The Spirit world….and smokes too :-)

Tuesday: lunch with friends at Langans…good food,wine and spirits,service, ambience and smokes…went through my usual combo 1 BBF followed by 1 RAB followed by a Partagas P2 . No matter what day I go to Langans,it’s always busy and it’s always buzzy very relaxed afternoon but had to zoom off early as Karyns committee was having a charity clairvoyant evening.

Well done Karyn and co. for raising a few thousand Pounds for your charity.Many did not find the Clairvoyant very amusing…… I did though as I had been in the spirit world for the whole afternoon already.Actually he was not that good as I asked him to hook me up with Zino Davidoff and he was unable to…..C’est la vie…. He looked like he should make contact with a dietician and perhaps my tailor.

Wednesday I was invited to “The last Smokers Luncheon” organized by AITS ( The Association of Independent Tobacco Specialists) at the Landmark Hotel.

Chairman Mike Davies ( of Frederick Tranter….jolly good cigar merchants ) made a welcoming speech,Gordon Bridges of the Tobacco Trade Benevolent Association held the raffle that raised some £1000’s for charity and the guest speaker was Boris Johnson M.P. who,if one could understand him ( he talks rather fast) was one of the funniest people I have ever listened to in my life.he was seriously hysterically funny!

The lunch was rather good and many of us moved on to The Cricketers off Baker street for drinks and smokes.The Cricketers has a pleasant outdoor smoking area that will be made good use of after the ban commences no doubt. Thanks to my partner Michael Adler of Cadogan for the kind invitation.

1 week to go till the smoking ban in England….but are we bothered?

Well, yes actually we are…. as the law is quite pathetic,tarring cigar smokers with the same brush as cigarette smokers.

Risks of smoking a fine Havana?….sure ,you may well fall over you are so relaxed :-)

I gather many restaurants will be offering outdoor smoking areas and no doubt we will provide a full list on the website in due course.

Roll on global warming I say !…what jolly good timing.Perhaps we should all get aerosols out and knock out a bit more of the ozone layer to warm up all us outdoor smokers !

Next Saturday evening I shall be attending “The Last Gasp” herf in Falmouth organized by my dear friend Andy Connew.

Together with around 100 fellow cigar smokers including members of ClubHavana, we shall enjoy a splendid meal,the best Havanas compliments of C.Gars Ltd and Hunters and Frankau and some delicious libations no doubt.

We’ll also be smoking a good stogie in memory of our friend Robert Duff who sadly passed away recently.Our thoughts go out to his family.

Cohiba maduros available to order now.

Shipping to clients outside the UK this week and inside the UK on July the 6th following the Hunters and Frankau launch on the 5th July. The cigars look quite magnificent and the ones I have already tried were very very good indeed.

Bolivar Gold Medals expected next month.Boxes of 10 for sale outside UK only ( sorreee !).Email with expressions of interest fast please as no doubt they will all be pre ordered in the next 15 seconds.

Montecristo Reserva,Partagas Replica and Upmann book humidor all expected later this year ( I reckon September’ish) so lots of good stuff still to come including PL Magnificos in September of course…the cigar that I am living for this year!

It seems to be vintage cigar season for me with new “old ” stuff arriving almost every day.If you’re looking for anything in particular email me as most of the aged cigars that come in….go straight out to clients who have an established wish list with C.Gars Ltd.

Well,it’s a Sunday garden herf at my house assuming we have a little sunshine followed by a wine and cigar tasting at the office Monday afternoon…seems like a civil way to start my working week :-) Guest cigar smoker is Brian Ebbesen ( previously of Christies currently of Ellistons Fine Wines) Brian will be zipping over in his Ferrari no doubt and leaving ….by taxi.

Have a smokey weekend :-)