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The Ride The Wave Sampler
June 2021

Ride The Wave! with this amazing sampler, one purchase and you are sorted. You'll receive a stunning Jemar Indian Wave humidor with a box of 10 of the incredible Montecristo No. 5, a 60 gram 69% Boveda Humidfied Pouch along with a complimentary Vertigo Big Boy cutter.

Jemar humidors are meticulously handmade using traditional handcraft techniques. They are entirely made of solid cedar wood, including their inner part, trays and divisions to help the maturity process of the cigars. Their hinges and locks are made of German stainless steel. All the sides are assembled without any glue for a more solid and elegant result.

The Montecristo No. 5 has all the qualities of the brand and is a real appetizer, intense sweet/spicy flavour similar to chocolate mixed with raisins. A true treat for all.

Each Boveda packet consists of a specially prepared saturated solution of pure water and natural salt.
This saturated solution is contained within a water-vapor permeable “reverse osmosis” membrane. Within a closed desktop humidor Bóveda maintains a predetermined level of (RH) by releasing or absorbing purified water-vapor—as needed—through the membrane.

The Vertigo "Big Boy" cutter will cut cigars with a ring gauge up to 64. A fantastic quality cutter with stainless steel double blades.

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Boveda Humidor Start Up Kit
June 2021

The easiest and best way to set up and keep on top of your humidor, Boveda provides the cleanest and most purified humidity of all other products available on the market today.

Each Boveda consists of a specially prepared saturated solution of pure water and natural salts. This saturated solution is contained within a water-vapor permeable “reverse osmosis” membrane.

This humidor start up kit takes all the worry and makes setting up your humidor a breeze. 

Keep a watchful eye on your cigars from anywhere in the world without lifting the lid of your humidor. The Boveda Smart Sensor monitors your humidor and its prized contents then sends humidity, temperature and impact alerts directly to your phone, eliminating the need for separate hygrometer and thermometer.

The Boveda Butler can store up to 10 days of data when out of Bluetooth range of the app. If the period of no connectivity extends beyond 10 days the sensor can only download the last 10 days of data to the app when connectivity is re-established. The Boveda Butler must be calibrated before use to ensure accurate readings.

A calibration kit is also included with this Boveda Humidor Start Up Kit. 

The 84% seasoning is designed only for seasoning a wood humidor without cigars in it. This formula is specifically designed to provide moisture directly to the cellular structure of the wood humidor. The amount of moisture required is greater than the wipe down of it. If you haven’t seasoned with Boveda 84%, you haven’t seasoned at all!

The 69% humidifier is designed for airtight humidors including but not exclusively for Boveda humidor bags, Boveda acrylic humidors, polymer travel humidor. Works well in high-end humidors including but not exclusively Elie Bleu and Daniel Marshall.

The 72% humidifier is designed for most wood humidors. Wood humidors exchange moisture, it is not uncommon to see a decrease of 2–5%RH. The 72% accommodates the moisture loss allowing the humidor to maintain a high 60s RH level. We recommend the 72%RH  as your first Boveda in your wooden humidor after seasoning.

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Davidoff Pipes
June 2021

Did you know Davidoff also makes pipes?

Not only do they create the most amazing cigars and beautiful accessories they design and make their own pipes

Davidoff pipes are meticulously curated for the ultimate in refined smoking enjoyment. Hand-crafted pipes, luxurious accessories and specially selected tobacco fill time beautifully. 

Made of the finest and carefully selected briar, each Davidoff Pipe features a flawless, hand finished bowl and perfectly fitted, hand-cut acrylic stem.

For the Discovery pipes Davidoff have used briar wood from Calabria, with age, the briar root becomes tight and dense enough to resist both the heat of lighted tobacco and the juices produced during the smoke. The briar is dried for 10 years and the pipes are made in Germany. They feature a black matte design with a ring crafted in maple and tinted in yellow, orange and red, matching the pipe tobacco in the range.

Click here to view our range of Davidoff pipes

Avo Improvisation Series Double Corona Limited Edition 2021 Ciga
June 2021

Every AVO cigar is a careful arrangement that mirrors the unexpected finesse of Avo's music – complex, layered, effortlessly smooth and infinitely approachable. Each a virtuoso performance, that elevates the cigar maker's craft into the realm of art. From his flair for improvisation, to his passion for travel and infinite enthusiasm for life, AVO cigars are truly a reflection of Avo... the man.

