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Oliva Cigar Co. was founded in 1886 by Melanio Oliva, he began tobacco farming at a young age in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba. He took advantage of the local environment which was perfect for growing rich, flavourful tobacco with a generous harvest. After many years of farming, Melanio decided to pass on the family business to his son, Hipolito, who successfully took over the farm in the 1920s and continued to operate it for decades to come.

Eventually, Hipolitos son, Gilberto, took over operations and kept it running until 1959 when the Cuban Revolution made it impossible to continue. It was at this point that Gilberto decided to become a tobacco broker as he didn’t want his experience in the tobacco industry to be wasted. Using his expertise, he travelled all over the world buying high-quality and exotic tobacco. It was during his travels that he fell in love with Spain and even relocated there in 1964 for a brief period of time before finally settling in Nicaragua.

Having settled in Nicaragua, Gilberto became enlightened with the unique Nicaraguan tobacco and found that its full rich flavours were not dissimilar to the Cuban tobacco which he grew. He swiftly invested in a tobacco farm and was shocked to see the similarities of the environment that allowed him to pick up where he left off.

Gilberto was able to enjoy success as a tobacco farmer in Nicaragua up until 1979, when another political revolution caused him and his ever growing family to pack up their things and migrate again. Gilberto traveled around the world to grow tobacco in various regions before eventually resettling in Nicaragua in 1995 and decided this time to get into cigar manufacturing, it was now that Oliva was born!

Gilberto used a blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers with Ecuador wrappers to launch his first cigars onto the market. He entered the market at a time when the cigar industry was booming, which both worked against him and in his favour. To begin with he struggled to make any money as there were many better-financed startup companies creating tough competition, but every boom comes to an end, and it didn’t take long for many start-ups to fall out of the market due to poor investments or an inability to meet demand. In the meantime, Oliva were slowly gaining a brilliant reputation among cigar enthusiasts. One thing that benefited Gilberto was access to tobacco from his own farm, something that many factories didn’t have, which cut down manufacturing costs hugely.

By the early 2000s, Oliva Cigars was a successful brand known all over the world! To keep up with demand, Gilberto traded in his small facility for a large factory and by 2005, Oliva was the second largest grower of tobacco in Nicaragua. In 2016 J. Cortes Cigars purchased the company but kept Gilbertos children at the helm so they could continue the traditions which created Oliva.

The Different series of Oliva

Serie V Melanio - Made exceedingly smooth and complex due to the meticulous selection of only the most premium, aged tobaccos for those desiring the ultimate cigar experience.

Serie V - Once in a lifetime blend, uniquely crafted to satisfy those looking for the ultimate full-bodied experience while maintaining unparalleled smoothness.

Serie G - A medium-bodied blend made with authentic African-Cameroon wrapper. The unique flavour notes of this wrapper are complemented by the natural richness of Nicaraguan fillers.

Serie O - Made in the original tradition of growing tobaccos in diverse regions of the country to produce a distinct blend. The Serie O blend is achieved is made up of tobaccos from Esteli, Condega and Jalapa Valley.

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Written by Oliver Partington