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Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas Cigar - 1 Single

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Description Ref # HO0301

Please Note: Hoyo Double Coronas from dress box are currently unavailable but we are substituting with Hoyo Double Coronas from cabinet selection (unbanded)

Length: 7 5/8"
Ring Gauge: 49 
Strength: Light
Packaging: 1 Single Cigar

Vitola: Prominentes
Smoking Time: 60+ Minutes 
Other Cigars in this Vitola: 
Partagas Lusitanias
Punch Double Coronas

Hoyo de Monterrey owes its origin to the town of San Juan y Martinez, which lies at the heart of the Vuelta Abajo zone. Here the Hoyo de Monterrey plantation, one of the great Vegas de Primera, can be reached through a gate on the town's main square inscribed "Hoyo de Monterrey. Jose Gener. 1960."

"Hoyo" literally means "hole" and in this case describes the low-lying position of the plantation on the fertile banks of San Juan y Martinez river.  Jose Gener, a Spaniard from Tarragona, first used the name of his vega on a brand of Habanos in 1865. 

The flavour of Hoyo de Monterrey's blend makes it an attractive choice for those who seek a delicate yet aromatic Habano that is lighter to the taste but with great elegance and complexity. 

Hoyo de Monterrey was the first brand to introduce a Petit Robusto in 2005, the 50 ring gauge size with a shorter length to suit those who like thicker formats, but do not always have the time to enjoy them.

Tasting Notes

Excellent, oily, robust and with powerful flavour and aroma. This is a great smoke. The draw, burn and taste are very good.


90 / 100

"...This large double corona is made with a three-seam cap and tawny wrapper. The draw is firm but still imparts a nutty, floral smoke that develops notes of toffee and baking spices..."


