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Personalised Cigar Bands

We are now offering you the chance to customise your very own cigar bands, whether you need them for a birthday, anniversary or wedding we will be able to do it. Choose your style and colour of the band (gold or silver). Tell us what you want done (see samples and templates below), we'll send yo...

Wednesday 12 May, 2021

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Luxury Brands

The dictionary definition of luxury is a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense. We define it as enjoying your favourite cigar with top quality and beautiful accessories, this is why we have launched our new luxury brands page. You will find incre...

Friday 26 March, 2021

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The Perfect Strawberry & Whisky Lemonade

Strawberry & Whisky Lemonade   This easy and refreshing strawberry cocktail is perfect for those warmer weather days! A sweet and refreshing whisky cocktail drink with homemade strawberry simple syrup. As the weather is getting warmer and the nights are drawing out. I want to ...

Thursday 25 March, 2021

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Belgian Casa Del Tabaco conquers England

Dominique Gyselinck and Frédéric Dechamps are building a European group of boutiques specializing in luxury Cuban, New World and Benelux cigars. The couple of Belgian entrepreneurs behind the Casa Del Tabaco cigar chain take over C. Gars Limited, the leading British luxury boutique,...

Wednesday 24 March, 2021

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Inca Secret Blend Red

These cigars are hand rolled using 100% Peruvian long filler leaves.  Made with 100% Peruvian tobacco in Tarapoto Peru. The tobacco is aged and the flavours as a result are sweet.  Each cigar is quality controlled at the factory to ensure ech smoke is well constructed, easy to draw a...

Monday 22 March, 2021


Tomatin Five Virtues

Since 1897 Tomatin has been combining soft mountain water with local barley, introducing it to copper stills and then maturing in oak casks, collecting all of nature's elements in one. Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. In tribute to nature's elements, Tomatin created 6000 bottles for each ...

Saturday 20 March, 2021

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Drew Estate Orchant Seleccion Knockouts

We are proud to introduce you to The Orchant Seleccion by Drew Estate cigars which are exclusive to CGars Ltd & Turmeaus Tobacconists. The blend has been carefully selected by Mitchell Orchant & the Drew Estate blending team and the cigars are hand crafted at Drew Estate’s Gran Fabr...

Sunday 14 March, 2021


Alec Bradley Orchant Seleccion

Following on from the pre-release cigars which were greatly received at the launch events across the Turmeaus locations in late 2017. The cigars have been ready since early May 2017 but have been resting in Honduras until they are of absolute optimum smoking condition.  The blend is a ma...

Saturday 13 March, 2021


Inca Secret Blend Reserva D’Oro

Pelo D'Oro is an exceptionally difficult leaf to successfully grow as it is susceptible to blue mould disease however we have managed to harvest enough grade A leaf at Tabacalera del Oriente in Peru to blend a remarkably sweet, full flavour, complex, premium cigar that we believe is on...

Friday 12 March, 2021



Macanudo was originally the name of a front mark produced in Guatemala by the makers of the Cuban brand of Punch. In 1971, General Cigar, which had acquired rights to the name outside of Cuba, introduced a completely distinct Macanudo as a brand unto itself. Developed in Jamaica under the leadership...

Thursday 11 March, 2021


CAO Flathead Big Block 770

 Go Big or Go Home with the massive 7x70 CAO Flathead Big Block 770  Inspired by hot rods and pin-up girls, CAO Flathead is a box-pressed collection that hits on all cylinders.  Hand-shaped to deliver a striking flat top, the cigar features a brawny Connecticut Broadlea...

Wednesday 10 March, 2021


Oliva Orchant Seleccion

Exclusive to C.Gars Ltd and Turmeaus.  This cigar is the result of collaboration between Mitchell Orchant, Tor Imports and Oliva to produce a uniquely blended Oliva cigar tailored to meet Mitchell’s high standards and the UK cigar smokers palate; all at affordable prices! You ca...

Tuesday 09 March, 2021


Plasencia Orchant Seleccion Telica Toro

The Plasencia Orchant Seleccion Telica Toro is a limited release line with only 375 boxes of 8 cigars (3000 sticks) available exclusive to CGars Ltd & Turmeaus.  These cigars are produced by the world-renowned Plasencia family, the largest producer of tobacco in Central Ame...

Monday 08 March, 2021


History of Peterson Pipes

In 1873 German immigrant Frederick Kapp received a prize medal for his efforts at the London International Exhibition for his craft, one year later he moved from London to Dublin in Ireland where he opened a new tobacco and pipe shop. Frederick was well known for making and selling pipes crafted out...

Saturday 06 March, 2021

Pipes & Tobacco

Beginners Guide to New World Cigars!

Welcome to the wonderful world of new world cigars! Now I know that it can be very intimidating to walk in to a large humidor and be blown away by the sheer volume of shapes, sizes, lengths, and wrapper colours. So here are my top tips for all you beginners as you venture on this journey of di...

Monday 15 February, 2021

New to Cigars

The Perfect Whisky Glass

Having a sip of your favourite whisky, enjoying all of the different flavours splashing your tongue, could anything make that moment any nicer? Actually yes! Did you know having the perfect whisky glass can enhance the flavours and aromas you have?  Whisky glasses are specifically design...

Saturday 09 January, 2021

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Learn with Lewis - Cohiba

    As an apprentice, my role is extremely varied within the business here at C.Gars Ltd. I am extremely interested in the cigars, whisky and other products we have to offer and enthusiastic to learn about them. Follow me along on this learning...

Friday 23 October, 2020

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Learn with Lewis - Bolivar

    As an apprentice, my role is extremely varied within the business here at C.Gars Ltd. I am extremely interested in the cigars, whisky and other products we have to offer and enthusiastic to learn about them. Follow me along on this learning...

Saturday 17 October, 2020

Cigar Articles

Learn with Lewis - Davidoff

    As an apprentice, my role is extremely varied within the business here at C.Gars Ltd. I am extremely interested in the cigars, whisky and other products we have to offer here, and enthusiastic to learn about them. Follow me along on this learning journey, as I take y...

Tuesday 13 October, 2020

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Virtual Cigar School

Cigar school, Wow, who knew that the processes of the humble Tobacco leaf to a finished cigar was so involved and complex. The process of growing the tobacco plant itself is complex, the grade of the earth needs to be of good quality and needs to be prepared before planting can begin. The ear...

Saturday 10 October, 2020

Cigar Articles

Key West Legal Rum Distillery

CGars Ltd has been appointed the UK & EU importer and distributor for Key West First Legal Rum Key West First Legal Rum Distillery is Key West's first legal rum distillery since Prohibition - Created by Paul Menta and Tony Mantia in 2012. One common task shared by rum Distillers...

Wednesday 23 September, 2020

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Bowmore: Islay's first licensed distillery

In 1779 a local merchant, John Simpson established the Bowmore distillery although local knowledge suggests distilling actually started almost 10 years prior. In 1837 the Mutter family led by twins William and James purchased the distillery from the Simpson family. After 50 years of owning the B...

Tuesday 15 September, 2020

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The Dalmore Rivers Collection

Water is taken for granted on our planet, with no water there is no life on earth which means no great tasting whisky! Of all the different elements in whisky the most important is water however it is also the most vulnerable to exploitation. In scotland the main rivers otherwise known as the big fo...

Thursday 20 August, 2020

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Travel Humidors... Perfect for the adventurer

  Travel Humidors are ideal if you are constantly on the move, frequently travelling/commuting to different locations or simply want a portable compact product to add to your collection. Each of our humidors comes complete with Humidor Starter Pack which includes: * Cigar Cutter * ...

Wednesday 19 August, 2020

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