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Around The World International Selection Gift Sampler
November 2020

So currently we are in lockdown and can’t go anywhere for a little holiday however we at C.Gars have made it possible to bring the holiday to you with our international Cigar Selection Sampler!

This sampler is suitable for any cigar newbie or aficionado. A selection of cigars from Cuba, Peru, Honduras, and continental blend. Including some amazing tubed cigars, which help lock in the freshness and guarantee to keep them ready to smoke, wherever you are.

This is one of our best selling cigar gifts and is incredibly popular with everyone. Presented in a gift box this sampler includes:

1 x Guantanamera Cristales Cigar - 1 Single (41 x 5 7/8")

1 x Henri Wintermans Tubed Coronas Deluxe Sumatra - 1 Single (42 x 4 1/2")

1 x Ritmeester Royal Dutch Miniature Blue - Tin of 10 (20 x 3")

1 x J. Cortes High Class Sumatran Cigar - Blue - 1 Single (38 x 5 3/8")

1 x Inka Secret Blend Red Cristales Cigar - 1 Single (41 x 6")

1 x Regius Robusto Tubed Cigar - 1 Single (50 x 4 7/8")

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A Chance to Blend Your Own Cigar! - Virtual Herf 19th November
November 2020

Join us on the 19th November for a Joya de Nicaragua Blending Master Class. Just purchase this wonderful sampler to be invited to join this zoom event. Our special guests Juan Martinez / Executive President and Rudy Ruiz / Master Roller from Joya de Nicaragua will prepare a very special evening where you will learn all about the key stages of cigar making. The highlight will be a live virtual blending session, where you will be able to participate in the selected blend to create an exclusive “CGars Community Cigar” live on the night.

These Cigars will then be rolled by Rudy and shipped to the UK, for you to enjoy in early 2021! Once they arrive we will have sent out to all the participants on the zoom call.

Date: Thursday 19th November

Time: 7pm


- About Joya de Nicaragua: who they are and what they do

- Quick tour of Nicaragua with images and videos

- Brief Journey on Cigar making: overview of key stages

- Cigar craftsmanship live with Rudy: Tools of the trade, Anatomy of a cigar and Techniques

- Live Blending session

On top of all that you will also get a sampler plack sent to you which includes:

1 x Stalla Dhu Speyside Miniature - 5cl 40%
1 x Joya de Nicaragua Black Robusto Cigar - 1 Single (50 x 5 1/4")
1 x Joya De Nicaragua Antano CT Robusto Cigar - 1 Single (52 x 5")

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Handcrafted Camacho Liberty Series Throwback Cigar Box Guitar
November 2020

Play in style with this beautiful 3-string Cigar Box Guitar tuned to open G which is low string G middle string D and top string G. It has a hardwood Maple neck which is fully fretted for fingerstyle playing. It has a magnetic pickup installed so it can be played using an electric guitar amplifier.

The Cigar Box is the Camacho Liberty Series Throwback 2012, and can still be opened to access the electrics.

The guitar has volume and tone control knobs installed to adjust the sound.

Some parts and fittings may differ to the photos depending on availability.

These one off cigar box guitars can be created in a variety of different boxes and styles too! If you would like more information on the different types we can create for you, please email: customercare@cgarsltd.co.uk and we will be able to give you more information!

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The Ultimate Luxury Christmas Cigar Hampler
November 2020

Do you know someone who needs and deserves a treat? This luxury hamper includes just about everything any cigar lover will appreciate.

Including a selection of Cuban and New World cigars to enjoy over the festive period, featuring brands such as Montecristo, Bolivar, Trinidad, Macanudo, AVO and some wonderful, specially selected Orchant Seleccion cigars. Also including some handy packs of cigars which are ideal to slip in a pocket and taken on a brisk, wintery walk. 

You will also find a bottle of C.Gars Orchant Selection Cigar Malt Whisky with a Turmeaus whisky glass. Mitchell Orchant and Ron Morrison are both highly regarded in the cigar and whisky industries, having spent their lives hunting down interesting, innovative and exciting taste sensations. But the “white whale” was always the perfect pairing. Together, they bring to you the fruits of their combined quest; Cgars Malt – The journey to the perfect pairing, ends here. C.Gars Malt Orchant Selection Single Malt Whisky is a rich but extremely well balanced whisky with a harmony of malty notes delicately accented with wisps of vanilla and sweet spicy flavours.

