Cubita coffee & Punch Serie D’Oro – Thank you

TGIF ! it’s been a long week as Michelle has been on vacation and I returned to day shifts managing the business which was quite a shock to me as I am used to working late shifts! My thanks to Cubita coffee and the fabulous UK regional exclusive Punch Serie D’Oro no.1 for helping me through the week 🙂 Michelle is back on Monday. I think we’ll throw an office herf to celebrate 🙂

We finally had the new Montecristo Open range released by Hunters and Frankau in the UK market on Tuesday and have been staggered by the success of this new cigar. Light and fresh flavours that are a perfect entry level Havana cigar for the novice.

Royal Mail decided to hold a strike on Tuesday and Wednesday in our area probably to see if their service could actually get any worse. We managed to switch to courier delivery for 90% of your orders so hopefully none of our customers experienced too much delay.

On Tuesday we had our Annual General Meeting at the lovely Browns Hotel in Mayfair and our Finance director Martin Hughes was delighted to announce that we had our best year ever. So, thanks to all our clients as well as my sales team. Looks like this year will exceed expectations if the last few months are anything to go by

Is there really a recession going on? I know I read about it in the papers but the centre of London seems to be busier than I can ever remember with crowded shops and restaurants day and night. Seems that people (well my clients at least) are enjoying their cigars and scotch more than ever. Robert Graham Ltd, my whiskey business in Scotland tell me they are busier than ever and what’s the best selling line? our own exclusive single malt of course ! Perfect with a fine Havana.

I’ll be zooming off to Scotland next Wednesday for a long lunch with my partner Ron Morrison as we are planning our next exclusive Robert Graham cask release. If you are in Glasgow or Edinburgh,pop in and have a wee dram with me.

La Casa del Habano- Hamburg expects to have the new German regional fairly soon and they sound very promising checkout Christophs blog on our website

As we say in the cartoons….that’s all folks!

Have a smokey weekend

Peaceful puffing


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