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The Missouri Meerschaum Company

In 1869 a Dutch immigrant woodworker called Henry Tibbe began the production of a corn cob pipe, little did he know that he would change the city of Washington in the state of Missouri forever. Legend has it that a local farmer whittled a pipe out of a corn cob and liked it so much he asked Henry to...

Friday 02 July, 2021

To use a pipe filter or not? That is the question

  There are a number of pros and cons when deciding on whether you will be using a pipe filter when you smoke or not. Below we will be looking at the advantages and disadvantages of using filters and the different kinds of pipe filters for if you do decide to use one.   Wh...

Tuesday 22 June, 2021

History of Peterson Pipes

In 1873 German immigrant Frederick Kapp received a prize medal for his efforts at the London International Exhibition for his craft, one year later he moved from London to Dublin in Ireland where he opened a new tobacco and pipe shop. Frederick was well known for making and selling pipes crafted out...

Saturday 06 March, 2021

Dunhill Pipes The Best High Grade Pipes Available

Alfred Dunhill was an English tobacconist, entrepreneur and inventor. He opened his first tobacconist store in London in 1907 where he offered a unique service blending tobacco specifically for each of his individual clients. His pipe range was originally sourced from independent pipe makers, but as...

Sunday 14 June, 2020

Why We Love Pipe Tobacco Samplers

Whether you’re a new pipe smoker or an experienced puffer on the hunt for something new, the range of pipe tobacco is simply mindboggling with hundreds of different tobaccos available. That’s why pipe tobacco samplers are such a handy idea; rather than committing to a full 50g tin or pou...

Thursday 09 April, 2020

Pipe Tobacco Subscription

  If you are a beginner to Pipe smoking or love to try new and different tobaccos, our pipe tobacco Subscription is great news to you. With our idea of sending you different and popular pipe tobaccos with a selection of flavours each month. This way you get to try some tobaccos you may no...

Thursday 27 February, 2020

One of Our Best-Selling Pipe Tobacco Brands American Blends

American Blends is produced by Gawith Hoggarth, a pipe tobacco manufacturer established in the mid 1800’s. They produce all their tobacco using the finest raw materials and to this date they still use the same traditional method in their production, and in some cases they use the original mach...

Thursday 06 February, 2020

A Guide to Different Pipe Shapes and Materials

There is a large range of pipe shapes available on the market worldwide, and there can sometimes be a little discrepancy between pipe makers and smokers as to the shape names. In this guide I will focus on the most popular English shapes that are commonly smoked throughout the world. We stock a huge...

Wednesday 04 December, 2019

Guide To Pipe Tobacco

Guide to Pipe Tobacco Finding the right pipe tobacco for you can seem like a daunting task. There is such a wide variety of tobacco on the market today. In this guide we will break down the different types and hopefully give a helping hand as to where to start!   Virginia Tobacco Th...

Friday 11 October, 2019

Guide To Pipes

There is such a wide variety of pipes available on the market, and making this decision shouldn’t be entered into lightly. Here you will find a brief description of the most common types of pipe, highlighting their origin and information that you will find useful in making your selection. Once...

Friday 11 October, 2019

Artisan Pipes

Artisan Italian Pipes are made completely by hand using only the best pieces of briar; each one is completely unique.  Only a limited number of pipes can be produced each year by these highly skilled, passionate craftsmen. The time, skill and craft which goes into creating these stunning ...

Friday 05 July, 2019

Beginners Guide to Vaping

What do I need to start vaping? Device (vaporiser)Vaping devices come in a variety of colours and shapes dependent on their specific uses. Some look like traditional cigarettes while others might resemble a pen, a tube, a box, or other forms; however they all serve the same purpose. ...

Thursday 02 August, 2018

Tobacco Cut Guide

Welcome to the 'Tobacco Cut Guide', the objective of this guide is to walk through the various types of pipe tobacco 'cuts' and will be explaining the differences between each type as well as the advantages and disadvantages over each method in an easy to read guide,this will help identify whic...

Saturday 17 February, 2018

Top 10 Pipe Tobaccos of 2017

This year we have seen pipe tobacco become more popular than ever. Even with all of the new horrible packaging meaning the health warnings cover most of your tin or pouch. Let us know what your favourite pipe tobaccos were by posting on our Facebook page. So, take a look at our list below,...

Wednesday 31 January, 2018

The Art Of Pipe Smoking

Pipe smoking is the practice of tasting (or, more uncommonly, inhaling) the smoke, produced by burning a substance, most commonly tobacco, in a pipe. It is the oldest traditional form of smoking. A number of Native American cultures have pipe-smoking traditions, which have been part of their culture...

Thursday 11 January, 2018

Pipe 101 Basics

Welcome to 'Pipe 101 Basics', the objective of this guide is to talk through several important aspects of pipe smoking and is aimed to help beginners that are interested starting the hobby and interest of pipe smoking.This guide will provide useful information which even the advanced and experi...

Friday 24 November, 2017


The Ultimate Guide to Good Pipe Tobacco Alsbo, Peter Stokkebye, W O. Larsen, Orlik and Virginia Special Light are made by Orlik Tobacco Company A/S of Denmark Raw Tobaccos and Grades Most pipe tobaccos are composed of several different kinds of raw tobacco, and in each raw tobac...

Thursday 10 August, 2017

How To Smoke A Pipe

Welcome to 'How To Smoke a Pipe', the objective of this guide is to talk through several important aspects of pipe smoking and is aimed to help beginners that are interested starting the hobby and interest of pipe smoking.This guide will provide useful information which even the advanced and ex...

Thursday 20 July, 2017

Good reasons to smoke a pipe

Pipe smoking is an art that takes years of dedication and thought (you really need to know what you are smoking). The ritual of filling, lighting and smoking your pipe takes patience, don't worry you will eventually keep it lit... but it will take time. Over a period of time, you will start to deve...

Thursday 09 March, 2017

Top 10 Pipe Tobaccos 2016

It's been a great year for pipe tobaccos here at C.Gars Ltd with us creating more blends and continuing to build our stocks of pipe tobacco.Lets look back at the top ten tobaccos for C.Gars this year.Great flavours, cool smokes and interesting aromas have been the main hub of tobaccos for this year....

Tuesday 17 January, 2017
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