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Creating the Perfect Cigar

A Ritual of Craftsmanship

Begin The Journey
Harnessing the harmony of the fields

Before it becomes a Davidoff, each tobacco plant is cultivated with patience and reverence, invoking a tradition over 500 years old.

We seek precise terrain

Only the perfect, objective conditions suffice. Even a few kilometers imposes a difference in the exactitude of the plants character.
The Climate

An ideal temperature of 27C.

The Soil

An exact chemical composition.

The Weather

The ratio of exposure to sun and rain.

The Plant
is Nourished

Seeds with characteristics of promise are hand-tended in our nurseries and then transplanted into meticulously analysed soil on fincas, our proprietary farms in Dominican Republic.

9 out of 10 available seeds do not make the grade for a Davidoff cigar

We painstakingly safeguard the genetic consistency of our tobacco, of which we cultivate three main types:


Olor Dominicano

a light tobacco native to Dominican Republic


Pilato Cubano

a powerful Cuban transplant to our fincas


San Vicente

a moderate Cuban strain, also transplanted

The Leaves
are Ready

A distinct language emanates from the plant, a readiness for gathering that is conveyed by color and shape in cycles understood by our farmers.

We gather leaves in pairs, noting the exquisite catalogue of signs the placement of the leaf on the stalk, its color and shape, its resistance to touch.

The process of picking the leaves is completed at 35 days.

Drawing the flavour of the tobacco

Calling forth the exclusive flavour of a Davidoff cigar is a beautiful study in purity and vigilance.

Our farmers recognize the virtue in each leaf

Once picked, each leaf is stored by its virtues for cigar making.


the intense flavor of the leaves that soak the most sun


the bolder offerings from the short central portion of the stalk


the moderately flavored leaves from the main part of the stalk


the lighter leaves that grow nearer to the soil

We cure the leaves

After careful transportation to preserve the delicacy of the leaves, workers hang the leaves to dry in our ranchos, where we cultivate their taste and aroma over 45 days of conscientious monitoring for temperature and humidity.

Once dried to specification, the leaves are stored for another 20 to 30 days, during which a gentle fermentation occurs.

Time elicits the exquisite flavour that is the hallmark of a davidoff

Two cycles of aging and fermentation occur, whereby the glide of time invites a ceremony of circumspection that alternates between urgency and supplication.

Cycle One

The first aging demands 18 to 24 months, before a process of conditioning and 40 days of fermentation.

Cycle Two

The second aging is between 1 and 3 years, although our rarest tobaccos await inclusion in a Davidoff cigar for upwards of a decade.

Upon perfect readiness of taste and aroma, the tobacco leaves are blended for the ultimate in luxurious refinement.

These exacting blends must satisfy expert tasters at Davidoff headquarters in Switzerland

Given approval, the blends go into the skilled hands of torcedores, cigar-rolling craftsmen who work in pairs.

One selects by touch alone exactly the right amount of tobacco for a pleasurable draw and full effulgence of taste.

The other rolls the bundle, placing the aromatic tips of the leaves at the foot or lit end of the cigar for a serene balance of flavour.

Later, upon inspection, cigars are measured for diameter and weighed to ensure the sensitivity of the *torcedores *handiwork to exact specifications.

A perfect, handcrafted cigar emerges.

A Time of Stillness and Pleasure

At last, fully extant, after 5-10 years each cigar is transported to the place where it will transfer into the hands of the aficionado.

As the flame touches the tip, time becomes still, a moment where sense and pleasure overtake everything else. Each draw of a Davidoff is celebration, time beautifully filled.

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