekend Business
The latest news and features from the world of business and finance.

…and I’ll be interviewed about Havana cigars :-)

I wonder if they let you smoke cigars in Television House???!!!



Lunch in Paris

Lunch in Paris….sounds like a good idea :-)

Bloody awful weather in London…may as well have lunch in Paris instead!

My herfin’ Amigo Zaff ( from The3Amigo’s herfing crew!) and I decided that we were tired of the cold and rain in London so we would hop on Eurostar for the day and suffer the cold and rain in Paris instead :-)

Well fortunately there was no rain and it wasn’t too cold either so Zaff and I arrived in Paris and started searching for friendly cigars shops as we wanted to smoke some of the regional edition Bolivar Libertadors and Juan Lopez Obus.

We experienced excellent attentive service at La Civette and Tabac George V…thanks Guys!

The cigars were better than we could have hoped for…the chunky (Cohiba sublimes) sized Bolivar was a veritable power house that I can only imagine will become better and better as the cigar ages.

The Juan Lopez Obus is a campana sized cigar ( I love this size ) and although young already shows balance and complexity.I think this will become a great Havana.

Made in small quantity in numbered boxes/cabinets in 10’s and 25’s these cigars can only be purchased in France…..I’ve stashed a few in Paris for our annual Paris herf ( the Nomorescots herf crew will enjoy these beauties I’m sure!)

Our friend Arnaud joined us for lunch at Cafe Ruc opposite the Hotel du Louvre and is highly recommended.

Service was impeccable and smoking was permitted.Food was very enjoyable as was the Chateau Beychevelle which worked very well with our cigars.

After lunch we retired to the bar at the Hotel du Louvre and enjoyed Partagas P2’s ( surprise surprise!) before we took the train back to…rainy London)-:



Herfin’ updates

Mews Of Mayfair is the happening nightspot in Town currently…cool places come and go but I think this one is here to last.

Located in Lancashire Mews just off New Bond Street and situated in two converted mews houses over three floors,Mews offers a cocktail bar,lounge and restaurant ( smoking permitted in the bar)

I was surprised to see some old friends at the door who used to work at The Atlantic bar …and had a feeling this place would be cool.

The decor is chic and the service too attentive for words…well done Mews….very impressive.

Food and wine were excellent and the splendid meal was finished off with a bottle of Recioto della Valpolicella 1995…expensive at £95 a bottle but a sublime drink:-)

I have a feeling I’ll be back :-)

Off to my La Casa del Habano this week to restock the shop with some rare Cuban antiques and photos…and herf some with the 3Amigos herf crew.

Happy birthday to my partner Zanetta Wolters ( 2nd February)…21 again ! :-)

Smoking ban looms large for July 1st sadly ( and pathetically) and our herfing friends in Cornwall are planning a “Last Gasp ” herf on the 30th June weekend….should be fun.

Havana Festival time draws near….I’ll be at the Hotel Nacional as ever and am looking forward to the gala Festival dinner on the 2nd March.

Best smoky wishes from freezing London