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Nostrano Cigars

Nostrano del Brenta are hand finished cigars and are the only cigar brand produced in Italy, which is from entirely Italian tobacco. Other cigars contain a lot of Kentucky tobacco imported from the US. The Nostrano del Brenta tobacco is unique to the Veneto (pronounced VE...

Saturday 18 May, 2019


AVO Orchant Seleccion Cigars

Exclusive to C.Gars and Turmeaus stores across the UK. “During my travels across the world I discovered this very special AVO cigar that I am pleased to bring exclusively to all UK cigar lovers” - Mitchell Orchant Inspired by the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Avo Uvezian, AVO's Master...

Monday 13 May, 2019


Double Dutch Cigars

Dutch cigars are popular all over the world. Each year around 2 billion Dutch cigars are exported to over 100 countries. Therefore Dutch cigars are the most exported cigars in the world. World-wide the Dutch cigar industry is the second largest cigar manufacturer.  Double Dutch cigars have b...

Saturday 11 May, 2019


Flying Dutch Cigars

Dutch cigars are popular all over the world. Each year around 2 billion Dutch cigars are exported to over 100 countries. Therefore Dutch cigars are the most exported cigars in the world. World-wide the Dutch cigar industry is the second largest cigar manufacturer. Flying Dutch cigars have been bl...

Friday 10 May, 2019


Montecristo Gran Piramides

The Cuban Montecristo Gran Pirámides, part of the limited Colección Habanos series, have finally started to reach retail shops across the globe—and they’re not cheap. Although this release is technically the 2017 edition, shop owners have only begun to see them th...

Monday 29 April, 2019

Cigar Articles

Turmeaus Norfolk Opening Party - Hosted by Davidoff

March 19th was the date of the Turmeaus Norfolk opening party. We would like to thank Jim Young and Davidoff for hosting the sold out event that was enjoyed by all. Some amazing cigars were sampled which included; Davidoff Late Hour Robusto, Avo Domaine Short perfecto and the Davidoff Aniversario Sh...

Friday 26 April, 2019

Media & Events

Anthonys trip to the Dominican Republic

It has been quite an amazing first year as part of the C.Gars Ltd team for me, from knowing very little about the industry, to being completely in love with the history, the stories and the art. At the beginning of February I was given the opportunity of a life time to not only visit the Dominican R...

Wednesday 06 March, 2019

Media & Events

Calums trip to the Dominican Republic

At the start of February, I was very fortunate to be picked to go on the “Davidoff – Viaje al Origen” trip to the Dominican Republic, to experience the world of Davidoff cigars first hand. So at the start of February, 22 members of the cigar trade from all across Europe all met in ...

Tuesday 26 February, 2019

Media & Events

Gentili Humidors

Made in Italy by Gentili. Hand crafted to perfection from beautiful woods. This humidor is a piece of furniture that will look delightful in either office or home. Do not be fooled by cheap imitations or for that matter more expensive humidors that are not of the same quality. This is a splendid hum...

Friday 11 January, 2019


Smoking your cigar

  A cigar can provide a great deal of enjoyment, and it should not be rushed. Allow yourself time to appreciate the whole experience, from choosing and cutting to lighting and smoking. The pleasurable ritual of smoking a cigar begins with cutting it. Most modern experts agree that the best way...

Sunday 30 September, 2018

New to Cigars

Reviving your cigars

  There has been much discussion and argument over whether cigars can be restored to their normal state once they have dried out. If a cigar has become dry and the wrapper has not cracked and unravelled, then it can be restored. But this must be done slowly and patiently. If the wrapper has ac...

Wednesday 26 September, 2018

New to Cigars

How to cut and light a cigar?

  How to cut and light a cigar, this is an art that will maximise enjoyment of your chosen smoke. Every Havana is made from three components; filler, binder and a wrapper leaf that is sealed at the cigar's 'head' with a cap made from a piece of wrapper leaf.To cut a Havana, you need to remove ...

