I’m Baaaack!

I feel like I have been away for ages! But, I’m back; toned, tanned and into the C.Gars action after 3 weeks in the sunshine :) I love to get away after the physical pain of working like a madman during December but I think this is the first time in many years Karyn and I were actually able to escape the cold January in London and herf in the sunshine. And… we did indeed herf!

Starting off in South Beach and hanging out at Deco Drive cigars on Lincoln every day watching the craziness pass us by whilst enjoying Orchant Seleccion by Oliva, Alec Bradley Prensado and a few Fuente Opus X to get us well chilled and ready for the main event which was a 2 week cruise round the Caribbean.

I’ve been resisting doing a cruise for some years despite most of my friends having enjoyed them already but as Karyn assured me there would be no issues with cigar smoking I decided I was finally old enough to set to sea! The ship was huge and super luxurious and the cigar lounge more than comfortable so I was in good shape for two weeks serious herfing :) We stopped at some beautiful islands, met some fabulous people, enjoyed some super excursions and had plenty of sunshine too. I think this may well have been our first totally non business related trip in memory!

I managed to stay in touch using the ships satellite internet connection which probably cost me more than the actual vacation it was so expensive!

We visited: Eleuthera, very pretty but no cigars. Grand Cayman, excellent cigars at my friend Valerio’s La Casa del Habano. Cozumel, every single cigar was counterfeit and bad ones at that (glass tops, sizes never made etc.!) Costa Maya (as Cozumel – everything fake) St Thomas where I was told it’s against the law to smoke within 25 feet of a building(!) St Martin, Dutch side, plenty of fake cigars. French side – delightful La Casa del Habano with an excellent range of cigars.

I can confirm that I am now an expert at mixing Margaritas and making various different salsa having done a class, although I did manage to escape for a cigar when the dancing part of the class started!

Straight back into the action with a meeting at Hunters & Frankau last week and great to kick off the first new release of the year with the Hoyo Anejados that I saw being boxed at the La Corona factory last November. I smoked them for the first time thanks to H&F and have to say this is my favourite out of the 3 released so far (the others being the Montecristo Churchill and the Romeo Piramides) Rolled 5-8 years ago, the blend is well balanced, sweet, full flavoured, delicate and complex. The construction was perfect and the wrappers smooth and with a good sheen. This will be a very successful smoke for my clients.

Singles and boxes of 25 available, Get them while you can, it’s a limited production!

I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the Montecristo 80th anniversary in the next month. Its overdue (as we are used to!) but no doubt will be well worth the wait.

C.GARS have released another 100 boxes of the fabulous UK 2014 Regional Edition Por Larranaga Sobresalientes but I reckon when this lot are gone that will be the end of the line. They are just the most delicious Havanas.

Also down to our last 300 boxes of Cohiba Robusto Supremo – still online at the low mail order price whilst stocks last.

Very excited that work on our wine room at Turmeaus – Knutsford has just commenced. That’s the final part of the project which completes a very full Turmeaus offering of: cigars, pipes, smokers accessories, spirits, wines and sampling lounge. Who could ask for more?! (Knutsford Photo Gallery below)

Turmeaus – Chester has had a final few tweaks as well with additional cabinet work on the whisky side of the store and increased ‘by the dram’ ranges in both bars. I’m looking forward to getting customer reaction and feedback at the upcoming whisky and cigar tastings.

Turmeaus – Norfolk is busier than ever, possibly because there isn’t another cigar specialist around that I can think of and we have just been granted our alcohol premises licence too which completes my plan to have all Turmeaus licenced for spirits :) Checkout our mouth watering range online.

I’m just waiting for some changes to the cabinets in Turmeaus – Mayfair which should happen any time now so we can better present our lovely product range in this small oasis in the heart of London.

If you like a Scotch with your cigars try a dram or two of Stalla Dhu. Highland and Islay single malt whisky exclusive to C.Gars and created by my business partner Ron Morrison. Its outstanding value for money and pairs up well with a fine Havana.

I’m still battling to keep up with the growth of Inka – Secret Blend cigars from Peru they just seem to get more popular by the week. One or two sizes are sold out yet again but we hope to have another huge import on our shelves very soon.

Michelle and I are now doing the finishing touches on the February 28th Vintage Cigar Auction Lots will be listed online around 8 days before the sale. We have a breath-taking selection of Pre Embargo, Dunhill, Davidoff and other aged and rare cigars being offered by collectors, aficionados and estates. Cigars can be viewed at our London offices and the auction team are always happy to advise and provide condition reports by email Auctions@cgarsltd.co.uk

A warm welcome to our management Team to Roy Price who has joined C.Gars as my personal assistant. A familiar face to many of our clients up North already Roy will sort of be ‘me’ when I’m not there!

