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History of Savinelli Pipes

In the centre of Milan, near the famous Piazza Duomo, is a small pipe shop. This shop was opened in 1876 by Achille Savinelli Sr. It is still operating today and smokers from all over the world travel there to discuss their passion for pipes.

It was in that little shop where Achille Sr. started designing pipes, which he would have made by artisans in the Varese district which is located in the north of Milan. Meanwhile Achilles' siblings had moved to Genoa to open their own pipe shop in Galleria which gathered more faithful clients and further established the Savinelli name with pipes.

In 1881 Achille Savinelli Sr. demonstrated an entrepreneurial instinct to exhibit his work at the Italian Industrial Exposition, now known as the Milan fair. In January 1890 Achilles son, Carlo, took over the shop and ran it for over 50 years. He developed good relationships with his clients and was able to advise the right products, adapting to each and every customer to satisfy their demands.

Achille Junior was born in 1918 and as a young man he was introduced to the family business and took a shine to pipe making. He created himself a little workshop in the back of the shop and set to work, designing incredible pipes. While his parents tended to the needs of the customers, he stayed in the back working away. It was in that workshop that the first genuine Savinelli pipe came to light. However, despite Savinelli starting to thrive they had to pause production during World War II due to Achille Jr. being forced to serve five years of military service.

When Achille Jr. came back from war he decided to leave his fathers shop to produce his own pipes. This decision turned out to be a good one as Achille was able to continue the family tradition and improve on it. During this time Achille Jr. realised that the best selling pipes in Italy were made abroad despite Italy selling the best quality briar.

This bothered him so much that he made sure his own pipes were produced of the highest quality with other Italian pipe makers mass producing poor quality pipes in comparison. His confidence and talent led him to manufacturing the best pipes in Italy and helped him become successful. To develop the company Achille decided to get help from his friends Amleto Pomé and Mario Vettoruzzo, they set up the new business in the Varese district in north-west Italy.

In 1948 Savinelli opened their factory and from there the pipes produced began gaining popularity all over the world. Italy was known previously for creating poor quality pipes and Savinelli was seen the same however that soon changed and over time Savinelli became one of the most popular pipe brands everywhere.

Achille Jr. was able to match imagination with good taste and it is his spirit that gives all Savinelli pipes their personality, a balance of style and function. His vision has been passed down to Giancarlo, the great grandson of the original founder, who has picked up where Achille Jr. left off. Now in control of the company Giancarlo has brought new ideas to Savinelli and is managing the important task of modernising the company whilst staying to their initial morals.

Savinelli make some of the most interesting and beautiful pipes. One of which being the Savinelli Miele pipes which are born from honey and its makers, with the name miele meaning honey in Italian - The bowls are glossed, reminiscent of honey's shine and joined to the amber honeycomb styled acrylic stem by a black and yellow striped band. Alongside the pipe comes a honey dipper-inspired tamper to complete its sweet introduction.

The Savinelli Oceano pipe is a tribute to the foaming ocean, with a unique swirled blue-and-white acrylic stem. Meanwhile the Savinelli Riccio is a natural limited series which is rusticated in a style resembling a sea urchin with the orange ring and purple acrylic stem also recalling the colours of this sea creature. 

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