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Finding the Perfect Gift for Fathers Day!
June 2018

Find the best gift for Father's Day on 17th June 2018. Browse our range of presents for your dad to give him what he really wants. Choose from our ideal cigar, whisky and pipe smoking gifts sure to put a smile on that special man's face.

Cigars we would recommend this month are from our new range of Caldwell cigars. This brand will surprise and delight you and is certainly one that you should submit to the latest trend with. Unique and interesting blending meets quality and style. This is one hype train that won’t be derailed!

If you're looking for a whisky look no further than the Dalmore Cigar Malt. The Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve is actually a reworking of the original Dalmore Cigar Malt which was discontinued in 2009.

The new version is significantly different, incorporating older stocks and a more adventurous ageing process with multiple casks adding to this whisky’s distinct character. Amazing flavours of toffee, carame; and vanilla will be sure to please your Dad on Father's day.

Father's Day Gifts
Caldwell Cigars!!!
May 2018

There’s not many boutique brands that have had as big a “hype train” as Caldwell. They seem to have gone from a little-known brand, to one of the most talked about, in no time at all! Sometimes “fad cigars” can leave us a bit disappointed, but this one has some legitimacy. This brand will surprise and delight you and is certainly one that you should submit to the latest trend with. Unique and interesting blending meets quality and style. This is one hype train that won’t be derailed!

Robert Caldwell is the face of Caldwell Cigar Co. a company founded in 2014 that produces its core line of cigars at Tabacalera William Ventura in the Dominican Republic. Caldwell entered the cigar industry in 2008, when he launched a concierge-like service that provides cigars and cigar accessories to high-end hotels and restaurants. Today, his portfolio boasts over 10 brands made in three different countries, and he’s known for his popular collaborative blending projects with other cigar makers.

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H. Upmann Sir Winston Gran Reserva Cosecha 2011 - Now Available!
May 2018

The latest release from the most coveted and extremely collectable cigar line is now available.

The H. Upmann Sir Winston Gran Reserva Cosecha 2011 is a 7 x 47 Churchill vitola, also known as the Julieta No.2. It uses tobacco from the 2011 crop grown in Cuba’s Pínar del Río province, the western most province and home to the island’s premium tobacco farms. A total of 5,000 boxes of 15 cigars are being produced, making for a total run of 75,000 cigars.

This is the first time that the H. Upmann marca has been used for a Gran Reserva release, which is considered to be among Habanos S.A.’s top cigars produced. All of the tobacco has been aged for a minimum of five years, before rolling the cigars, and only released when there is enough tobacco to produce such a release as opposed to on a fixed schedule.

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Partagas Series No. 1 Limited Edition 2017 – Finally Available!
May 2018

The third Habanos Limited Edition of 2017 has finally arrived, albeit a few months late: Partagas Series No.1.

This is the tenth time that the Partagas brand has been chosen to represent the Limited Edition concept and like its predecessors, the Series No.1 will surely not disappoint and prove to have been worth the wait.

As found with Limited Edition Habanos, the cigars are dressed with dark, oily wrappers and adorn a second band.

This limited edition cigar is only available in a limited number and is a must have in any cigar enthusiasts humidor.

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Alec Bradley Orchant Seleccion
May 2018

We are proud to introduce you to the long awaited Alec Bradley Orchant Seleccion cigars which are exclusive to C.Gars Ltd and Turmeaus tobacconists.

Following on from the pre-release cigars which were greatly received at the launch events across the Turmeaus locations in late 2017. The cigars have been ready since early May 2017 but have been resting in Honduras until they are of absolute optimum smoking condition and will deliver the greatest enjoyment.

Only 100 of each vitola adorned with the pre-release band had been shipped for the events so they are now very much collectors’ items and something special indeed.

The Alec Bradley Orchant Seleccion blend is presented in three different vitolas, the same as the Oliva Orchant Seleccion cigars which have become a staple smoke in many UK cigar aficionados humidor and still receive top ratings and reviews.

Tasting notes:

The blend is a magnificent smoke, the double binder really adds a unique touch to the overall experience. Offering a slow burning smoke, giving you plenty of time to savor and truly enjoy the great harmony of flavours.

You will be introduced to a crisp, woody taste as you light this cigar which is complimented with notes of crème brûlée and brown sugar. As the smoke progresses hints of black pepper will appear leading the smoke to finish on a subtle spiciness.

We hope you enjoy these cigars which have been hand blended for C.Gars customers.

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Still Puffin!
April 2018

Our Puffin’ Rooms Founder Membership is now open at our Liverpool location. Pop in and enjoy an evening of live jazz and blues, superb small plate menu and our incredible cocktails and my team will be happy to explain the benefits of membership.

Founder Membership will give you access to lots of unique opportunities, including; members only evenings, special tastings, deep discounted wine and champagne nights, whisky tastings and pairings. Plus chef Chris’s food tasters and of course preferred reservations.

You will also enjoy privileges in any Turmeaus retail location, including 10% discount on any whisky and other spirits, plus all non tobacco goods.

