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Learn with Lewis - Hoyo de Monterrey



As an administrator, my role is extremely varied
within the business here at C.Gars Ltd.

I am extremely interested in the cigars, whisky and other products we have to offer and enthusiastic to learn about them.

Follow me along on this learning journey, as I take you through what I have learnt about our brands so far; hopefully you can learn something new too!


Today I have been learning about the brand Hoyo de Monterrey.


Inaugurated in the 1850’s by José Gener, Hoyo de Monterrey is a name comprised of two brands of premium cigar. One is produced of the Island of Cuba for Habanos South America, and the other produces cigars in the Honduras by General Cigar Company, whom of which are now secondary of Swedish Match.

Hoyo de Monterrey translates to ‘Hole of Monterrey’, to which some believe this is a reference to the ideal dipped terrain for growing tobacco within the area.

Gener passed away in 1900, passing the company down to his daughter, Lutgarda Gener, and had continued to be a family business for the next 30 years. After this time, the Gener family decided to sell the company. Lo and behold, the Cuban revolution came around. After so, in 1959, Hoyo de Monterrey was procured by the Villazon family. Hoyo de Monterrey proceeded with production in Cuba and in Honduras, and still, to this day, is a hugely popular cigar brand worldwide.

This was the first brand to introduce a Petit Robusto in 2005. The 50 ring gauge size with a shorter length suits those who like thicker formats, but do not always have the time to enjoy them.

Hoyo de Monterrey is predominantly a light strength brand, known for it’s floral, yet complex flavours. I recently smoked the Du Depute and can say I was definitely not disappointed. This cigar was perfect for those like myself who prefer a lighter strength as opposed to the stronger ones.

Let’s have a look at some cigars from different lines:


Brand and Vitola Size Tasting notes

Epicure No. 2

4 7/8" length and 50 Ring Gauge  "...Floral and nutty, this well-made cigar also shows notes of leather and toasted almond before a sweet, honeyed finish. Elegant and balanced..." - Cigar Aficionado

Petit Robusto

4" length
50 Ring Gauge

Full of flavour, spice, rich and sweet. The cigar lasts around 40 minutes and have a great flavour and complexity. Definitely a cigar to be smoked with at least 6 months age.

Serie Le Hoyo De San Juan

5 7/8" length
54 Ring Gauge
"...A plump, well-made smoke with a veiny wrapper. Its primary notes of almonds and wood take on some earthy, mineral qualities before a sweet, fruity finish..." - Cigar Aficionado

Double Coronas

7 5/8" length
49 Ring Gauge 
Excellent, oily, robust and with powerful flavour and aroma. This is a great smoke. The draw, burn and taste are very good.

Hermosos No. 4 Anajedos

5" length
48 Ring Gauge 
 Slightly unexpected notes of pepper and leather are present throughout with bittersweet dark chocolate popping up towards the end.




So, what have we learnt today?

Today we learnt about some of the history around Hoyo de Monterrey, the fact they were the first brand to introduce the Petit Robusto and the gorgeous flavour notes behind some of their best-selling cigars.


I hope you enjoyed today’s blog of Learn with Lewis, and I hope you learnt something new! Until next time, take care and happy smoking!