We have also included a Boveda Butler which allows you to keep a watchful eye on your cigars from anywhere in the world without lifting the lid of your humidor. The Boveda Smart Sensor monitors your humidor and its prized contents then sends humidity, temperature and impact alerts directly to your phone, eliminating the need for separate hygrometer and thermometer. This comes along side the Boveda 60g 69% RH Humidifier, as we believe that Boveda is one of the best and easiest way to keep your cigars in perfect smoking condition.

Click here to purchase your Ultimate Luxury Christmas Hampler

Is It Too Early To Be Thinking About Christmas?
November 2020

Is it too early to be thinking about Christmas?

This 5cl glass bauble is filled with Dingle’s very own excellent Irish gin made with rowan berries, bog myrtle, heather, hawthorn and more.

Dingle Original Gin is best served with large cubes of ice, a wedge of fresh orange and a sprinkling of juniper berries.

However just because this Gin is a bauble don't think it’s not a quality spirit. Dingle Gin attended the World Gin Awards 2019, where industry experts shortlisted the best gins from 400 entrants from 20 countries. Dingle Gin received the award for World’s Best London Dry Gin and the overall award for World’s Best Gin 2019.

The perfect addition to your Christmas decorations!

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ST Dupont Cigar Cutter - Maxijet - Cohiba Limited Edition
November 2020

Are you a fan of Cohiba? This cigar cutter is for you.

Founded in 1872, luxury accessories brand S.T. Dupont epitomises French elegance. 

Every S.T.Dupont item retains the quality craftsmanship upon which the brand was built, making it the ideal choice for the sophisticated traveller and lover of fine things.

This new and very special thematic edition celebrates what is probably the most famous and exclusive cigar brand in the world, Cohiba.

The new ST Dupont Maxijet Cohiba cigar cutter is a double guillotine blade cigar cutter with Cohiba black and yellow lacquer pattern.

This ST Dupont cigar cutter will be available from the 27th of November however it is limited edition so you can pre-order yours now to avoid disappointment.

Click here to pre-order

Pre-order - Quai d’Orsay Senadores
October 2020

Joining the Montecristo Supremos and Ramon Allones Allones No.2 is the Quai d’Orsay Senadores which completes the 2019 Habanos Limited Edition range.

With a length of 6 1/8" and a ring gauge of 48 it’s different to what we’re used to from Quai d’Orsay however the light strength is consistent.

This brand owes its origin to the refined taste of the French market. Created in the 1970's, the name is taken from a well-known street in Paris beside the River Seine. 

All Quai d'Orsay sizes are made with a light tasting blend of filler and binder leaves from the Vuelta Abajo zone and its wrappers are mainly distinguished by their Claro (light brown) and Colorado Claro (mid brown) colours. 

In 2017 the brand received a total make-over which included the introduction of two new sizes (No. 50 & No. 54) and stylish new packaging with re-designed eye-catching cigar bands. Perhaps partly as a reflection of how well the modernisation was accepted, the brand was selected for the very first time to be part of the Habanos Limited Edition family and in 2019 the Quai d’Orsay Senadores was showcased to a global cigar audience, although arriving for sale a year later in 2020.

We at C.Gars expect the Quai d’Orsay Senadores to be available early November, but we suggest you pre-order to avoid disappointment.

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New In - Northern Briar Pipes
October 2020

We are proud to announce that we have a new range of Northern Briar pipes! These beautiful hand crafted pipes are full of history.

George Walker, founded Northern Briar Pipes in 1958. George Walker started working for Duncan Briars in England in 1922, and in 1958, after 36 years he left Duncan’s having been head foreman in charge of production, and started Northern Briar Pipe Repair Service, with his son Peter. Father and son built their business repairing pipes for most of the quality pipe shops in the United Kingdom. After many years in the repair business Peter bought a tobacco shop, by this point his son Ian had became a master pipe repairman. Wanting further develop his skills, Ian started making pipes himself in the shop. These pipes sold well and he decided to expand this side of the business and was soon making pipes for other local shops. Further encouraged by several top British pipe makers to develop his talents, Ian has expanded his business. Today Ian’s pipes are sought after in Europe, North America and the Far East.

Click here to view our range of Northern Briar Pipes

Liams Dark Halloween Pipe Tobacco Sampler
October 2020

Our Pipe tobacco specialist Liam has chosen 4 spooky pipe tobaccos for you this Halloween. Two strong dark blends alongside two sweet blends. Trick or treat!

Sampler Includes:

1 x Kendal Dark Birds Eye 10g

1 x Century USA Black Cavendish 10g

1 x American Blends Black and Brown 10g

1 x Kendal Balkan Flake 10g 

These four tobaccos are spectacular and can even be blended together to create a very enjoyable mix.

