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Benefits of Enjoying Cigars

There are plenty of reasons to smoke cigars, from the amazing flavour they offer to the social aspect they provide, but did you know that they have health benefits too?

To enjoy a cigar, you are forced to step away from whatever the day is bringing you. You have to find a place to sit for around 30 minutes or more and then truly enjoy what you have just lit up. Once you have finished the cigar you will find yourself to be a lot calmer and ready to carry on with your day no matter what obstacles you are facing. 

Creates friendships
A great thing a cigar can do is start conversations, you can be anywhere smoking a cigar and quite often someone will come up to you asking questions about it, if you are a sociable person this will be a great way to open up more friendships and maybe even get someone else into loving cigars. 
Cigars can help create occasions to get together and catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while. Everyone can be busy but using cigars as a talking point really helps get everyone together as it is something you all enjoy so why wouldn’t you want to spend that time with your buddies. 

The Experience
While many take cigar smoking to ritualistic levels, others will want to find out more about what they’re smoking and will want to learn something new. This could be finding out about the construction to finding out what makes a great cigar and everything in between. You will always learn something new about cigars and tobacco. You may even go out of your way to meet people who work in the industry, enjoy a cigar with them and become their friend and learn even more!

In conclusion, cigars are great for your mental health! Helping you relax often, improving your lifestyle and creating more friends.

Written by Oliver Partington