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Kendal Pipe Tobacco Roll Twist Black XXX (Loose)
Date Added: Saturday 28 April, 2018
This is my first rope tobacco as Im a relative new comer to the world of pipe smoking having moved over from cigars. I am a bit of a puffer with a pipe which can cause problems with aromatics and certain types which get quite hot. This however I found a cool and satisfying smoke. I order a sample first as I wasnt sure if it would be my cup of tea. On opening the pouch I was greeted with a a dark rope which almost resembled a large cigar in its thickness but squashed and more compressed. It has a smokey smell and also a slight vinegar smell (not unpleasant). I cut off a few slices which fell apart on the cutting board. I decided to break them apart by hand and then chopped the pipe into smaller pieces and began to pack my pipe. Once filled I realised I had packed it too tight for a sufficient draw and repacked again ensuring I had an easy draw through the pipe. I repacked about 3/4 of my original packing when reloading the pipe and lit it up. It took a bit longer than loose tobacco to light but when going it only required a few re-lights through the whole bowl. It is a smokey flavou
Kendal C Cream Medium Flake Pipe Tobacco (Loose)
Date Added: Tuesday 03 April, 2018
A medium flake, the pouch note i found a tad disappointing, faint cherry scent, i didnt pick up any caramel, it rubs out easily, packs and lights well, upon smoking that initial disappointment fades away, this stuff is lovely! Sweet cherry taste, not much caramel mind you, the room note is amoungst the best around. Cracking smoke.
Kendal Westmorland Slices Broken Flake Pipe Tobacco (Loose)
Date Added: Tuesday 03 April, 2018
Lovely dark ebony broken flake, pouch note is very smoky and rich, there is to me a hint of smokey bacon! Akin to that powerhouse mac baren bold kentucky, this is nowhere near as strong though, but still a mighty smoke. Rubs out and lights easily, the taste is rich and satisfying, lakeland essence is there, but not as much as coniston cut plug, this is right up my street and a wonderful smoking experiance!
Kendal Coniston Cut Plug Pipe A Blend (Aromatic) Tobacco (Loose)
Date Added: Thursday 22 March, 2018
The pouch note is of raisins, dark chocolate and a smidge of alcohol, the lakeland floral notes are there also, this dark cut plug is a tobacco of full body and STRENGTH! Burns well, flavours are rich and floral, sure to give you the nic hics! Not to everybodys taste, personally i think its wonderful, no suprise that this historic blend has stood the test of time, perfect 5/5 for me.
Kendal Bobs C Medium Flake Pipe Tobacco (Loose)
Date Added: Wednesday 14 March, 2018
A very high quality rich brown flake, pouch note is of milk chocolate, rubs out very well, not too moist, perfect, this isnt at all a overly sweet smoke, almost savoury! A definate chocolate taste is there though, the room note is gorgeous, a real treat and a perfect moisture free delight. Lovely stuff 10/10!
Kendal Bosun Cut Plug Pipe Tobacco (Loose)
Date Added: Sunday 04 March, 2018
An outstanding tobacco, high quality cut plug of medium/strong strength, easy to rub out, pouch note is very floral and spicy, lights easily and burns well, it has a floral taste, geranium, rose? Highly perfumed, which i really enjoy, the room note is extremely pleasant, definately in my top 5 all time favourites, take your time and enjoy, a very relaxing, slow burning plug, beautiful!
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