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Vegas Robaina

The Vegas Robaina brand is relatively young in the Cuban cigar industry. It was established in 1997, and quickly gained a reputation for producing premium cigars that reflect the essence of Cuban tobacco. Before the brand existed Don Alejandro Robaina was already considered one of Cuba’s most respected tobacco growers..

Vegas Robaina cigars are made from tobacco grown in the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba, which is considered as the best tobacco-growing region in the country. The soil and climate of this region contribute to the unique flavour profiles, characterised by its richness, depth and complexity. They are handcrafted by skilled torcedores (cigar rollers) in the H. Upmann factory in Havana. The production process involves meticulous attention to detail, with each cigar being carefully rolled and inspected to ensure quality and consistency.

Vegas Robaina cigars are highly sought after, their availability outside of Cuba can be sparse due to the limited production and distribution channels. They are often regarded as a premium product and may be found in highly regarded cigar shops and online retailers who specialise in Cuban cigars like C.Gars and Turmeaus. They offer a range of cigar sizes and blends to cater to many people. Some of the most popular blends include the Unicos and Famosos. Each blend is crafted to deliver a unique smoking experience, with variations in flavour, strength and complexity.

Over the years, Vegas Robaina cigars have received numerous accolades and high ratings from cigar enthusiasts. Their consistency, rich flavours and excellent construction has earned them a loyal following among cigar connoisseurs worldwide.

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Written by Oliver Partington