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Beginners Guide to New World Cigars!

Welcome to the wonderful world of new world cigars! Now I know that it can be very intimidating to walk in to a large humidor and be blown away by the sheer volume of shapes, sizes, lengths, and wrapper colours. So here are my top tips for all you beginners as you venture on this journey of di...

Monday 15 February, 2021

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Have you got the Golden Bottle?

Buy Foragers Clogau Reserve 2020 today, and if you receive 1 of 3 extra special bottles with a Golden speckled wax seal, you win the rest of the award-winning range worth over £120, thanks to our friends @ Foragers Gin Buy Now - http://bit.ly/3jHZ7KR

Friday 12 February, 2021

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The Perfect Whisky Glass

Having a sip of your favourite whisky, enjoying all of the different flavours splashing your tongue, could anything make that moment any nicer? Actually yes! Did you know having the perfect whisky glass can enhance the flavours and aromas you have?  Whisky glasses are specifically design...

Saturday 09 January, 2021

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Learn with Lewis - Cohiba

    As an apprentice, my role is extremely varied within the business here at C.Gars Ltd. I am extremely interested in the cigars, whisky and other products we have to offer and enthusiastic to learn about them. Follow me along on this learning...

Friday 23 October, 2020

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Learn with Lewis - Bolivar

    As an apprentice, my role is extremely varied within the business here at C.Gars Ltd. I am extremely interested in the cigars, whisky and other products we have to offer and enthusiastic to learn about them. Follow me along on this learning...

Saturday 17 October, 2020

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Learn with Lewis - Davidoff

    As an apprentice, my role is extremely varied within the business here at C.Gars Ltd. I am extremely interested in the cigars, whisky and other products we have to offer here, and enthusiastic to learn about them. Follow me along on this learning journey, as I take y...

Tuesday 13 October, 2020

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Virtual Cigar School

Cigar school, Wow, who knew that the processes of the humble Tobacco leaf to a finished cigar was so involved and complex. The process of growing the tobacco plant itself is complex, the grade of the earth needs to be of good quality and needs to be prepared before planting can begin. The ear...

Saturday 10 October, 2020

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Key West Legal Rum Distillery

CGars Ltd has been appointed the UK & EU importer and distributor for Key West First Legal Rum Key West First Legal Rum Distillery is Key West's first legal rum distillery since Prohibition - Created by Paul Menta and Tony Mantia in 2012. One common task shared by rum Distillers...

Wednesday 23 September, 2020

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Bowmore: Islay's first licensed distillery

In 1779 a local merchant, John Simpson established the Bowmore distillery although local knowledge suggests distilling actually started almost 10 years prior. In 1837 the Mutter family led by twins William and James purchased the distillery from the Simpson family. After 50 years of owning the B...

Tuesday 15 September, 2020

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The Dalmore Rivers Collection

Water is taken for granted on our planet, with no water there is no life on earth which means no great tasting whisky! Of all the different elements in whisky the most important is water however it is also the most vulnerable to exploitation. In scotland the main rivers otherwise known as the big fo...

Thursday 20 August, 2020

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Travel Humidors... Perfect for the adventurer

  Travel Humidors are ideal if you are constantly on the move, frequently travelling/commuting to different locations or simply want a portable compact product to add to your collection. Each of our humidors comes complete with Humidor Starter Pack which includes: * Cigar Cutter * ...

Wednesday 19 August, 2020


Different Cigar Wrapper Types

The wrapper leaf on a cigar is probably the most important leaf involved in the process. They need to be large enough to bind the cigar together neatly and attractive enough to tempt you to smoke the cigar! Wrapper leaves are also responsible for the majority of the total flavour the cigar has to of...

Sunday 09 August, 2020

Cigar Articles

Orchant Seleccion Cigars

Orchant Seleccion cigars are our pride and joy, you won’t find these cigars anywhere else in the UK other than C.Gars online and Turmeaus cigar shops. Mr Orchant conducts extensive blend samplings to select the perfect size, shape, strength and flavour profile for our clients. Each cigar is co...

Thursday 06 August, 2020


Large Capacity Humidors.. For those who need extra space!

Humidors come in a vast range of sizes and styles. For those who need extra space to store their larger range of cigars we have a great range of humidors here at C Gars to choose from. Our large capacity humidors start at 100 cigars and go up to units large enough to hold over 3000 cigars! We stock ...

Saturday 01 August, 2020


V Cut VS Straight Cut - What’s The Difference?

Cigar Cutters are an important piece of equipment to all cigar smokers. The cut style you choose is completely down to personal preference. The main two cutter styles are V Cut and Straight Cut. Read on for more details on the difference between the two... A V-Cut cutter cuts a wedge out of ...

Tuesday 28 July, 2020

New to Cigars


The Punch brand was first registered in 1840 by a German named Stockmann and named after the puppet show character, Mr. Punch (not the magazine, which was created a year later). The brand quickly became a success, especially in Great Britain. A change in ownership in 1884, when the brand was purchas...

Saturday 25 July, 2020


Quai d'Orsay

The Quai d'Orsay brand was created by Cubatabaco in 1973 for the French state tobacco monopoly, SEITA, and was blended with French tastes in mind, being a milder brand. There are a few competing stories as to what the marque's name refers to: one is that it is referring simply to the famous ...

Saturday 25 July, 2020


The Perfect Gift - Cigar Samplers

A cigar sampler would make the perfect gift for that cigar lover in your life. Too often people can become stuck in a routine of the same cigars day in day out, they find a brand that they love and stick to what they know. Gifting someone special a cigar sampler could open their senses to a bran...

Friday 24 July, 2020

Gift Ideas

Competition Entry - Adorini Chianti Deluxe Rosewood Cigar Humidor Prize

Congratulations to G. Rossi! The proud owner of the beautiful  Adorini Chianti Deluxe Rosewood Cigar Humidor!   If you would like to be a winner like G. Rossi  all you have to do is enter one of our raffles for the chance to win. All raffles cost just £1 click he...

Tuesday 21 July, 2020

Raffle Winners

What's the difference? Soft Flame vs Jet Flame Cigar Lighters

A flame lighter is essentially the device that cigar smokers use for lighting up their cigars. There are two types available from Soft to Jet.   Soft flame lighters produce a flame that’s soft and these flame lighters usually don’t work perfectly where ...

Tuesday 21 July, 2020

New to Cigars


In 1845 Don Jaime Partagás y Ravelo Established his own factory, in Havana (later relocated to Calle Industria), Don Jaime owned many of the best plantations in the Vuelta Abajo tobacco-growing region of Cuba. Don Jaime's ability to choose from among the finest tobaccos on the island, and...

Saturday 18 July, 2020


Por Larranaga

Por Larranaga was formed by Ignacio Larranaga in 1834 and by the closing stages of the 19th Century had become a very revered and popular brand by producing cigars of both affordable and expensive price ranges. The first factory to make machine made cigars was owned by Por Larranaga in 1925. This wa...

Saturday 18 July, 2020



In July 1935, Alonso Menéndez purchased the Particulares Factory, makers of the popular Particulares brand and the lesser-known Byron. Immediately after its acquisition, he created a new brand named Montecristo. The name for the brand was inspired by the Alexandre Dumas novel The Count of ...

Saturday 04 July, 2020


Dunhill Pipes – The Best High Grade Pipes Available

Alfred Dunhill was an English tobacconist, entrepreneur and inventor. He opened his first tobacconist store in London in 1907 where he offered a unique service blending tobacco specifically for each of his individual clients. His pipe range was originally sourced from independent pipe makers, but as...

Sunday 14 June, 2020

Pipes & Tobacco
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