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Montecristo Cigars

The brand of Montecristo is the single most popular brand of Havana cigars with the benchmark petit corona (or mareva) Montecristo no.4 being the best selling Havana cigar in the world. Additions to the range in recent years include the hugely popular Edmundo and Petit Edmundo. The highly rated limited editions: Montecristo D, Sublimes and Grand Edmundo have kept this brand exceptionally successful.

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The brand was started up by Alonzo Menendez and Pepe Garcia in 1935. Combining a brilliant sense of quality with some great marketing, Menendez and Garcia managed to rise to the top and become the standard that other cigars are measured against.

Inspiration for the name Montecristo came from The Count of Monte Cristo (or Le Comte de Monte Cristo) written by Alexandre Dumas and considered a literary classic, much like the cigars are a classic! Cigar factory rollers were (and still are) often read books by ‘El Lector’ and no doubt this book was one of the favourites. Perhaps, this may be because it is a splendid adventure story about a man who acquires a great fortune and seeks revenge on his oppressor.

UK Importer John Hunter Morris and Elkan Co. Ltd were to thank for the excellent design of famous swords logo and the same company now known as Hunters and Frankau are still distributing Montecristo and all Havana cigar brands in the UK. These cigars are quality controlled very carefully to English Market Selection (EMS) standards.

The Taste: Now like with everything, it cannot just be marketing that creates such a successful brand. Perhaps even more so with cigars. Montecristo have that ability to satisfy every need, whether it is a morning smoke you are looking for, or a cigar late at night after a big meal, you will find a Montecristo to suit the occasion. These delicious, medium to full-flavoured cigars are very familiar to the palate as a result of their unique tobacco blend and their highly distinctive flavour. They suit a Colorado - Colorado maduro wrapper but as with all brands are generally available with all wrapper shades. Montecristo cigars are hand rolled and of exceptional quality. There is also a machine made Purito, Club and Mini in the range for when time is short but you still want a decent whiff.

If you feel that Montecristo is the way to go for you, either as a life time aficionado, or as a first time smoker, we suggest you try a fine selection from the range. Here at C.Gars Ltd we aim to please every request, that is why you can buy our Montecristo Selection Sampler. As you can see in the picture above, this sampler contains 7 different Montecristo’s ranging in size and shape, just the product to help you find your favourite.

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Buy your Montecristo cigars from C.Gars Ltd and you can be assured you are receiving the finest grade of tobacco as your cigars will be personally checked and packed by one of our Hunters & Frankau trained sales team. We check top and bottom layers of cigars for wrapper colour, cigar condition and of course any signs of infestation. Rest assured when you buy Havana cigars from C.Gars Ltd... you are buying the finest quality cigars available anywhere in the world!
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Montecristo Club Cigarillos - 1 x Pack of 10
Montecristo Double Edmundo Cigar - 1 Single
Montecristo Double Edmundo Cigar - Box of 10
Montecristo Double Edmundo Cigar - Box of 25
Montecristo Double Edmundo Cigar - Pack of 3
Montecristo Edmundo Cigar - 1 Single
Montecristo Edmundo Cigar - Box of 25
Montecristo Edmundo Cigar - Pack of 3
Montecristo Edmundo Tubed Cigar - Pack of 3
Montecristo Especial Cigar - 1 Single
Montecristo Especial Cigar - Box of 25
Montecristo Especial No. 2 Cigar - 1 Single
Montecristo Especial No. 2 Cigar - Box of 25
Montecristo Joyitas Cigar - 1 Single
Montecristo Joyitas Cigar - Box of 25
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