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5 Great Pipe Smoking Accessories

The most important thing when it comes to pipe smoking is of course the pipe and tobacco! However the accessories you use can greatly enhance your experience and make life easier for yourself. Below I have chosen 5 accessories that will help you enjoy your pipe that little bit more.

Neerup Brown Leather Pipe & Accessories Pouch - This beautiful bag is perfect for the pipe smoker on the go, it can hold one pipe and a great variety of accessories. Why try to search for your lighter in your pocket when you can place it in a highly convenient bag and look classy reaching for it.

Mr Brog Oak Wood F2 Pipe Stand - What can be more pleasurable than admiring your pipe? How about admiring all of your pipes on a beautiful pipe stand. This Mr Brog pipe stand allows you to rest two pipes and whilst you smoke a third. It is important to allow your pipe to rest in between smokes, so having a rotation of pipes is vital and with this stand you get to make your pipes look stylish while they wait their turn.

Passatore Henry Pipe Lighters - I cannot recommend these lighters enough! They are stylish and extremely helpful! They have an angled flame which is very long to ensure you don’t burn yourself while lighting. It also contains a prodder and tamper meaning you can just take these lighters anywhere knowing you have your tools with you at the same time.

Savinelli Airtight Humidor Tobacco Storing Jar - This high quality tobacco jar is designed to preserve the freshness of your tobacco. Its airtight seal helps maintain the moisture and flavour of your tobacco, ensuring a delightful smoking experience.

Ceramic Round Black Three Rests Pipe Ashtray & Cork Knocker - Everyone needs a place to tap out their pipe and this ceramic pipe ashtray has everything you'll need before lighting up. This convenient pipe ashtray is especially designed for the pipe smoker and features three pipe rests, a large ash reservoir and a cork pipe knocker, perfect for tapping out your ash and stopping any damage to your pipe. 

Hopefully this has given you some ideas to make your pipe smoking experience more enjoyable.

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