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Nub cigars are short and chubby, they have become so popular since they began in 2008 that many other brands have copied the original 460 Nub size of 4 inches long with a 60 ring gauge. They were created by José Oliva and are handcrafted at their state of the art factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.

José and his family built Oliva cigars from the original farms in Cuba to what it is today, (to read more about the history of Oliva click here). In 2008 José collaborated with a former Oliva sales representative, Sam Leccia, to develop and promote the first Nub cigars. Leccia began experimenting with making cigars in his garage by taking apart different cigars and reassembling them in unconventional sizes like the short, chubby shapes that eventually became Nub. Despite the unusual size of Nub cigars, José quickly recognised their potential to stand out from other brands, so he invested in the Nub idea and grew the portfolio.

Leccia became the poster boy for Nub, he would host events around the US under the name Studio Tobac, they would give away cars and motorcycles to help convince cigar smokers to try the cigars. Leccia parted ways with the Oliva family shortly after Nub cigars began to become extremely popular, but despite this, the brand was always owned by Oliva and these days you’ll find Nub in nearly every premium cigar retailer.

Nub cigars are being enjoyed all over the world! The demand is so high, in 2020 Oliva had to open up a distribution centre overseas to be able to keep up. At C.Gars we have three unique blends available - Nub Connecticut, Nub Cameroon and Nub Maduro. Cigar Aficionado have embraced Nub too, with the Nub Cameroon being rewarded 92/100 and the Nub Maduro gaining an impressive 90/100.

Many other premium cigar-makers have copied Nub shape including Alec Bradley with the Orchant Seleccion Chubby as well as A.J. Fernandez has different ranges with a short robusto option. Even some Cuban brands have noticed, like Cohiba with the Medio Siglo. This shows that Nubs innovation is well respected among cigar connoisseurs and cigar makers alike.

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Written by Oliver Partington