Happy Halloween!

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New Cigars
October 2020

New Introducted Partagas Capitols Cigars.

Length: 5 1/8"
Ring Gauge: 42
Strength: Full 
Packaging: 1 Single Cigar 

The Capitols have all of the character and full-bodied intensity for which the brand is famed and have been made using a careful selection of leaves drawn from the finest plantation in the Vuelta Abajo area of Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

Like the Club Kings, the Capitols are Mareva sized cigars (5 1/8” (129mm) x 42 ring gauge) and are presented in a 1970s retro tin with a pressure pop-up lid. The design and style of the tin was inspired by the pocket cigar cases that were much in vogue during that decade and includes retro branding which many today associate with the iconic sign that hangs outside the world famous factory in Havana.



New Introducted Camacho Distillery Edition Connecticut Toro Cigars.

Length: 6"
Ring Gauge: 50
Strength: Medium 
Packaging: 1 Single Cigar 

The Camacho Distillery Edition is a new spin on an old favorite. To achieve it, Camacho took their Original Corojo leaf and aged it for six-months in charred-bourbon barrels. They then took the leaf and incorporated it in different ways into their top-core blends: Camacho Connecticut, Camacho Corojo, and Camacho Ecuador. The results? A more complex and unique flavor profile that is bold yet balance. The Camacho Distillery Edition is handmade in Honduras.

New In - Orchant Seleccion Pipes
September 2020

Many of you know we have the Orchant Seleccion cigars range consisting of many brilliant cigars from many different regions of which Mitchell Orchant himself collaborates with the cigar makers to create the best blends tailor maid to his suiting. 

We also have the C.Gars Malt Orchant Seleccion cigar whisky, which combines Mitchell Orchant and Ron Morrisons wealth of experience and quest to find the perfect whisky to pair with their cigars. Their finding was the C.Gars Malt which has won the Gold award in 2019 for independent bottlers as well as the Silver Award in the International Wine & Spirits Challenge.

Now we have the new range of Orchant Seleccion!

We are proud to introduce you to our new for 2020 Orchant Seleccion pipe range!

All of these pipes have been hand selected by Mitchell Orchant and the range consists of a variety of shapes and colours, perfect for any pipe smoker. Each pipe is finished with an "Orchant" stamp and "CG" initials and are limited edition and exclusive.

Click here to view the new Orchant Seleccion pipe range

Peterson Pipe of the Year 2020
September 2020

Since 1997, Peterson have offered a special edition Pipe of the Year: a series focused entirely around one singular shape, often inspired or revived from their archives and presented in a number of their most iconic finishes. 2020's Pipe of the Year was modelled after the original 9BC shape, a design dating to the days of Charles Peterson himself, evolving from the original patent shape.

The "9BC" is essentially the predecessor to the modern XL90, featuring a tapered stem, a taller, more Egg-like bowl, a more sinuous curve through the shank, and more obvious cheeking around the transition. Collectors have searched out the original 9BCs, and they are a popular rarity, so we're especially pleased to offer them again, now as the Peterson Pipe of the Year.

For 2020, Peterson have returned to their origins and revived a shape that's proven popular for more than a century, one that displays the broad rounded curvature and compact aesthetic of earlier manufacture. The 9BC is not only a respectful and appreciative gesture to our past, but a pipe that we believe will prove popular into the future.

Click here to view the Peterson Pipe of the year 2020 edition

Key West Raw & Unfiltered Rum
September 2020

Key West First Legal Rum Distillery is Key West's first legal rum distillery since Prohibition.


Chef Paul Menta's award winning Key West rums are aged in Salt Cured Barrels using locally and naturally-sourced authentic food flavours – Key Lime, Coconut, Madagascar Vanilla crème brûlée – and Florida demerara sugar (never molasses) to produce a rum with flavour depths and aromatic heights worthy of the distinction: Chef Distilled.


Key West Raw & Unfiltered Rum - £59.99

Aged in brand new American Oak Barrels with a number 3 char inside the barrel. We take the new barrel down the street to the ocean and fill it with fresh sea water.After the barrel swells over night, we drain out the ocean water and let it cure. This removes all the fresh water and leaves a salt residual that opens the pores of the wood letting it age better and release the good flavours from the wood into the rum.

A Ph change after 1 year appears that smooths the rum out even more.

It’s a one of a kind rum that represents the Key West Style that has now become famous worldwide. Never filtered you will see why Raw and Unfiltered is truly unique!

