Going Going Gone

I should probably be blogging about the 4th July auction as I started with Going going gone but I think it’s even more appropriate for the La Flor de Cano short robustos which could well be the fastest selling Havana cigar I can ever remember.

Only 1200 numbered cabinets have been made as the UK exclusive regional edition. This cigar should have been out in 2009 but it was finally released at a fabulous Hunters and Frankau Summer cigar party last Thursday evening at the Langham hotel. Thankfully it was almost summery weather so the evening went with a swing

Click here for the singles here and here for the cabinets  

No sign of the Partagás Serie E No. 2 as yet- delays from Cuba and in fact we are waiting for the full allocation of Flor de Cano short robustos to arrive still although we are cautiously optimistic that they will arrive in July. So our shipping Team have been busy packing a zillion back order for these great cigars but if you ordered late you may have to wait just a little bit longer for your delivery. Trust me – it’s worth the wait. These cigars are great smokes, floral and almost perfumed in character, mild to medium strength and flavour, perfect construction and silky smooth wrappers.

Instead of the new Partagas Serie E we were given 2 Por Larranaga Regalias de Londres and despite mine having rather bland looking wrappers, they were in fact splendid cigars. Appearances can be deceptive! Another fine UK regional edition.

Yoel Diaz the roller from  Partagas was rolling some great ‘freshies’ to some great background Cuban music from the band. I still have a few of his cigars available from when Yoel recently rolled at our London office    

Simon Chase gave a speech about the history of the La Flor de Cano brand but sadly I couldn’t hear much as a lot of people were umm rather loud and drowned him out ( maybe they had drank too much champers?!)

Armed with our baggies of LFDC’s I zoomed over to the Lanesborough with 8 cigars smoking pals for some Tatinger and dinner on the cigar terrace till…..rather late

Next morning and it was off to New York to have a change of pace and enjoy some Fuente Opus X with my American chums doing the usual Friday herf at Grand Havana Room Saturday night crawl to Carnegie Club and then Club Macanudo- very civilized indeed. I may have to move to New York as it’s a seriously cigar friendly city.

…and now for the rest of the news ☺

Tomorrow evening I’m doing a cigar tasting ( with some whisky so I am told) at the fabulous Boisdale Canary Wharf  I think Ranald told me it would be Hoyo Epicure 1’s- nice choice,always a reliable corona gorda

We finally signed our deal for our new Mayfair Turmeaus Tobacconist shop last week and the builders should start work on it next month with a planned opening late August. Our Robert Graham clients who remember Lawrence from when he worked with us up in our Scottish cigar stores will be pleased to hear that he has crossed the border and will be setting up the Mayfair cigar store, working there for a while before he becomes our new Operations Manager. Welcome back Lawrence. 

Oh and we have our Summer cigar auction on Monday 4th July which should be a memorable evening starting off with a whisky and cigar tasting, auction and then dinner with some great music. Viewings of auction Lots this Friday all day as well as Sunday 1-5 pm. More details on the auction website

Peaceful puffing


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