Boisdale Bishopsgate

I seem to have got the work balance right on Thursday having spent around 2 hours in the office examining some vintage Davidoff that we were valuing for a client and then headed off for a business lunch meeting with C.Gars Ltd Chairman David Moss……5 hours later our meeting was at a close as was my days work :-)

Boisdale restaurants are in Belgravia and Bishopsgate and I have been going there for years.

I was surprised to recently read some lousy reviews on a website as I have always found Boisdale to serve good food and offer good service.Of course they are cigar friendly so 10/10 from me ….Boisdale gets my vote:-)

David and I discussed business,smoked P.2’s,drank rather copious amounts of wine,ate some delicious food and rated our favourite cigars of the year which are :

Partagas P2

Montecrsito Edmundo

Bolivar Belicosos Fionos

Montecristo no.2

Partagas SD4

David and I enjoy a similar cigar rotation so it’s interesting to share tasting notes

I hope David enjoyed lunch as much as I did….we have to do this every month!:-)…all in the best interest of the business of course:-)



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