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New In - Rocky Patel Orchant Seleccion
April 2024

The Rocky Patel Orchant Seleccion is a new release for 2024 and available exclusively to C.Gars and Turmeaus Cigars & Whisky stores in the UK. It is a medium-bodied cigar made in the El Paraiso factory, Honduras. Every time we begin the process of crafting a new Orchant Seleccion many blends are sampled in an attempt to isolate and partition the finest expression possible.

Showcasing a Honduran-grown Corojo wrapper with a core blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan filler, the Rocky Patel Orchant Seleccion is quite simply put: a masterpiece.

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New In - Highclere Castle Senetjer Limited Edition
April 2024

One hundred years ago, Lord Carnarvon left Highclere Castle for the ancient sands of Egypt. He, along with archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the tomb of King Tutankhamun, hidden for 3000 years.

Foundation Cigars crafted this cigar for the Highclere Castle Cigar line to pay homage to archaeology’s greatest discovery. With their secret blend, they have endeavoured to capture the spirit of ancient incense - “Senetjer” is the ancient Egyptian word for incense or “that which makes holy”. 

The box design is an exact replica of a storage box from the tomb itself.  This cigar embodies life at Highclere in the era of the 5th Earl of Carnarvon, his love for cigars, and his passion for ancient Egypt.

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CLE Asylum 13 Ogre
March 2024

CLE Asylum 13 Ogre is certainly eye-catching with a Nicaraguan Habano seed wrapper overlaid with a strip of Candela wrapper to create a barber pole wrapper. By deliberately removing moisture during the drying process the tobacco leaves retain their chlorophyll and thus their extraordinary green colour.

The Asylum 13 Ogre uses the same tobaccos for the binder and filler as the original Asylum 13 blend. The Candela wrapper leaf combined with the dark Nicaraguan Habano seed wrapper offers a unique smoking experience with the Candela smoke exuding notes of flowering willows.

These medium to full cigars have earthy, woody aromas with notes of coffee and cocoa.

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New In - Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 3
March 2024

The Epicure No.3 is the first figurado in the classic Hoyo de Monterrey portfolio in modern times, and the first new addition since 2008. It also joins the Epicure No.1, No.2 and Epicure Especial as a category within the brand.

The ring gauge of the Epicure No.3 allows the full potential of the blend to come to the fore - a supreme example of the Hoyo profile and taste. The tapered head once cut also produces a concentrated smoke that is delivered to the palate with voluminous flavours and intensity.

The classic Hoyo de Monterrey line is typified by a delicate, cedar taste that remains light enough for inexperienced smokers, while offering enough elegance and layering of flavours to keep aficionados satisfied.

Like the rest of the Epicure range, the No.3 is hand rolled using tobaccos harvested from Vuelta Abajo in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba which is widely regarded as the finest tobacco growing region in the world.

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Drew Estate Factory Smokes
March 2024

Manufactured at La Gran Fabrica in Esteli, Nicaragua, Factory Smokes by Drew Estate aren't 'seconds' or 'training cigars'. They are made by the same buncheros and rolleros who handroll all of Drew Estate's premium cigars and they meet the same stringent quality checks. Economically priced, smooth, consistent and reliable, Factory Smokes are a handmade, value priced line of cigars.

Available in either Connecticut Shade or Maduro these smokes are silky smooth and creamy.

Click here to view the range of Drew Estate Factory Smokes

Peterson 2024 St. Patricks Day Pipes
March 2024

The first Peterson patents awarded to Peters in the 1890’s would revolutionise the pipe-making world and turn a fledgling idea into what has become the oldest continuously operating pipe-maker in the world.

Peterson are the oldest briar pipe makers in the world, still using hand tools for each and every pipe, and still checking everything by eye.

The Peterson St Patrick's Day series is Peterson's longest standing annual offering. First released in 1998, the St Patrick's day line presents a plethora of their most popular shapes in a distinctly Irish colour palette. The 2024 version celebrates their Irish heritage with rich glossy blacks and an Emerald green band. Each pipe has been expertly rusticated, finished with a green band and is accompanied by the classic Peterson tweed carry pouch.