The latest Improvisation Series uses an Ecuadorian wrapper and binder with four Dominican tobaccos in the filler.

This is the 20th edition to the Limited Edition range, which has an exclusive release yearly in honour of the birthday of the brand’s late founder, Avo Uvezian.

With a length of 7 1/2" and ring gauge of 50 this cigar is incredibly unique and a must have in your humidor.

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Rattrays Alfie Flat Jet Flame Lighter
June 2021

Rattrays understands that a lighter with a large gas tank has its advantages, you will not need to refill it very often.

"But some models on the market have reached dimensions that almost remind us of Elon Musk’s Space X rocket. We do not fancy these gigantic lighters."

Rattrays decided to counter the trend, and made a lighter so slim (7.4mm thin), light (50 grams) and stylish it should be printed in fashion magazines. They call it ‘Alfie’. Pure understatement, perfect for Ladies and Gentlemen alike. 

It features the brand new Flat Flame Technology. Four flames are positioned in a row, merging to an extra wide flame, even perfect for cigars.

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The Euros Selection Sampler
June 2021

It's time for the Euros and wherever you're watching the games, make sure you have a tasty cigar in hand! 

The Regius 2021 Hermoso offers a smooth and rich smoke with earthy and spicy flavours throughout. 

There is only one Winston Churchill and only one cigar that can do justice to the man. Davidoff Winston Churchill cigars present a blend as complex as the man himself. The Davidoff Belicoso has delicious leather and roasted almonds notes followed by a creamy aftertaste.

The pre light is tangy and sweet with the Inka Blue Bombaso Maduro. The blend is bold, full bodied and full sweet flavoured from the first to the last puff with a delightful bouquet. Medium to full in strength with a good long satisfying finish on the palate.

The Mitchellero Novellini offers a sweet and satisfying smoke from the first to the last puff with no aggression or bitterness, filled with notes of dark chocolate in the first third, cedar notes in the middle third and rich spice in the last third. 

Oliva Serie V is a complex blend of Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos. Blended with specially fermented Jalapa Valley ligero, and finished with a high priming Sun Grown Wrapper. This flavourful blend exhibits complex tobacco with rich coffee and dark chocolate tones. A subtle and well balanced spice is present throughout.

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Ron El Rumbo Cuban White Rum
June 2021

Ron “El Rumbo” began its Journey in the sun-drenched sugar cane fields of Cuba, it is here that formed it’s character. 

Distilled in one of the Islands oldest distilleries, the molasses settles in for the first year of aging of the "Aguardiente" ( Aqua Vitae). This is followed by two more years in American Oak barrels, after which “its course” is set.

The course ( El Rumbo) it takes brings it across the Atlantic to Snowdonia Distillery in Wales, famous for its Foragers premier gins and renowned for its pure mountain waters.

Awaiting the arrival of the rum are freshly emptied Cognac casks seeping with the richness of the previous spirit. From there the Cuban rum will then be transferred to these hulking great barrels whose spirited perfume fills the air!

It rests and embraces the characteristics of the host for a period just long enough to adopt the elusive mystery of the cognac. When it emerges from these sleepy months it is bottled at 50% ABV. Providing you with a  spirit that challenges the taste buds with its clean dried tropical fruit overtones and a lingering refreshing richness from the casks. 

From the sun-drenched sugar cane fields of Cuba to the pure landscape of Snowdonia, El Rumbo is sure to take you on an adventure! The Course is set, join us.

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The Feeling Lucky Sampler
June 2021

Are you feeling lucky? This one of a kind sampler includes a mystery cigar which we have carefully debanded for you to sample and enjoy with a chance to win 500 loyalty points if you guess your cigar correctly. 

This mysterious cigar will also be sent along with a 5cl miniature, allowing you to pair your cigar with a wonderful whisky and an exclusive C.Gars Ltd cigar rest. Perfect for an afternoon relax.

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Chacom 1-6 Pipe Tobacco Sampler
June 2021

An amazing chance to try all 6 blends of pipe tobaccos from Chacom.

A great way to find out which one is your favourite before buying a full tin.

