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Boveda vs Humidification Solution

Deciding how you want to humidify your humidor can be a big decision, for example, using Boveda is an easy option but it doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing, and whilst humidification solution in a humidifier looks much nicer, it takes a lot to keep the humidor running perfectly.

Before deciding on what to use, you will need a hygrometer and a thermometer - these are used to see the conditions of your humidor. If you want more precise readings a Caliber IV is the perfect tool to give you accurate humidity and temperature readings.

If you are going to use solution you need to choose the correct one. Using only distilled water won't maintain any sort of humidity level and as a result your cigars will suffer. Instead try using cigar humidification solution - it is made up of distilled water and propylene glycol (a liquid alcohol which is used as a solvent, in antifreeze, plastics, and perfume industries). The advantages of using this solution is that it will assist in keeping the environment stable. For instance, when your humidor is too dry the propylene glycol will release moisture into the area and when it is too humid then it will absorb the excess humidity. Another benefit is the propylene glycol will fight off the growth of mould, which once it takes over cigars and a especially a humidor it is very hard to get rid of, so protecting against it is important. 

With solution you will need to top up your humidifier every two weeks to ensure it is working at optimum performance - This can be quite fiddly to do as the liquid can be messy. Another disadvantage of solution is it will aim to get your humidity to 100% so controlling it can be very difficult. Meanwhile Boveda packs will aim to get your humidor to whatever percentage you have chosen.

Using Boveda to control the humidity is really simple, buy the size pack you need for your humidor and place it in - It really is that simple! You will still need your hygrometer and thermometer to make sure it is at the humidity you need, this will help to show if the percentage Boveda you have used is strong enough or if you will have to purchase another one with a higher or lower percentage. Every week or so you will need to check the Boveda pack to make sure it is still fresh, if not then you will have relatively no humidity in your humidor meaning your cigars will be dying. The only downside to Boveda they are not the most pleasing to the eye in your humidor, however they do have a holder which makes them look much nicer!

In short, humidification solution is great at fighting mould and better looking yet is annoying and fiddly to keep filling up, whereas Boveda doesn't look as attractive but is extremely easy to use.

Written by Oliver Partington