Thursday 20 September, 2018

New to Cigars

The evil of weevil

  There is no more depressing sight than, when opening a box of your favourite Havanas, you find the cigars inside riddled with holes. It means that you have suffered an attack by Lasioderma Serricorne, to give it the scientific name, otherwise called the Tobacco Weevil, the Tob...

Tuesday 18 September, 2018

New to Cigars

To age or not to age... that is the question!

‘ To age or not to age’ … that is the question ! ( with thanks to our friend Reuven Zasler for this article) Aside from my own hands-on experience concerning the topic of ageing, as well as the positive experience of other enthusiasts, there exits a body of literature, albeit qui...

Friday 14 September, 2018

New to Cigars

Setting up your Humidor

Havana cigars mature like fine wines, in fact they will continue to improve for up to their first 15 years and in many cases much longer, but they do need a little basic care.The humidifier in your humidor should be topped up with either humidification solution or distilled water (available from mos...

Thursday 13 September, 2018

New to Cigars

Calibrate your Hygrometer

  A hygrometer is an instrument used to measure relative humidity.Relative humidity is a measure of how much water the air is holding, relative to the maximum amount of water the air could possibly hold at a given temperature. Because of the delicate design of hygrometers, it is easy for them ...

Tuesday 04 September, 2018

New to Cigars

100% Guaranteed Counterfeit Cohibas

For years we have heard rumours about a special box of Cohiba Esplendidos with a see through lid and a humidity device inside it.   Admittedly most of these reports came from the other side of the Atlantic, but nevertheless we were intrigued.Inquiries to Habanos SA met with a firm denia...

Friday 31 August, 2018

New to Cigars

Beginners Guide to Cubans

Following our recent marketing survey, we realise that we have a vast cross section of customers ranging from the beginner who is just starting out in the Havana cigar world to the connoisseur who is looking for something with a little more complexity and sophistication. With over 500 cigars in...

Wednesday 29 August, 2018

New to Cigars

How to store your cigars while travelling

Whether it's a budget Dutch cigar or a premium Cuban, there is no greater pleasure than relaxing with a delicious smoke. So how do you make sure your cigars stay safe while travelling on holiday or for work? Cigars are very susceptible to damage due to a change in their climate, if you store th...

Tuesday 28 August, 2018

New to Cigars

Alec Bradley Orchant Seleccion

As the biggest and best cigar specialist in the UK we strive to bring you the best quality products at the lowest prices. One of the ways we achieve this is by directly sourcing brands that are exceptionally good and buying in large quantities to give us exclusive distribution. This enables us to ge...

Friday 24 August, 2018


Trip to the Peterson Factory

  I was lucky enough to get an invitation to visit the Peterson Pipe factory in Dublin. It was such an amazing experience, and we had such lovely hosts! I just had to write down what happened, and the hard work that went into creating a single pi...

Thursday 16 August, 2018

Media & Events

New to Cigars!

- Everything you need to know when starting to choose and smoke your first cigar.   The History of CigarsCigars have been around for decades, dating back to before Christopher Columbus made the cigar more popular in mainstream culture. Native Caribbean's rolled up and smoked dry tobacc...

Wednesday 15 August, 2018

New to Cigars

How to enjoy a cigar by Eugenio

Eugenio is in charge of factory tours at La Aurora, during his time there he has built up a wealth of knowledge and tips on how he thinks a premium cigar should be smoked and enjoyed. So, sit back, light up a La Aurora ADN, and read through his expert advice. You may find some new tech...

Monday 13 August, 2018

New to Cigars

5 Things you need to know about... how cigars are rolled.

I am sure every cigar smoker has been curious at some point as to how their cigar became so beautifully finished and the process behind creating such a masterpiece. I know I was! There are a lot of steps and processes to creating the perfect cigar. So, I am going to present the five steps which expl...

Friday 10 August, 2018

New to Cigars
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