In this sampler you will receive:

1x 10g sample Chacom no1

With an exquisite English type of tobacco that can be easily enjoyed throughout the day. Slow Burning, rich and sweet broken Virginia, combined  with smooth black Cavendish, Oriental tobacco and Latakia

1x 10g sample Chacom no2

A bright pipe tobacco blend based on various Virginia and broken Virginia known for their natural refined sweetness. The mixture is rounded off with a small proportion of fragrant burley and delicate black Cavendish. A delicious but subtle flavour of fruity yellow plum and sweet Vanilla is added which refines the blend

1x 10g sample Chacom no3

Smooth, double fermented black Cavendish plays the leading role in this mixture. Carefully blended with golden and red Virginia as well as a pinch of Burley. A generous proportion of  Bourbon Vanilla flavour is added, resulted in a charismatic sweet smoke. The blend is of light nature and creamy taste.

1x 10g sample Chacom no4

This flake consists of various Virginia grades combined with a tiny proportion of luxurious Perique, raising the strength slightly and adding some fruity spice. Once the blend has been completed, this mixture is cold pressed for four weeks, allowing the tobacco to merge. 

1x 10g sample Chacom no5

A pipe tobacco of English style, being of rather dark character. The blend contains dark Virginia ready rubbed, a generous portion of Latakia, completed with some black Cavendish as well as Perique.

1x 10g sample Chacom no6

A delicious, smooth and fragrant pipe tobacco mixture with a broad variety of black Cavendish and Virginia of different shades, widths and cuts, complimented with some Burley. A wonderful flavour of Rum combined with Espresso and a hint of caramel will be highly enjoyed.

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Cubita Cuban Coffee Roasted Beans
June 2021

Cubita Coffee Beans (250 grams) - Our range of Cuban Coffees are purely made and produced from the finest Arabica beans, cultivated, hand selected and naturally shade grown in the Sierra Maestra Mountains. No chemicals have been used in the process (Chemical free). The Cubita Cofee Beans are roasted and packaged in Havana. A delightful Coffee with essentially strong organic flavours, featuring subtle hints of smokiness and caramel finish. It is definitely considered the most popular branded Coffee in Cuba.

Ethically sourced from farms dedicated to natural methods of cultivation.

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Colibri Quasar Table Cigar Cutter
June 2021

Colibri has a vast and growing product portfolio. It is inspired by a simple ideal - clean and sharp design which is purposely designed and engineered to encapsulate the playful confidence and elegance that lie at the heart of the brand.

The Quasar cutter is a two-in-one combination of the Colibri V-Cut and S-Cut cigar cutters in the ultimate desktop/tabletop format.
Taking its design language from the Colibri Quasar series of luxury desktop humidors and cigar ashtrays that feature a four-sided pyramidal peak motif, the Quasar cutter is beautifully and deceptively simple. On two opposing sides of the Quasar are housed a “V-Cut” blade on one, and an “S-Cut” blade on the other. The cutter is engaged by pushing down on the top peak of the Quasar, which releases and pops up the cutting unit with both blades ready in unison.

The V-Cut side cleanly cuts a wedge as deep as 7mm on a 60-ring for a full robust draw. The straight cut provides an equally crisp straight cut on cigars up to a 70-ring. Both sides will cut torpedoes with equal efficacy and ease. The construction of the Quasar is equally impressive as its stunning design. The body is a sturdy all-metal form. The top peak holds the blades and runs on oiled quad pistons to ensure absolute smooth action when in motion. The undercarriage is lined along the perimeter with a strong rubber gasket for non-slip stability while in use and to prevent damage to the desktop. In the center of the undercarriage is a twist cap to access the internal chamber for retrieving and disposing of the collected cigar clippings.

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Plasencia Alma Fuerte Sixto I Cigar
June 2021

Plasencia Cigars, the leading producer of premium cigars and the largest producer of tobacco in Central America, was awarded 1st place in a consumer cigar blind tasting held by Manuel’s, one of the finest and most renowned cigar shops in Zürich, Switzerland. The award was conferred for its Alma del Campo Tribu cigar, one of the company's first brand name cigars to be introduced to the market.

Plasencias goal is to use the best leaves of aged tobacco exclusively in their cigars leaving them in the hands of the best collaborators in the fields and artists of the factories.

For the Alma Fuerte range, a team of five blenders, including Plasencia, Sr. and Jr., worked to create the cigar from 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos. The blend focuses around the family’s Criollo ’98 seed, using tobaccos from each of the major growing regions of Nicaragua (Condega, Estelí, Jalapa, and Ometepe). In addition, the Plasencias are using some of their rarest and most premium-grade leaves from their vast tobacco inventories.