Rare Whisky Specialist


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by Kevin on Sunday 19 April, 2020
Were on lockdown so if you havent got a few of these in your humidor your in trouble... Its a Cuban ready in a couple of years, (when we buy then or thereabouts...). As with the RyJ Churchill a good early smoke at a relatively good price*... Complexity sweet wood milder than most, with its own little punch... Just buy! it is silly not too! * the taxman with PO customs has taketh my limited here but should maintain... Or well all be broke!
by Staff on Friday 03 June, 2016
Reviewed by Joe Gellman C.GARS Ltd allows me to be a chartered libertine in writing these cigar tasting reviews. They never know just what I might say about one of their cigars but have promised to print whatever my opinions might be; brave folks that they are. Not to worry, C.GARS, this is going to be a nice review. "Gorblimey" if this cigar is not one of the greatest made. Measuring a staggering 7 5/8 x 49 (178 x 18.65), the cigar is a impressive item. Let me take you on a trip through this cigar. The oils on this wrapper make it a delight to the eye. A deep, dark, rich, chestnut brown color immediately makes you feel like hiding the riches from prying eyes and salivating mouths and telling your amigos to bog off. There are no veins on the wrapper and, from cap to foot, you cannot but notice it's smooth construction. The cap is almost too perfect to cut. The foot is as even as could measurably be, and looking end up, the tobacco leaf is tightly and symmetrically rolled. The cigar is firm yet yielding just a bit, and there were no soft spots to be found. I had laid this selection down for 4 months and every now and again took a loving look, wondering when I would break down and smoke them. Now was the time to be bold, and thankful am I that I made the decision. There was a definite sweetness when placing the cigar in my mouth and, not to blaspheme Gerard's tasting notes, none of the acidity or harshness he finds in this cigar. The cigar has a very subtle aroma not unlike newly opened Orange blossoms, perhaps best described as delicate. Well, I mention this since our Orange tree has recently bloomed and I am reminded of that fresh aroma which wafts by just as I step from my front door. Having been to the western regions of Vuelta Abajo, I can just imagine Jose' Gener selecting the leaves for this vitola. When you visit Cuba make certain to go there on a clear, warm day and drink in the special aromas of the earth and leaf... you will understand this cigar better, then. The cigar lights well, even, and presents the smoker with abundant rich, thick, gray fog. There is an immediate taste of amber or, more precisely, honey-vanilla. The aromas are not that different from the taste which makes this a much sought after cigar. This was the easiest cigar to do a tasting on; no surprises here. An even, cool burn, a hint of woodiness which is wrapped in light flowery sweet scents. The ash was steady, firm, and very dark. When placed in the ashtray and tested, the ash was crisp and airy-like. There was much time on this cigar and I would not suggest it when there is not the time to enjoy it, leisurely. One's first impression of this cigar is that it is going to be quite full-bodied. This is not the case and, thus, is not a cigar to light up after a heavy meal. I started the day off with this cigar, at 7:30 a.m., and was not disappointed in my timing. Smoking the cigar made me linger over several cups of Mocha-Java coffee. I made time to read the Times, watch passing nubile Beverly Hills ladies, and think of earlier years when the passing day seemed to contain more hours for leisure. Towards the last 2 inches of the cigar I noticed a deeper taste of honey and earth developing which crescendoed in a blast of flavors previously described. At 4 p.m. I left the office for another DC experience with some stronger Kenya blend coffee. The experience was the same as in the early morning. I went home wanting more, not because the tastes did not linger, but due to the delightful smoking experience I had, and the way in which the day seemed to float by.
by Staff on Friday 03 June, 2016
Reviewed by Tom Anderson (June 2001) The package arrived at my house; I opened it and was stunned by what I saw. Like identical triplets, 3 magnificent Hoyo de Monterrey double coronas from José Gener. Beautiful light brown smooth wrapper 7.5inches long and with a ring gauge of 49. I placed them carefully in my luxury El Presidente humidor. (You know, the one with the glass lid and the inaccurate hygrometer J ) I wanted to allow them to rest for a few hours to recover from the rigours of travel with Royal Mail. Cigar 1: I have a palate, which can be likened to a sumo wrestlers armpit, but my nasal lining is to die for. I enjoy a cigar best in my car and that evening I was going out! I took the 1st HdM and snipped the cap with my Xigar and sucked experimentally on the unlit cigar. The initial taste was of too much air so I gently squeezed the cigar and thought that it had been rolled a bit too loose. I toasted the foot with my Blazer and it lit evenly but with loads of smoke. Each draw and I could see the burning end racing towards me. It had been rolled too loose. It burned quickly but evenly with a medium grey firm ash. I don't expect too much from a cigar in the first inch and this one did not disappoint. I began to exhale the smoke through my nostrils and I felt a smooth spicy sensation. Perhaps this was going to be good after all. As the burn progressed the flavour intensified and I was eagerly awaiting the hit on my palate. It came but turned hot and acrid almost immediately. The cigar had climaxed and expired in the first 3 inches. I persevered but had to abandon it with about 3 1/2 inches to go. No way José (Gener) Cigar 2: The next day I had to drive into London and selected the 2nd cigar from my humidor. I pierced this one with a punch and drew experimentally on it. What a difference. I sensed the rush of tobacco odours. I lit it and set off on my journey. A half-inch into the cigar and my nose was experiencing a smooth creamy sensation that was very reminiscent of a Cohiba. This lasted for some time and then I felt a rich spicy sensation in my nose, which intensified as the cigar progressed. The palate sensation came next. I find it difficult to describe but between draws on the cigar I would run my tongue around mouth, teeth and lips to get more of the flavour. I was drawing desperately on the cigar to intensify the sensation. I wanted to slow down on the draw but, I couldn't, the sensations were unbelievable. I was down to ¾ of an inch and I did not want to surrender it. It deserved more than being put into the ashtray. I continued to draw on it until the heat from the lit end was singeing my moustache. The sensations continued in my mouth for what seemed like an eternity. Cigar 3: I lit this cigar the following day. There was some slight damage to the cap but I cut it carefully, fully expecting it to unravel during the smoke. It didn't. A cigar following on from No 2 has got to be an anticlimax. This was a superb smoke. It was almost as good as its predecessor and its only failing was to have a bitter taste about 2inches from the cap. I find it difficult to believe that these 3 cigars came from the same "stable". They appeared to be almost identical in every way but smoked differently
by Staff on Friday 03 June, 2016
Reviewed by Miranda Maduro Mistress 'Twas the night before work week, when all through the house, The Maduro Mistress was stirring, trying not to wake spouse; The humis, half empty, lay on wood floor with care, Waiting, anticipating, for her to come share; Where Mistress' babies had nestled all snug in their cedar, Now only visions of perfect ash wafted in their stead; For that Hoyo De Monterrey Double Corona, with perfect cap, Had just settled in her lungs for a long winter's nap, When out on the humidor it's 7 5/8 inches did indeed flatter, She sucked it right down, quick smart, what a wrapper! When the 49 ring gauge hit her teeth with a gnash, "Divine" she muttered and hit the ashtray with ash. Now the cigar is half gone, but oh what a glow the luster, the strength, the tobacco - whoa, when, what to her wandering eyes should appear, but a 6 pack of Heineken! Oh, what a beer! With a little MacGyver, oh yeah, what a trick, She flipped open a bottle, and damn boys, she's quick! More rapid than eagles, those cigar forces they came, and she whistled and shouted and called them by name: "Now Toasty! Now Flinty! Now, Rustic, yet Smooth. Oh core of Pepper Spice, So, Earthy and Woody! And Leathery to boot! To the cigar smoking hall of fame ye shall go! Oh Hoyo De Monterrey Double Corona, How I shall miss you so... Score 7/10 Whilst I would award this a top prize for lyrical genius, I would have to deduct marks for tasting and description. I just could not feel this one, a great cigar one of my fav's, however unfortunately the tale of Christmas overpowered the review and left a foggy winter finish on a great cigar ! Reviewed by Mat Nicholls Score 2/10 for effort/attempt on the verse! At first I thought - "Ah fa' Christs sake, here we go again - it's the Startrek geezer all over again". Then I read it and thought, no it's not as good as that! What was the point of this? I guess the person liked the stogie - not sure if I could get a reasonable comparison with anything else if I hadn't smoked these before and I can't see why people think this sort of codswallop is a good review. Reviewed by Richard Whitwell (aka Cowell) Score 10/10 Very season appropriate! Quite the effort put forth and most cleverly written! Nice touch to match an appropriate libation as well. Review covers size (both length and gauge), construction, palate flavors and recommendation. Invites one into the entire HdM experience - well done! Reviewed by Alec OVERALL SCORE:19/30
by Chris on Wednesday 27 January, 2016
This isn't a negative review as I have not smoked it yet. If you are relatively new to cigars though it is worth noting that this cigar is very long, basically it doesn't fit in my new small humidor. (I know, I should have checked)Looks great though.
Displaying 1 to 5 (of 20 reviews)
Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  [Next >>] 

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