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Adorini Humidors

Adorini has become internationally respected for making some of the best cigar humidors around. The company was founded in 1999 by Felix Spohn and Dr. Daniel Spohn and since then it has grown to become one of the leading humidor brands in the world. They combine the most sophisticated components, highest quality materials and innovative designs.

To begin with the philosophy was always to focus on making the highest quality products at a fair price, while continuously seeking for innovations in the optimisation of product functionality and product design. This has been well received by the cigar community as they have become increasingly knowledgeable about everything cigar related and not just the cigars themselves. The demand for superior products is always increasing and the offerings of mass producers are no longer good enough. Knowing this Adorini have committed themselves to offering the best value humidors which are of a much superior quality.

Adorini deluxe humidors have an extra-strong humidor structure, they apply an extra-strong spanish cedar veneer which is usually only found in some of the finest humidors on the market. The lid is supported by a solid hand-polished hinge made from 24k gold plating. They have skilled craftsmen who specialise in the construction of humidors to take care of assembling the products then after final adjustments, up to 20 individual layers of lacquer are applied. The construction of one humidor uses many hours of manual labour but this is what it takes to reach the high standards they pride themselves on. All humidors undergo a thorough quality control prior to shipment and because Adorini are so confident that their quality is the best possible they have placed a lifetime warranty on all of their humidors which is the first humidor brand to provide this.

The new generation of Adorini humidors have incredible innovations never seen before such as ventilation ribs otherwise known as Ribtech. These ribs are in the humidor case and trays to ensure improved air circulation. As well as the Ribtech, Adorini also used a deluxe humidification system, this is based on a new kind of acryl which is developed in aerospace research. This system is more accurate, stable and easy to maintain humidification. Other innovations include a pre-calibrated high precision hair hygrometer, divider label clips for a more attractive presentation of cigars and a new generation humidification system - The Adorini LV humidifier. 

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Written by Oliver Partington