Office herfing :-)

 Part of my duties as head of the sales Team is sampling and there can be no finer sampling experience that an office herf with some friends from overseas who had not yet tried some of our great Havanas
Yesterday, Rob and friends from Boston popped into the office for a few drams of our cigars malt which seemed to go down very well 🙂 and sampled the new Cohiba Behike 52 followed by the heavier bodied UK regional Punch Serie D’Oro no.1. Fairly certain that we were all in agreement that the scotch worked very well with the cigars 🙂
Our Cain launch event on the 14th June  is now well and truly sold out – we expect the cigars to sell out pretty fast too. You can pre order them now on this link 
Last few La Gloria Cubana Deliciosos (Cuban regional edition) available now singles and full jars. Sweetest blend I can remember for a long time. Email for details
I’m off to New York to herf with friends for the next week and promote the fabulous range of Oliva cigars as non-Cubans go we really rate these cigars.
Peaceful puffing