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What's the difference? Soft Flame vs Jet Flame Cigar Lighters

A flame lighter is essentially the device that cigar smokers use for lighting up their cigars. There are two types available from Soft to Jet.


Soft flame lighters produce a flame that’s soft and these flame lighters usually don’t work perfectly where there are breezes. You may find it hard to light in the wind or need to hold close to the cigar for a longer time, this is because the flame isn't as strong and powerful. The liquid butane used by this type of lighters also tend to release a sort of odor that affects the flavor of the tobacco in the cigar. Regardless of this the soft flame they produce doesn’t easily burn or char the cigar and does the job of easily lighting up your cigar inside. Check out our range of soft flame lighters here


Jet lighters are the type of lighters used by many who smoke cigars as they produce a flame much hotter and powerful which lights and burns the cigar much quicker. They deliver an intense hi-temperature jet flame which makes them well-suited to outdoor and off-grid activities. But due to the high flame intensity they tend to easily burn the smaller ring-gauged cigars so are best to use of cigar ring gauage 48 or above. Check out the large range here


Written By Katie Lodge - 21/07/2020