Still plenty of time to treat your loved one to something special for Valentines whether its romantic Romeo cigars or a bottle of Champagne, C.Gars online and Turmeaus retail shops will have the ideal gift for you.

Have a smokey week.

Peaceful puffing,


Turmeaus Knutsford Gallery

Turmeaus Tobacconist Knutsford Turmeaus Tobacconist Knutsford
Turmeaus Tobacconist Knutsford Turmeaus Tobacconist Knutsford
Turmeaus Tobacconist Knutsford Turmeaus Tobacconist Knutsford
Turmeaus Tobacconist Knutsford Turmeaus Tobacconist Knutsford


Greetings from C.Gars London office where Laura and I have been having fun putting together our 10 Days, 10 hour Flash Sale which started yesterday. The first offer was an extra discount on our already competitive priced premium spirits which proved to be super popular :)

Today’s Flash sale can be seen on this link – All offers whilst stocks last… and I can tell you they are selling fast!

Last week I zoomed up North to our Turmeaus – Cigar and Whisky shops in Liverpool, Chester and Knutsford and was amazed how busy they were so soon after the holidays. From the many conversations I had with clients it’s clear that a lot of cigars were enjoyed over Christmas and New Years and a lot of humidor stock is now being replenished :) I know my humidor at home took a good bashing over the New Year as friends and I herfed our way through Cohiba Robusto Supremo and 1966 Limited Editions. 2 of my favourite LE’s for sure.

Turmeaus Knutsford is open and operational but not yet completed, we still have a lot of finishing touches including construction of a premium wine room as well as new carpeting for the sampling lounge and quite a few bits and pieces of additional shop-fitting. If all goes to plan the finishing touches will be complete by Mid-February. I spent some time sampling in the lounge and from the amount of clients that came and sampled cigars, I have no doubt about the popularity of this latest Turmeaus. I’m planning some launch events for March and of course our newsletter subscribers will automatically be updated.

On to our super-duper megastore in Chester which includes our gorgeous La Casa del Habano and could well be the biggest if not best cigar and whisky shop in the UK and I was delighted to host a private clients Cuban Davidoff sampling event. The cigars included Davidoff Chateau Margaux, Davidoff Chateau Latour and Davidoff Chateau Yquem. I paired them up with Stalla Dhu Speyside Dalmore 21 year old and Speymalt from Macallan 1973.

I love vintage Davidoff cigars, in fact they are my favourite aged cigars BUT and this is a serious ‘but’ only if they have been stored correctly. 1970’s and 1980’s vintage cigars need to be stored at lower temperature and humidity to slow down the maturing process. If stored the same as regular Havanas they will lose the flavour characteristic but when stored correctly they will continue to slowly mature and they are a sublime smoking experience. Fair to say the pairings worked very well and a rather decadent evening was enjoyed by all.

We’re always happy to put together private sampling events at Chester and Knutsford and can tailor them to individual tastes and budgets. Drop me an email for more details sales@cgarsltd.co.uk

La Casa del Habano – Chester received a fabulous new collection of Havana cigar branded accessories, magnificent ashtrays, humidors, cutters, lighters and baseball caps. They should all be on the website soon. Due to some ridiculous UK laws we can’t sell these items unless you purchase a cigar(s) of the same brand at the same time. Not too difficult I’m sure :)

And talking about ridiculous laws it seems that the completely bonkers TPD2 Tobacco Products Directive is stuffing premium cigar boxes with 65% health warnings from May of this year if I understand the legislation correctly. How sad to cover up the beautiful and ornate cigar box designs. What does it achieve realistically? – NOTHING. Will this stop any of our clients buying a box of cigars? Nope. If you’re one of my regular box buyers you may want to keep your current boxes and decant the 65% ones as they are introduced, That said most of my clients have a humidor or multiple humidors so I doubt anyone is particularly bothered about this latest nanny state BS piece of legislation.

So, I’m wrapping up in the next couple of days and then heading to sunnier climates until February. No Havana cigars for 3 weeks so what do I do???!!! Well the baggie is full of ‘anytime’ smokes:

Orchant Seleccion by Oliva Shorty and Chubby (our fastest selling new New World cigar of 2015)
Inka – Secret Blend Robustos (Rojo) and Half Coronas (still our best-selling New World range)
Alec Bradley Punk (good short full flavour bomb!)
Fuente Short Story (always a solid, reliable smoke)
Nat Sherman Sterling Robusto (my favourite cigar from this wonderful brand)
Davidoff Short Perfectos

That should keep me going till I get back!

If I manage to get a decent internet connection whilst I’m away I’ll do some updates of where I find to herf :)

Have a smokey January!