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Cigars and Whisky Pairings
April 2018

A question we often get asked here at C.Gars is "what's the best cigar and whisky pairing?" There is no definitive answer but we do have few answers that you might like. What do you choose first the cigar or whisky? Well most people will usually choose the cigar considering the flavour of the cigar and choose to pair the taste of the whiskey with the vintage of the smoke. Of course, avoiding a smoke-tinged whiskey is preferable as you generally want something that highlights the deeper flavours of the cigar.

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Online Cigar Auction
March 2018

The Spring auction (last Tuesday) yielded some pretty interesting results. Interest was very strong on Davidoff cigars, higher than expected on Limited Edition Humidors, steady on Pe Embargos and very strong on early Limited Editions.

We leave all sold results online as a resource (going back to 2009) and it’s interesting to see how prices and tastes have moved over the last decade.

One of the most fascinating auction lots was Lot 136 – Montecristo Especial from 2009 which sold for over 3 times the estimate.

6 + hours of concentrating on the auction left me in need of a herf so I headed to Boisdale Belgravia on Wednesday for a delightful lunch with friends followed by Trinidad Vigia and Partagas Salomones paired up with ClanRanald Claret (on the Boisdale members wine list) First rate lunch and excellent service as ever (and the wine wasn’t too shabby either!) I then headed over to meet friends at Turmeaus Mayfair for a dram or two of Stalla Dhu Ben Nevis and another Trinidad Vigia to complete a very relaxing herfing day.
Exclusive to C.Gars - AJ Fernandez
March 2018

Raised in Cuba and steeped in the rich tradition of the Fernandez cigar legacy, A.J. produces unparalleled premium cigars in Esteli, Nicaragua. Ensuring superior quality, the day-to-day operations are managed under the watchful eye of A.J. and his father Ismael, with assistance from the rest of his extended family.

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Alec Bradley Fitlhy Hooligans 2018
March 2018

We are delighted to announce the return of one of our most popular Limited edition New-World cigars, the Alec Bradley Black Market Filthy Hooligans for 2018. This cigar has been released annually on St. Patrick’s Day since it was introduced in 2013.

Made in Honduras by Alec Bradley, they are boxed in a classic Green and Brown Black Market “crate” of 22 cigars to match the Barber Pole effect of the Candela and Cuban seed wrapper on the cigar.

The floral characteristics of this emerald green wrapper blends perfectly with the natural sweetness of the hearty Jalapa leaf, making it the perfect medium to full bodied companion with some traditional corned beef and a hearty Irish stout. In fact, Filthy Hooligan is so darn delicious that every day will be St. Patrick’s Day when you smoke one!

New Malt of the Month
March 2018

From humble roots, beginning in 1890, Flor de Cana has become the leading rum brand in central America. One of their rums, the Flor de Cana 18 year old, has won the highest distinction in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the International Wine and Spirits Competition in London.

Due to the success of the brand Flor de Cana now presents its new and elegant image with a complete redesign of its bottles and labels, reinforcing the heritage, provenance and tradition of the brand.

We have the entire range on special offer for the whole of March. Try your bottle now and save money!

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New Cuban Cigar Releases for 2018
February 2018

Habanos S.A have announced which Cuban cigars will be released in 2018... whether we do actually get them in 2018, rather than 2019 and beyond, who knows?!

The first cigar announced at the conference in Havana was the Romeo y Julieta Gran Churchill. A 7 ½ inch by 56 ring gauge beauty which will be presented in a 100 count humidor made by luxury, French humidor producers Elie Bleu.

Following up the RyJ Gran Churchill is the super exciting Cohiba Robusto Reserva Cosecha 2014 which will be limited to just 5000 boxes. After the success (and price!) of the Talisman, we are very interested to see what happens with these. No doubt interest and demand will be very high... and stocks will be very low.

The extremely popular Partagas Maduro line will be getting two new vitolas; the Maduro No. 2, a short pyramid measuring 4 ¾” by 55 ring gauge, and the Maduro No. 3, a 5 ¾ by 50 ring gauge. These are very welcome members to the family it has quickly become one of the most popular lines for Partagas, but I am extremely excited to see how it smokes in a torpedo format.

The other big release comes to the Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo range, this will be known as a Rio Seco and will be the widest in the range at 5 ½ by 56. So those who have been enjoying this trend for wider gauge cigars should keep there eyes open for this one, I’m sure it’s going to be an instant classic.

The newest Habanos brand, Vegueros, will also be getting a new size with the Centrofinos which will measure 5 ½ by 50. So pretty large cigars all round really, if we class anything over a robusto as large.

The Limited Editions for 2018 have also been announced; Romeo y Julieta Taco - 6 2/3 x 49, Bolivar Soberano – 5 ½ x 54 and an H. Upmann Propios – 4 ¾ x 46. Again, whether we will see these in 2018, who knows anymore!

Still, it’s all very exciting, some big brands releasing, what look to be, some excellent cigars. We shall wait and see.

