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How to Store Pipe Tobacco

Pipe smoking has been around for many years and is still a classic way to enjoy tobacco. Just like cigars, pipe smoking focuses on flavours but with the use of a pipe. When you purchase tobacco for pipe smoking it can be difficult to keep it fresh and to store so that's why we have made this guide to help you.

Pipe tobacco needs to be stored in the proper conditions to stop it from drying out and becoming difficult to smoke. We suggest maintaining a relative humidity level of between 55% and 72% and keeping the temperature between 15 to 21 degrees celsius. Keeping the tobacco out of direct sunlight will also help, as this will dry it up instantly making it unsmokeable. We suggest using Bovedas as they are the global leader of 2-way humidity control.

Pipe tobacco typically comes in two types of packaging: either sealed tins or ziplock bags. If your tobacco is in a tin, it will be easier to store, and whilst it is still sealed then it will stay moist and fresh (however, once you have broken the seal the tobacco can dry out within two to three weeks). If your tobacco comes in a ziplock bag then it may dry out faster as it isn't the most air tight option.

So where should you store your pipe tobacco? Contrary to popular belief, pipe tobacco can be stored inside a humidor. The purpose of a humidor is to store tobacco at the correct humidity, so with the right tools and expertise the humidity can be calibrated to what you need for pipe tobacco. Beware while you can store pipe tobacco in a humidor you should not store it with cigars as they may need different conditions so it is safer to keep them separate.

One of the most popular methods of storing tobacco is with a tobacco jar. They tend to be made of ceramic or glass with an airtight rubber top which maintains the moisture levels inside. While this isn't good for those who want to use the tins, it's great for people who buy their tobacco in bulk as it keeps it at the perfect condition and also keeps it tidy. The main issue with tobacco jars is you still need to keep them away from sunlight as it can't protect them from drying out due to the damaging UV rays.

Another way to store your tobacco is in tupperware, this is generally frowned upon as the toxins from the plastic can contaminate the tobacco, however it doesn't mean you can't do this technique. If you use tupperware made from 100% virgin plastic that is free of BPA phthalate then it shouldn't affect the tobacco. Alternatively if you have tobacco tins then the plastic won't affect the tobacco as it won't be in contact. Due to the variety of sizes, tupperware containers make a great storage option for those who are looking for a cheap and easy way to keep your tobacco.

However you decide to use to store your tobacco we are available to help and give advice through our customer care team.

Written by Oliver Partington