Peaceful puffing,



CXVEL6cWkAA7eiCRighto, that’s Christmas over with and I hope all of my blog readers enjoyed as decadent a four day break as I did :) Billecart Salmon Champagne and Davidoff Chateau Margaux and 4000 as my treat on Christmas day and copious quantities of Bolivar Belicosos paired up with Robert Graham’s Ailein Mor and Benrinnes 1995 single malt whisky the rest of the time… My kinda Christmas!

Back to the office on Tuesday to a rather astonishing 1500 mail orders which I am pleased to say should all just about arrive on time for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Well done to Eliska in the London warehouse team and James in the Norfolk warehouse team and their staff for keeping up with all of the order volume. It truly took us by surprise (a very nice one!) this year and we will have to assume that our clients are very happy with the service if all the lovely emails received are anything to go by :)

CW_xGmfWMAAICH9Pre-Christmas herfing… I mean working was at Turmeaus – Mayfair. My little Oasis in central London, where I was joined by clients and chums for drinks and smokes last week. Probably best I left the car at home! Best of the cigars was the Diplomaticos no.2 perfectly crafted and very sweet full flavoured.

This week I herfed at Ten Manchester Street; one of my favourite cigar terraces in London, warm and comfortable and always great service. We paired up Glenkinchie with Sancho Panza Belicosos which was a perfect marriage of flavours.

CW8Pui9W8AADEJkAnother year over and I’m already excited for 2016! Our brand new Knutsford Turmeaus is having loads more work done in January including the addition of a wine room which will be a first for a Turmeaus. Our next Vintage Cigar Auction will take place on February 28th, The Cohiba 50th anniversary will be celebrated in Havana in early March and Karyn has my diary crammed full of overseas trips already. It’s going to be a busy year…

I’ll be wrapping up the year at Turmeaus Mayfair on New Year’s Eve and then heading home armed with a baggie full of Cohiba 1966 and Cohiba Robusto Supremo. Suitably large cigars to celebrate our best year ever :) Not wanting to drown out the delicious flavours of the Cohiba, I will be pairing them up with Pol Roger 2002 which should work perfectly.

Next week I’m heading up North again to Turmeaus – Liverpool, Knutsford and Chester and looking forward to sampling some cigars and a few drams with our Turmeaus customers.

Wishing all friends of C.Gars and Turmeaus as well as my fabulous colleagues and our brilliant suppliers a very Happy New Year.

Peaceful puffing.



It’s Christmas Time!

Its definitely Christmas time from the aches and pains in my back after spending a week playing at being a retail cigar merchant at Turmeaus in Liverpool, Chester and Knutsford! I don’t think I can ever remember a busier Christmas season or for that matter a more fun season (aches and pains aside!)

Karyn and I had such a great week at the Turmeaus shops working 15 hour days helping the Team. We are both fairly useless in retail so we helped out filling shelves and packing orders mainly :) whilst sneaking in the odd cheeky cigar and dram now and again!

turmeaus_knutsford_cuban_cigars_giftsThe new Knutsford Turmeaus is open but we still have a month of ‘ finishing touches ‘ to complete which includes a wine room that we are building as well as a lot more imaging and furniture as the premises are in fact far larger than we thought when we originally zoomed past it in the car and decided ‘yup yup – that’s the next Turmeaus’! (call me impulsive!) The lounge is already complete and super comfy. The range of products is 90% complete with an extensive amount of Havana and New World cigars, pipes and tobaccos, single malt whisky, rum, gin, vodka, wine and champagne. The shops features a fabulous range of Dunhill humidors, cutters, case and all other cigars accessories. A great place to visit and herf at for sure :)

Our flagship Chester Turmeaus was busier than a train station at rush hour! Thank goodness we opened the third store just in time! The La Casa del Habano humidor and lounge had queues of customers coming in to buy their Christmas cigars as well as sample many in the lounge. This has to be the largest cigar and whisky specialist store in the UK? A paradise for our clients and it was so wonderful receiving so many compliments from them over the course of the week.

The UK really is a Montecristo market and it never ceases to amaze me how many of these fine cigars we sell to our clients. So, we built a bit of a Montecristo mountain in the La Casa humidor! By the time I had left it was reduced to a mole hill :) I definitely am the king of selling Montecristo!

That said, New World cigars such as Inka – Secret Blend, Oliva and Fuente were also selling like there’s no tomorrow and UK regional editions such as the splendid new Bolivar Belgravia were flying off the shelves.


