Forager’s Gin and Snowdonia Distillery

We have brought in some fantastic gin into the shops that are easily some of the best gins that we have ever had. We have brought in 2 bottlings so far, but will be adding more in the future. For the gin lovers out there, these gins are a must try. The freshness and quality is unmatched. I am always excited when we get gins that I have not tried, but the excitement goes through the roof when they turn out to be this good!

They come from Snowdonia Distillery in the North of Wales. I’ll give you a quick rundown of the operation.

  • Founded by the Marshall Family in 2015.
  • The first copper micro-distillery in North Wales after 100 years.
  • Founder and distiller Chris Marshall was an investment manager and professional skier before getting the distilling bug.
  • Chris brought in the best botanists, sensory analysts, master distillers, and master coppersmiths to create the best distillery.
  • Ran by Chris and a small dedicated team passionate for bringing the best spirits.
  • Focused on incorporating the local Welsh nature around them.
  • Hand foraged local botanicals.
  • Six times longer than the normal distilling process that helps release more flavours and capture subtler notes.
  • Limited 5000 bottle run per expression.
  • Have received multiple awards for their gins.
  • Their portfolio includes Forager’s Gin, Marsette Liqueurs, and a yet to be released rum.
  • The botanicals used: Juniper, Sea Buckthorne, Apple, Elderberry, Gorse flowers, and Bell Heather.

I have been so impressed with the two gins we currently have in stock and hope to visit the distillery at some point. We have received the Yellow Gin and Black Gin in stock. Yellow is aromatic floral with autumn fruits, a gin with such finesse that your senses will dance! The long maceration shows up in layers of flavour. The Black is clean, cutting edge, austere sophistication. Juniper driven with hints of rich citric tones from the Sea Buckthorne. The team is amazing at distilling these botanical and pulling out certain flavours!

Grab a bottle or two and we’ll keep you posted when we get new bottlings in from Snowdonia Distillery.



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