Take a look at some of the previous Limited editions here
The latest Limited Edition Cuban cigar 2017 (Just a bit late)
February 2018
Punch Regios de Punch Cigar (Limited Edition 2017)

The latest Limited Edition Cuban cigar for 2017 (albeit a little late!)

This follows the crazy success of the Cohiba Talisman but will appeal to a slightly different audience. This is the UK cigar fan’s cigar; a much more sensible price, the same excellent quality, more mild than the Talisman, but from one of the most popular brands in the UK. We don’t expect these to sell out quite as fast as the Talisman, but they certainly won’t hang around for long.

Our advice, pick up a cabinet for now, and a cabinet to age – it will definitely be worth the wait!

February 2018
Mitchelleros – The NEW Affordable Cigar - Exclusive to C.Gars Ltd

C.Gars Ltd is delighted to launch our exclusive brand of Mitchellero cigars. Made specially for C.Gars by Nestor Plasencia in Nicaragua to a blend selected, tested and approved by Mr Orchant.

These delightful cigars are medium strength with a medium sweet flavour and a hint of cedar and spice . Beautifully crafted with a rich brown Connecticut wrapper the construction is quite perfect and allows for a cool and easy draw.

Available exclusively at C.Gars Ltd and Turmeaus cigar shops at an incredible value for money price. Do not confuse this premium cigar brand for cheap imitations. There is nothing on the market that will compare to the quality and price of this excellent premium cigar.

The NEW Mitchellero range has been blended with the Chinchalero cigar smoker in mind, the main difference being that they use long filler rather than short filler. This gives the cigar a much more controlled and refined flavour; the spice is softer and less distinct on each puff, the cigar also has a good degree of development and complexity. Furthermore, you don't get bits of loose short filler in your mouth whilst smoking. All round, a much better cigar for a very similar price with a very similar flavour.

See James's and Calum's taste test reviews below:

View the range

James's Trip to the Dominican Republic - February 2018
February 2018

I'm back from my trip to Santiago and Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic, one of the birth places of some of the very best, premium cigars in the world. The journey was a real eye opener and made me realise that we often overlook this country, and it is to our own detriment! The commitment, love and passion that these people have is second to none, and it shines through their excellent cigars brighter than the sun.

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Get Ready!
February 2018

In the next few weeks we will have a specific treat for you to get you ready for St Patricks day.

Best Cigar Humidors Under £100
January 2018
Best Humidors under £100 banner

Best Cigar Humidors Under £100

Writer: Imogen Wright 25/10/2017

Whether you are looking for your very first humidor, looking for a cheap upgrade or some extra storage, it can be tricky to find the best humidor at the lowest price, especially when there are so many amazing quality humidors available for a bargain price. Here at C.Gars to make your life a little easier, we have picked out a few of our favourite humidors that are the best value...

Read more here.
Happy New Year!!!
January 2018

Thanks to all our new and loyal customers for making 2017 one of C.Gars best years. We look forward to another year of giving you the biggest and best range at the lowest prices.

Make sure to top up your humidors and drinks cabinets after the holiday splurge
NEW!! Davidoff Exclusive Orchant Seleccion Lancero Cigar
December 2017

Special introductory price for 2017 only.

Single - £19.99
Box of 10 - £199

This is a ground-breaking cigar as it’s the first time that an exclusive cigar has been co-branded, all the other skyline editions are exclusive to Davidoff stores

The Blend has been personally selected by Mitchell Orchant, the leading cigar specialist in the UK, and made exclusively for C.Gars Ltd – London. You are assured a flawless cigar every time.

Davidoff are an ultra premium brand of cigars that exude luxury with every aspect – taste, construction and packaging. They have a long history of producing some of the very best cigars in the world with this release being no exception.

This Limited Edition range will be a big hit among cigar aficionado’s world wide and is sure to become a unique collectors item.
C.Gars Cigar Auction
December 2017
Online Cigar Auction

Our 4th and final auction of the year took place on Tuesday. This was an incredible sale with some of the rarest Havanas being knocked down at record proceeds. This could be partly due to the weakness of Sterling and certainly due to their scarcity.

The sale had around a 98% sell rate with around 360 Lots going under the (electronic!) hammer. Pre embargo interest seemed a little softer than previous sales as did Davidoff prices which was a surprise. Dunhill prices edged ever higher as did good quality vintage and limited edition Havana cigars.

Highlights of the sale (excluding auctioneers fees) to name a few included:

Cohiba Majestuosos Humidor £6,850
Dunhill Cabinetta £11,000
Dunhill Estupendos £8,300
La Flor de Cano Diademas £6,200
La Flor de Cano Short Churchills £7.600
Cohiba Gran Reserva £5,500
Davidoff Chateau Mouton Rothschild £5,000
Romeo Clemenceaus £5,550
Diplomaticos No. 2 £3,800
Upmann Sir Winston £3,750

Thanks to all of our sellers and congratulations to all of our bidders. Our next auction will be held on March 20th 2018.

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