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Travel Humidors... Perfect for the adventurer

  Travel Humidors are ideal if you are constantly on the move, frequently travelling/commuting to different locations or simply want a portable compact product to add to your collection. Each of our humidors comes complete with Humidor Starter Pack which includes: * Cigar Cutter * ...

Wednesday 19 August, 2020

Large Capacity Humidors.. For those who need extra space!

Humidors come in a vast range of sizes and styles. For those who need extra space to store their larger range of cigars we have a great range of humidors here at C Gars to choose from. Our large capacity humidors start at 100 cigars and go up to units large enough to hold over 3000 cigars! We stock ...

Saturday 01 August, 2020

Handmade and Unusual - Jemar Humidors

We are delighted to share with you a fantastic range of unique handmade humidors, made by Jemar. Jemar humidors are made by hand by specialist craftsmen using traditional techniques. They assemble, smooth and varnish by hand to a high standard.   Jemar humidors are entirely made of so...

Sunday 14 June, 2020

A guide to setting up your Humidor

Setting up a humidor is a lot easier then you may think and will help age your cigars to make them the perfect smoke.    Firstly fill up the humidifier with either humidification solution or distilled water, I suggest using humidification solution as this is a mix of distilled wat...

Thursday 06 February, 2020

How to calibrate your hygrometer

A hygrometer is an instrument used to measure relative humidity, over time your hygrometer will become inaccurate and need calibrating. I suggest calibrating at least once a year to ensure your hygrometer is also accurate.   To calibrate your hygrometer you need a coffee cup, half a cup o...

Thursday 06 February, 2020

Boveda The Simple Humidification System

Boveda is a two-way humidity control pouch which is designed to be used with desktop humidors to keep your cigars in the correct condition at home. There are other ways of controlling the humidity, for example with a humidifier unit, but these require more attention and topping up with distilled wat...

Friday 13 December, 2019

Humidor Engraving

Engraving C.Gars Ltd offer an engraving service on all humidors.If you require engraving you will need to enter the initials or words that you would like to be engraved in the comments section when going through the checkout. Please note that the humidors are not directly engraved on t...

Friday 17 November, 2017

Best Cigar Humidors Under 100

Whether you are looking for your very first humidor, looking for a cheap upgrade or some extra storage, it can be tricky to find the best humidor at the lowest price, especially when there are so many amazing quality humidors available for a bargain price. Here at C.Gars to make your life a little e...

Wednesday 25 October, 2017

Choosing the perfect Humidor

Humidors...because cigars need a home too Writer: Cally Humphrey  Cigars are precious little items of joy, well to us anyway. They have to be kept at the correct temperature and humidity to keep them fresh and ready for you to smoke. Cigars can start to dry out if left ...

Friday 01 September, 2017
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