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Plasencia Year of the Dragon
February 2024

The cigars in this box aren't just Plasencia passion - They are their reason for existing!

Since 1865 they have worked to master the art and craft of tobacco. From the rich fields of Cuba to the sun-kissed soil of Nicaragua and Honduras, they tiled the land to create superior handmade cigars - From the earth to the heavens!

Five generations of the finest tabaquero tradition are rolled into every one of their cigars. Tobacco is in their soul, which is why they strive to perfect every part of the cigar making, from seed to smoke.

The Dragon symbolises power, nobleness, honour, luck and success in traditional Chinese culture. The Dragon is a supernatural being with no parallel for talent and excellence.

The Year of the Dragon holds special meaning in different cultures and is often associated with prosperity, luck and power. According to the Chinese zodiac, the dragon is one of the twelve animal signs, with each year being represented by a specific animal.

People born in the Year of the Dragon are considered to be strong, innovative and ambitious. They are believed to bring good fortune and blessing to those around them. In the Chinese mythology the dragon is a revered creature symbolising strength, wisdom and prosperity. Also known as 'Long' or 'Lung', the Chinese dragon is often depicted as a long, serpent like creature with four legs and a pearl representing wisdom.

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New In - Rocky Patel Seed to Smoke
February 2024

Looking for all that famous Rocky Patel cigars quality at an incredibly low price? Check out these Rocky Patel Seed To Smoke bundles for one of the best premium cigar values in the house!

Presented in two wrapper choices: Shade is a mellow blend rolled in Honduran Connecticut Shade wrappers, and Classic is a medium-bodied blend rolled in Honduran Maduro wrappers.

The core blends are mixed-filler combos of Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers from Rocky’s top tobaccos bunched in a Honduran binder. Both selections are offered in Toro and bundles of 10 cigars.

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ST Dupont Limited Edition Dragon Cigar Case
February 2024

Founded in 1872, luxury accessories brand S.T.Dupont epitomises French elegance. 

Every S.T.Dupont item retains the quality craftsmanship upon which the brand was built, making it the ideal choice for the sophisticated traveller and lover of fine things.

If you are a cigar smoker and want your cigars protected then you need a cigar case by S.T. Dupont. This cigar case has been designed by S.T. Dupont and can fit two cigars inside. The case splits in half so you can place your cigars inside and enclose them.

This S.T. Dupont cigar case features a golden metal base and a burgundy calf leather exterior. The dragon design is illustrated on the cigar case, winding around the burgundy case.

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The Mash Tun, Aberlour, Speyside
February 2024

Looking for the perfect getaway this year? Why not consider a stay at our new hideaway in Scotland, The Mash Tun!

We have 5 rooms named after different scotch whiskies, all rooms have en-suite shower/bathrooms and teriffic views of Speyside. The whisky bar is filled with a massive variety of incredible whiskies! Including the entire range of the Glenfarclas Family Cask. The restaurant hosts the most beautiful food in the whole of Speyside. From Casual bites at the bar to cozy meals in comfort, we have everything you need to have a relaxing getaway.

Read a recent blog article from Kate @ Lovefromscotland.co.uk who certainly enjoyed her stay with us!


Make sure you book your getaway today by clicking the link below.


Bolivar Regentes Edición Limitada 2021
February 2024



The much-anticipated Bolivar Regentes is the 2021 Habanos Limited Edition and measures 5 1/8” (130mm) x 52 ring gauge. The vitola is known as a Discretos in the world-famous cigar factories of Cuba and are presented in special production sliding lid boxes containing 25 cigars.

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LIMITED EDITION - Gurkha 35th Anniversary Red 150 Count Humidor
January 2024

Gurkha cigars are hand-rolled from the finest tobaccos grown in the Cibao Valley of the Dominican Republic.

In 1989, Hansotia decided to resurrect a cigar brand rich in tradition and steeped in legend and history. Gurkha Cigars were created more than a century ago and were known for their meticulously and artisanally handcrafted cigars but when Hansotia revived the brand, there was no way he could have known that the cigar industry was about to experience a boom and he would have the perfect product to attract the new cigar consumer.

