Continuing the balance in my week :-) …. 2 hours in the office Friday morning and off to lunch with good friends Tom and Joel.

Malmaison in Charterhouse street was the choice and a very good one it is too.

The bar area is cigar friendly and they even have a decent stocked humidor ( just in case you forget to bring your own!)

Food and service as well as ambience was first rate which ensures I’ll be coming back soon :-)

Smoked a Dom Perignon from 1986 whilst I was cruising home in traffic….I was oblivious to the traffic,the smoking experience was sublime.

When these cigars are “on” they really are something quite special.Don’t believe all the B.S. you read about them being past their prime….the secret is all in the storage!!!! If they have been correctly looked after …stored colder and more dry,these cigars have plenty of life in them yet.

….at last the weekend ( after a tough week!) Karyn’s busy as usual cooking a 5 course meal for me ( she is a fantastic cook!)…..I’m planning to re-start my diet on Monday

Have a great weekend.



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