The latest addition to this line, the Sixto I is a new option for those who enjoy this luxourious smoke but don't want the full intensity, the Sixto I is like a Cappuccino compared to the Sixto II which is more like an espresso. 

The blend has been slightly tweaked for the Sixto I and an different wrapper finishes this cigar which is a Colorado Claro which takes a way some of the intensity. Laced with hints of dark chocolate, plum, and cinnamon, the taste is rounded out with finishing notes of oak and molasses.

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Mitchell's Monday Favourites
May 2021

A selection of Mitchell's Monday favourites, the perfect start to the week ahead! 

There is only one Winston Churchill and only one cigar that can do justice to the man. Davidoff Winston Churchill cigars present a blend as complex as the man himself. A painter of note, it was his achievements on the canvas which gave Sir Winston as much pride as those on the world’s stage. His rich landscapes were his escape from the responsibility of the office. Brush in one hand, cigar in the other, he would apply his artistry as the Davidoff blenders have within these Petit Corona. The stronger, roasted, peppery, oakwood notes embody the intensity of the artistic temperament. A perfect accompaniment when sitting back to admire Sir Winston’s work.

The Macallan 12 Year Old Double Cask is a stunning new age statement expression from Macallan which has been matured in a combination of American and European Sherry oak for a minimum of 12 years. In this expression, the proportion of American oak ex-Sherry casks is higher than the 12 Year Old Sherry Oak, but no ex-bourbon casks are used as they are in the 12 Year Old Fine Oak.

Overall this Macallan Speysider is a rich whisky which combines fruity citrus and caramel with a warming note from spicy ginger and nutmeg.

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New Les Fines Lames Le Petit Compass Series Cuba
May 2021

Le Petit by Les Fines Lames, the ultimate aficionado pocket knife.

A sleek yet bold, pocket sized, multi purpose friction folder knife that you can also use to cut your cigars - reinventing the everyday cigar accessory.

Take a trip to the Pearl of the Antilles with our new compass series. With the combination of a carbon fibre handle and the finely engraved antique map of the island, this LE PETIT stands for a truly unique cigar cutter.

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Camacho Distillery Edition Connecticut Toro Gift Box
May 2021

From the beginning, Camacho cigars have stood for intense pleasure unleashed. These are badass everyday smokes. Full-coloured, all-American in style, these cigars effortlessly deliver full-frontal, all-out flavour – flavour amped up to heights that old-school cigars have never dared climb. If Camacho had a soundtrack it would be loud, loud enough to wake the neighbours and make big dogs howl. We figure, if you’re gonna have a cigar, have a DAMN cigar!


The Camacho Distillery Edition is a new spin on an old favorite. To achieve it, Camacho took their Original Corojo leaf and aged it for six-months in charred-bourbon barrels. They then took the leaf and incorporated it in different ways into their top-core blends: Camacho Connecticut, Camacho Corojo, and Camacho Ecuador. The results? A more complex and unique flavour profile that is bold yet balance. The Camacho Distillery Edition is handmade in Honduras.

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Zippo Lighters
May 2021

The history of Zippo is the story of its people.  From its founder George G. Blaisdell, to the many Zippo employees, customers, and collectors who have all played a vital role in the company’s rich history.  Their loyalty and dedication has made Zippo one of America’s greatest and most recognisable icons.

 Made in USA; Lifetime guarantee that "it works or we fix it free™" 

- Genuine Zippo windproof lighter with distinctive Zippo "click"
- All metal construction; windproof design works virtually anywhere
- Refillable for a lifetime of use; For optimum performance, we recommend genuine Zippo premium lighter fluid, flints, and wicks.

Comes packaged in a gift box.

Upgrade to include Zippo gift kit - includes a 6-flint dispenser and a 4 oz. can of Zippo lighter fluid - All presented in a beautiful gift box - ideal for those special occasions.

Click here to view our range of zippos

The Honourable Honduran Cigar Sampler
May 2021

Each of these cigars have been grown in Honduras, a beautiful country in Central America with loads of history. The Caribbean sunshine which helped grow these cigars gives these beauties a unique smoke with loads of flavour. 