Each 150 count Humidor includes: 

25 x Gurkha 35th Anniversary Figurado (6 3/4 x 52)

25 x Gurkha Anniversary Toro (6 x 54)

25 x Gurkha 35th Anniversary Torpedo (6 1/8 x 52)

Only 5 of these extremely limited edition humidors made it into the UK and this is number 127/1000

Click here to view the range of Limited edition Gurkha humidors

New Talamona Di Paolo Pipes
January 2024

The brand Talamona was born in 1970 by Cesare Talamona, an artisan in Oltrona, Italy, Talamona immediately became a famous “brand” abroad with his creativity in large pipes.

Once Cesare withdrew from the market to the age of 85 years old, and not wanting to end his work of “high Italian crafts”, he thought well to entrust everything to Paolo Croci that in 2007 acquires the brand and in 2010 start the limitated production of the brand respecting the will of Cesare Talamona. Still today all the pipes are with an high quality, handmade and in generous size.

Click here to view the range of Talamona pipes

Davidoff Year of the Dragon Limited Edition 2024
January 2024

The Year of the Dragon Limited Edition completes Davidoff’s cycle of twelve consecutive celebrations around the Chinese zodiac. The brand honours the important year with several limited-edition products inspired by the Dragon and its fascinating personality. 

The powerful Dragon requires an equal format, making this zodiac’s cigar the biggest creation out of all “Year of” executions to date. The double corona carries an eye-catching foot ring which covers the uncut part of the cigar. This enables aficionados to enjoy the first inch/2.5 cm of the masterpiece without the wrapper leaf, which creates an intriguing play of flavours and visualizes the Dragon spitting fire.

The blend consists of 8 tobaccos, combined for a total of 60 years aging. In 2024, this number will match the age of a person born in 1964, which is also a Year of the Dragon. This year’s edition comes in a handsome box of ten cigars. The top surface of the box shows a captivating iridescent varnished dragon skin pattern all over. The powerful Year of the Dragon icon in the centre holds a pearl, which in Chinese culture symbolizes wisdom, prosperity and fortune.

A wooden tray inside the box reveals two cigar sections that are divided by a silky red ribbon inspired by the Dragon’s tongue.

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19th December 2023 - Vintage Havana Cigar Auction- News Release
December 2023


C.Gars Auctions are concluding the last auction of this year on Tuesday the 19th December

Over 600 Lots of Vintage, Mature, Pre Embargo, Davidoff, Dunhill, Limited Edition Havana cigars as well as aged Havanas from the 1960's through to the 1990's will be on offer on behalf of estates, investors and collectors. 

Lots are now live and bidding open online until the auction concludes on the 19th December on the Cigar Auction website https://www.onlinecigarauctions.com/

This will be the 48th cigar auction by C.Gars since the auction department was established in 2009.

Auction Lots can be viewed and bid on online http://www.onlinecigarauctions.com/index.php

Auction PDF is on this link https://www.onlinecigarauctions.com/catalog/dec-2023/Acatalogue_12-2023_FullSize.pdf?v=2 




Featured Lots include:

Lot 1 Cohiba Piramides Millenium Jar
Lot 2 Cohiba Siglo V 30th Aniversario jar
Lot 441 Cohiba Seleccion Reserva
Lot 446 Cohiba Siglo Vi Gran Reserva
Lot 453 Partagas Serie C No.1 Colección Habanos
Lot 464 Davidoff Chateau Haut Brion
Lot 468 Davidoff Dom Perignon
Lot 470 Davidoff no.1
Lot 475 Davidoff no.2
Lot 478 Dunhill Atados
Lot 479 Dunhill Cabanas Seleccion Suprema no.751
Lot 482 Dunhill H Upmann Seleccion no.203 jar
Lot 485 Dunhill H Upmann Selection Supreme Double Claro no. 23
Lot 486 Dunhill Havana Club
Lot 454 Cohiba 35th Aniversario humidor
Lot 456 Habanos 1994 humidor
Lot 457 Montecristo Compay humidor
Lot 462 Vegas Robaina 83rd birthday humidor

For any questions don't hesitate to email Michelle Brown and the auction team at [email protected]

Substantial interest is expected from overseas buyers due to the continued shortage of supply in Cuba currently as well as the continuing increased demand from the Far East.