The addition of the 3rd shop in Chester that specialises in premium spirits has received a very warm welcome and the comfy tub chairs in the bar area were constantly full of clients enjoying single malts and G&T’s. We’re licenced to sell by the dram so you can try before you buy from our extensive whisky list. Very cool…

We now offer super-fast local deliveries in the North in the C.GarsMobile! And we always offer super-fast 2 hour delivery service in London.

We did manage to have a little R&R during the evenings which included our shop fit out supplier dinner at the wonderful ‘Abode’ as well as the Chester Turmeaus Team dinner at the super cool Bar – Lounge loads of Champagne, great food, after dinner cocktails and some great smokes (Davidoff Chateau Margaux 1981) Bar – Lounge is a super place to herf.

I also went over to the two Turmeaus shops in Liverpool where again the customers were queuing to get in to buy their Christmas smokes and drinks. Small specialist shops with a huge range and always a warm welcome. I’m looking forward to expanding substantially in Liverpool in 2016.

C.Gars – London and Norfolk hit a new order shipping record on Monday with over 1000 mail order parcels being shipped! And that was after 24 hour shifts on the weekend and numerous courier and post collections all day, every day. Incredible achievement and well done to the C.Gars Teams. We have the largest stocks in the UK and give the best and fastest service possible. Don’t take my word for it – read what our customers say about us.

So, it’s the last few days till Christmas and after catching up at C.Gars London, I’ll be herfing… Oops I mean working at Turmeaus – Mayfair. Small but cool and with a comprehensive range of premium cigars as well as a comfortable sampling area.

I’m ever so proud of the C.Gars Group, the growth this year has been substantial with two additional Turmeaus shops and record sales. Despite all the anti-tobacco legislation (and rather stupid much of it is) we continue to go from strength to strength. We plan to open more Turmeaus cigar & whisky shops in 2016 and in 2017 we will celebrate the 200th anniversary of Turmeaus Tobacconist Est. 1817; quite a milestone.

Check out the opening times for our shops over the holidays on this link, Turmeaus Chester will even be open on Boxing Day this year! C.Gars Ltd is online and available to assist and advise 24/7 every day of the year.

I’m looking forward to a few days kicking back with a baggie stuffed full of 2007/2010 and 2014 Bolivar Belicosos over the long weekend and a few vintage Davidoff as a ‘pat on the back’ treat after a great year. I’m going to pair them up with some Benrinnes 1995 – 19 year old single malt whisky from Robert Graham Ltd (thank you Steve Johnstone!) and 2002 Pol Roger Champagne (thanks to my favourite cigar merchants, Edward and Eddie!)

Merry Christmas to all of our C.Gars and Turmeaus customers and of course my brilliant C.Gars and Turmeaus Teams.

Peaceful puffing,


Smokey, Sherry Cask Whisky!

Hello whisky and spirit lovers alike! The past couple of months here at Turmeaus Chester have been an amazing and exciting experience! This store truly is a treasure trove of fine cigars and unique whiskies, from a 1960s bottling of Tamdhu to early 1980’s Cuban Davidoff cigars! Whisky has always been my number one passion, so trust me when I say that we carry bottlings that would impress even the most avid connoisseur.

I recently had the honour of attending a Paul John event in London for the release of their new expression BOLD! For those of you who don’t know, Paul John is a New-World whisky distillery based out of India. This was a wonderful event that allowed me to taste their previous lines of Brilliance and Edited. Their whisky is much younger than most traditional Scottish whiskies, as it does not need as much time to mature due to the tremendous heat in India. The night was filled with great authentic Indian food and even better whisky! Definitely keep your eye on these guys, as the whisky they produce is top quality.

Schris_filling_caskpeaking of top quality, I recently had tasted Richard Patterson’s newest Cigar reserve “Corriemhor” which I found to be an incredible dram for the price, fighting in the same circles as his previous Cigar Malt from Dalmore. All that wonderful sherried whisky inspired an idea… Why not age our own cigar malt here in the Casa Del Habano, Chester? What better place to age our own Cigar Malt than a room filled with nothing but the smoke from the finest Cuban cigars in the world? I started with getting my hands on a 2 litre charred  American Oak cask and filling it with Pedro Ximenez sherry and allowing to soak into the cask for 7 days. On Wednesday the 25th of November I emptied the sherry and filled the cask with Single Malt “New Make”, I will let this age in the cigar lounge for 6 months (as a small 2 litre cask will not need as much time to age in a warm environment). Casks tend to pick up the characteristics of its surroundings; I’m dying to know how the cigar smoke will play a role in the flavour of the whisky! If you’re curious as well, make sure to make a note of the date; May 25th 2016… Once released, it won’t last long 😉

Until next week friends,

Puff Proudly,
Sip Sophisticatedly
and enjoy life!

– Chris Morrison

Turmeaus Whisky