Bad Bitch Spanish Marie Rum
September 2020

Key West First Legal Rum Distillery is Key West's first legal rum distillery since Prohibition.

Chef Paul Menta's award winning Key West rums are aged in Salt Cured Barrels using locally and naturally-sourced authentic food flavours – Key Lime, Coconut, Madagascar Vanilla crème brûlée – and Florida demerara sugar (never molasses) to produce a rum with flavour depths and aromatic heights worthy of the distinction: Chef Distilled.

Aged in French Oak Barrels that had Red wine and were Salt Cured.

Spanish Marie was a pirate in the Caribbean Sea who in folklore dumped her weighted down ‘flings’ into the gulfstream leading to her being known as the ‘BAD BITCH’.

Spanish Marie was also a Rum Runner who smuggled high proof rum from Cuba to Key West. It is said she would cut her glass of rum with some red wine as there was no water on the boat to cut the strong rum!.

New In - Kohlhase Pipe No. 66 Pipe Tobacco
September 2020

Kohlhase, Kopp & Co is a leading German manufacturer of high quality tobaccos who own many tobacco brands.They rarely release a pipe tobacco under their own name but when they do, the usually limited edition is something quite special.

Kohlhase & Kopp Pipe 66 is a classic Danish aromatic, comprised of double fermented Black Cavendish strewn with golden Virginia highlights and hand torn broken dark flake. This smooth and cool base tobacco is cased with a sticky and highly fragrant Crème de Cassis casing. As soon as you open the unbranded tin, you are greeted with sweet and fruity aroma. Even though this tobacco is a little moister than most aromatics from K&K, it smokes well from the tin, but can benefit from drying out beforehand.

Strength: 3/5  Aromatic Taste: 3/5  Room Note: 3/5

Click here to purchase

September 2020

We are very well known for our extensive whisky range, however did you know we also sell champagne? After all, a proper celebration is nothing without a bottle of bubbly or you can also be serve it chilled with your meal. How or why you want to drink it is up to you but just know C.Gars have got you covered so whether its a casual get together with a bottle of Louis Roederer Brut or a big celebration with a bottle of Pol Roger Winston Churchill we have the perfect bottle for your occasion.

Click here to view our range of Champagne

Peter James Leather Cigar Case
September 2020

The Peter James Leather Cigar Case holds everything you need. Hand made in North America using imported Italian leather and contained by a durable dual American made metal zipper, this product is not only convenient, but acts as a statement piece.

A large magnet closed pocket allows for easy storage of oversized lighters/cutters or car keys. Covered magnetic pouches keep your lighter and cutter safe, while the largest pouch, lined with a durable leather wrapped metal guardian, allow for safe keeping for 5-6 cigars with ring gauges up to 60, and heights of up to 7.5 inches.

Peter James has thought of everything so that you don't have to, including an exterior phone slip and handle for carrying comfort. 

Keep it together with this masterfully crafted, North American handmade cigar travel case.

The Peter James Leather Cigar Case is available from Thursday the 29th of October but you can pre-order now so you don’t miss out

Click here to pre-order

New Dunhill Pipes
September 2020

CGars, The home of Dunhil White Spot Pipes.

We have more of these magical pipes in stock, with their strict quality criteria , each pipe is perfectly made with excellence briar and love.
The famous white spot, which was originally intended to demonstrate which side of the stem was the right side up, was developed in 1915. This small discrete symbol would soon become a sign of recognition for various dunhill products and became a trademark and the ultimate accolade of highest workmanship and quality.

Wether you are starting your collection or adding to it, these Dunhill pipes are a pipe smokers dream with them being the highest end of brand.

Handmade in England. Pipes types include Root, Bruyere, Rubybark, Cumberland, Shell Briar among others. View our full range here.

Gift boxes
September 2020

Is it too early to think about christmas? That's what youll be saying when you look at our cigar gift box samplers. Filled with amazing goodies and presented beautifully in a cigar box, these gift box samplers would be the perfect gift for your cigar loving friend or loved ones. The gift boxes range from just cigars to cigars, accessories and whisky! Perfect for anyone

Click here to view our range of gift boxes.

Pipe Tobacco Of the Month
September 2020


Our pick of Pipe tobacco this month is Kendal Mixed No.3 BCH.
All of the tobacco’s in the Kendal Shag Tobacco range are very clean, containing very little of the stem and produce a very natural flavour without the chemical harshness present in many modern tobaccos.

It is a newly favioute to try as it's a  high quality blend of Pure Virginia with sharp Black Cherry flavour.

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