The Camacho Criollo is a spin on the taste profile of modern day Cuban cigars. Sporting a Honduran-grown, fourth priming wrapper packed with unique flavours. 

If you've only got 20 minutes, make it the boldest 20 minutes of your day. Machitos gives you that freedom - offering uncompromised satisfaction with all the full flavour intensity of a Camacho Cigar, only smaller. The Corojo Machitos is a bold everyday treasure that was crafted with true aficionados in mind. 

The La Invicta Maduro is made using the finest tobaccos grown in Honduras whilst being wrapped in a beautiful, dark Maduro wrapper. This cigar offers medium strength with a spicy yet hinted with a sweet taste. The Churchill offers the same flavours but slightly more earthy tones as this one has a natural wrapper. 

J. Cortès cigars are soft, round and have a perfectly balanced aroma. J. Cortès is a family run company with a passion for cigars in all shapes and sizes. It's a never-ending story of dedication and craftsmanship that started in 1926. Each of these cigars consists of 100% specially selected tobacco.

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Fathers Day Luxury Gift Box Sampler
May 2021

Treat the Father figure in your life with this luxury box of goodies, including a selection of fine cigars, whisky, aftershave and more!

The pre light is tangy and sweet with the Inka Red Natural Bombaso. The blend is bold, full bodied and full sweet flavoured from the first to the last puff with a delightful bouquet. Medium to full in strength with a good long satisfying finish on the palate. 

AVO Domaine’s sun grown wrapper is harvested in Ecuador from a hybrid Connecticut/Cuban seed. There are floral notes and other earthy flavours that help to round out the complexity of this extremely enjoyable cigar. There is also a surprisingly sweet cocoa note that is noticeable on the finish, adding personality to the perfection of this memorable blend.

50 years ago, Joya de Nicaragua pioneered an industry by crafting the first cigars to ever come out of Nicaragua. They are thriving, like never before, thanks to their skilful and resilient people. Joya Silver is what comes next in the Joya line. The latest addition to their modern line of cigars comes with an added punch, only achievable by the perfect union of an Ecuadorian wrapper, a Mexican San Andres binder and Nicaraguan fillers.

The Regius Seleccion Orchant 2021 Hermoso is a sophisticated and bold smoke, this cigar offers rich flavours of earth, cedar and a slight spice which is introduced onto the palate as you smoke this one. 

Also including the brand new Mitchellero Sporty, made by hand with premium long filler tobacco and the smoothest dark wrappers creating perfect construction for the coolest of smokes. This one comes with an exclusive second band just for Fathers Day! 

This Fathers Day gift also includes a bunch of accessories to really top this gift off, including an aftershave, cigar cutter and cigar rest. 

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Elie Bleu Humidors
May 2021

Elie Bleu, the world renowned boutique humidor maker in Paris has long been the choice for customers all around the world. Elie Bleu’s unique designs, colours, and stunning veneers, add a delight to their contemporary designs. All wood for Elie Bleu humidors are open air cured for a minimum of ten years so you are assured there will be no cracking or warping. 

The Spanish cedar interior is of the finest quality as is their expert humidification device. These striking humidors not only offer you the finest in cigar preservation, but are distinctive works of art guaranteed to bring you visual pleasure for years to come.

Elie Bleu humidors comes in different sizes, shapes and styles all of which are beautiful and would suit anyones taste.

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Foragers Gin & Vodka 3x5cl Gift Set
May 2021

An incredible gift set containing two stunning gins, courtesy of Foragers as well as a vodka.

Each set contains 1 x 5cl miniature of the following -

X1 Y Bet Welsh Vodka 42%
X1 Foragers Yellow Label Gin 42% 
X1 Foragers Black Label Gin 46% 

The Black is the first gin that simply stirred with ice and strained will accompany a fine hand rolled cigar without compromise! Forager's Black Label delivers intense, smooth juniper notes followed by beautifully mellow warmth and richness stemming from Sea Buckthorn. 

The Yellow is the most inviting gin to accompany tonic water in our experience. Starting with soft juniper tones, Foragers gently takes you to fresh, semi-sweetness of apple and elderberry, before giving way to incredible, subtle, unmistakable floral notes from gorse and heather flowers. 

Handcrafted to be a little off-beat, this rhythmic vodka was composed to showcase the harmony of the Welsh elements, bringing together sugar beets from the earth and pure, crisp waters from the Snowdonia mountains.


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