Hunters & Frankau Summer Cigar Party

Greetings from sunny and hot London where we are looking forward to Hunters and Frankau’s Summer Cigar Party this evening at  Carlton House Terrace Gardens.


We will be smoking the “new” Hoyo Epicure Especial and H Upmann Magnum 50 and if they are as good as the edicion limitada we are in for a pleasant evening.


We hope to have these new Havanas available in singles,samplers and full boxes very soon at prices to please.


It’s a bit of a mega non stop herfing week for C.Gars having had an office herf yesterday with Tyler and Kirk from he US as well as my dear friend Naka from Japan. We sampled Havana Club Anejo especial,7 year old and 15 year old rum as well as Vigia and paired them up with the fabulous Ramón Allones Belicosos ( exclusive to the UK market)


Tomorrow we have a lunch at Lords cricket ground for the AITS ( association of independent tobacco specialists)


Tough job and all that:-)….


Peaceful puffing





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