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Hi there thanks for checking up on my previous order, yes everything was perfect as always thanks for the wonderful customer service I hope you and everyone at the cgars team have a great day.
J.F   Monday 05 February, 2018
Hi yes i recived my order all safe and sound. i think customer service was spot on and im happy. Meny Thanks
P.M   Monday 05 February, 2018
Hi, Not sure if this is the correct way to reply. I just wanted to send thanks to you! My orders have been sent in great time! You give fantastic service and I’m really glad to have found your website! Best regards
T.B   Monday 05 February, 2018
I just received my first order from you.. All I can say is WOW! What speedy service, the packaging, appearance, little touches etc are absolutely spot on fantastic. I had been shopping around for my cigars (I'm a beginner). I've now found my cigar suppliers of choice!! You have a new customer for life!! I hope to visit you at the shop one day. With all best wishes to the whole team.
S.W   Saturday 03 February, 2018
Yes, all safely gathered in, and by now, most of 'em smoked, too.
R.J   Friday 02 February, 2018
Thank you for the email. Yes, everything was safely received and well packaged. A great service.
S.P   Friday 02 February, 2018
Good Day Steph, Apologies to the tardiness of my response but only just noticed as clearing down my inbox I hadn't responded to your courtesy mail. I have indeed received the entirety of the order and am both happy and impressed by your sales and customer service team. Polite, professional and swift in clearing any problems. I am fairly new to cigars and I will and am a happily returning customer for the foreseeable future. Please keep doing what your doing as I can think of no complaint.
D.E   Friday 02 February, 2018
All arrived perfectly, So pleased with the pipe. Couldn't get the plane to travel fast enough. Thanks
H.B   Thursday 01 February, 2018
Hi Steph, Have now received second box, thank you very much for that, both look fabulous. Best wishes,
B.C   Thursday 01 February, 2018
Hi, Order received, many thanks. To answer your question - I’m very pleased with the service provided.
A.J   Thursday 01 February, 2018
Good evening. Many thanks for your email. I did indeed received my order in a timely fashion and I am more than happy with the service I received. As for the cigars themselves, I won't be opening them until the birth of my grand daughter next month. Many thanks.
D.M   Wednesday 31 January, 2018
Nice service, nice to know you have been around in one form or another for 200 years. Well done
A.B   Wednesday 31 January, 2018
Thank you for your email. I am very pleased with the order, and thank you for adding the order for the mints which I placed after I had ordered the cigars. It was a nice surprise as I thought I had missed the opportunity to add them to my order. Your customer service is second to none - what a great company!
P.E   Wednesday 31 January, 2018
Thanks received today and lovely smoke!
P.B   Tuesday 30 January, 2018
Hi Steph All arrived safely, thank you for your excellent service as always, Kindest regards
T.D   Tuesday 30 January, 2018
The order arrived the next day and the smoke was great, thanks for asking. I have no suggestions for improving your service as it’s A1. Thanks.
R.S   Tuesday 30 January, 2018
Hello Everyone, Item arrived safely in good order. Excellent Service as always.
J.B   Monday 29 January, 2018
Hi The package arrived safely. It was very quick and everything securely packed. Because of the great service, I expect to be placing more orders.
B.M   Monday 29 January, 2018
I just wanted to say thank you very much. My package has arrived safely, within the timeftame stated and all in good condition. I really apreciate the quick response and great customer service.
M.S   Monday 29 January, 2018
Hello, I just had to drop you guys a brief note to say how very impressed I have been with the Orchant Selection Havanas. It's not exactly surprising to me that Mitchell would put his name only to truly excellent boxes of cigars, but every one I smoke is always one of the absolute finest examples of the given vitola I have ever enjoyed. I hope you will retain the OS line as a staple of C.Gars ltd. With kindest regards and best wishes for 2018,
A.D   Monday 29 January, 2018
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