A week in the life - Ybor City edition! Chris & Amy's trip to Ta
November 2023



Norfolk General Manager Amy Watling and her husband/Senior Buyer Chris Watling recently went on a trip to Ybor City in Tampa and it was the trip of a lifetime!

In the late 19th century, Ybor City became a prominent cigar manufacturing center, primarily due to the influx of Cuban, Spanish, and Italian immigrants. The neighborhood's economic backbone was the cigar industry, with numerous factories producing hand-rolled cigars. Known as the cigar capital of the world, they produce some of the best New World Cigars on the market!

They went to many different locations and met so many incredible people in the cigar industry to read more about their amazing trip click here

Oliva Advent Calendar Sampler - 25 Premium Cigars
October 2023

The Oliva Advent Calendar Sampler is a great way for cigar enthusiasts to enjoy the holiday season. With 25 premium handmade cigars from popular blends like Nub, Serie V, Melanio, and more, there is a wide variety of flavours and strengths to discover.

"The best cigar advent calendar to keep your holidays smoky!"

This Advent Calendar includes:

- Oliva Serie V: Double Robusto & Belicoso
- Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado
- Oliva Serie O: Robusto & Double Toro
- Oliva Serie G: Double Robusto & Churchill
- Oliva Connecticut Reserve Robusto
- Nub: Cameroon, SG, Connecticut & Maduro
- Cain Daytona Double Toro
- Aliados: Original Blend Robusto & Toro

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Por Larranaga 47 Cigar Launch Event
October 2023

C.Gars Ltd are delighted to invite you to be a part of this special sampling event where we will be a massive part of the launch of the brand new Por Larranaga 47 cigar! 

At all of our fantastic events you will be treated to some amazing cigar and spirit pairings. 

The cigar that we will be sampling on the night will be the all new Por Larranaga 47 cigar which is a brand new Havana cigar which is being released at this amazing Launch event! At exactly 6:30pm we will light the cigar to celebrate the official launch into the world. This will be paired with a selection of spirits for you all to enjoy throughout the evening. 

Each one of you in attendance will also receive a gift pack to take home with you, this will include another Por Larranaga 47 cigar, another commemorative item as well as a Hine Cigar Reserve Miniature

Come and be a part of history and celebrate the launch of this beautiful cigar with us!

Click here to purchase your ticket from your local store today


Cohiba Siglo De Oro - Year of the Rabbit
September 2023

LIMITED EDITION - Only 18,888 boxes produced!

The latest and most ingenious addition to the iconic Cohiba cigar range - It represents a celebration in honour of the Year of the Rabbit, along side the 30th anniversary of Cohiba's Siglo Line.

This release is a special unique vitola, the first for any Cuban cigar as of yet, named exitosos, which measures in at 114 mm by a 54 ring gauge.

The Siglo De Oro also is unique in that is it the first of its kind (in the cigar industry) to feature NFC technology - Meaning, aficionados will be able to scan a box with their phone and verity its authenticity directly on Habanos' website/mobile app.

These Cuban cigars feature a beautiful foot band in black and gold in addition to the well known Cohiba main band. They come boxed in a luxurious varnished box of 18 cigars.

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La Casa del Habano & Puffin rooms opens in Edinburgh
September 2023

For many weeks we have been teasing a new store opening and now it’s finally open! The La Casa del Habano & Puffin rooms in Edinburgh.
It contains the finest range of hand made Havana cigars in a beautiful walk-in humidor. The cigars include La Casa del Habano exclusives, cabinets of 50, boxes of 10 and 25 as well as small packs and singles.

We also have an extensive range of ashtrays, lighters and cutters as well as pipes and pipe tobacco. You can also enjoy a cigar on our heated cigar terrace paired with plenty of whisky, rum, wine and cocktails.

Alongside the LCDH store we have our incredible new Puffin Rooms in the heart of Edinburgh, to add to our original venue in Liverpool. Inside is an abundance of cocktails and food available 7 days a week. It features an array of creative cocktails and over 200 rare whiskies available by the glass. 

You can find La Casa del Habano & Puffin Rooms Edinburgh at 11 Lister Square, Edinburgh, EH3 9GL.

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